A Morning Routine for Kids That Will Keep Them Productive All Day

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As well the most important thing for parents to do is help their kids to create a morning routine. A morning routine helps kids get organized and start the day productively. For younger kids’ school morning routine is necessary because it helps them to know what to do during the day so that they can learn and focus on their school work.

Generating positive morning routine habits at a young age can have great benefits for kids as they get older. For example, if a child establishes the habit of getting up early and being productive in the morning, they will likely continue this behavior as an adult. As a parent, the most important things to remember when creating a morning routine for kids is to make sure it is something they will enjoy doing. If they are not excited about getting up and doing it, they will likely resist and try to find ways to avoid it.

Generally, some kids love to start their day with a hearty breakfast and some exercise, while others would rather take things slow and relax in the morning. But whether your child is an early bird or a night owl, there are plenty of tips for creating a morning routine that will keep them productive all day long. In this blog post, we will discuss some general tips for creating a morning routine that works for your kids, as well as some specifics that depend on their age.

How to make the morning routine with kids?

Though for young kids stress-free morning routine is a little hard to make but with a few tweaks it can be made simple and easy. If kids wake up early, it can help them be more productive during the day. When you pack lunches the night before, have their clothes ready, and set up a designated spot for their backpacks and school materials, they can start their day in an organized way. It’s important to make the routine fun for them as well so that they look forward to it. Include activities like reading or playing together before school. From brushing teeth to packing school lunches, for your decision-making process, all these suggestions below can be tried out gradually and they are:

1. Get a good night’s nap

This is the most important part of a successful morning routine. If kids are well-rested, it will be easier for them to wake up early and follow their routine. To get enough sleep for kids, try to have them go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. In the school year, morning time is usually allocated for homework and other morning game activities. Morning routine for the entire family should be discussed and planned accordingly including time estimation to finish every activity. From eating breakfast to a good night’s sleep you should focus on a realistic routine that matches your child’s lifestyle.

2. Prepare a healthy breakfast

A nutritious breakfast is key to a productive day. If kids are eating unhealthy foods, they will not have the energy to focus in school. Try to have them eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If they are not interested in eating breakfast, try giving them a healthy snack like yogurt or an apple instead of sugary cereals or pastries. A healthy breakfast in your child’s school morning routines is crucial. Furthermore, young kids love to eat breakfast that is fun and interesting. Get them involved in the kitchen by cooking together and this bit earlier morning will become a great family time.

3. Say positive affirmations

Starting the day with positive thoughts can help kids stay positive throughout the day. Encourage them by saying things like “you are smart,” or “you are capable of anything.” This will help them feel good about themselves and give them the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way. For a stress-free morning day ahead give your children a task list that gives them a great sense of satisfaction when they finish the tasks. For older kids, positive words will work great. So, start practicing saying effective words that motivate and encourage children.

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4. Avoid snooze button

Though it can be tempting for kids to hit the snooze button, try to have them get up as soon as their alarm goes off. The more time they spend in bed, the harder it will be for them to wake up. If they have a hard time getting out of bed, try putting their clothes and school materials by their bed so they can start getting ready without having to go downstairs. Additionally, to get to bed early enough so that kids won’t feel the need to hit the snooze button, try to have a bedtime routine that helps them relax before sleep. Make sure about the child’s room environment, a dark and quiet room will cue the brain to wind down for sleep.

5. Designate a place for everything

When kids know where their school materials are, it will be easier for them to get ready in the morning. Have a designated spot in your house for backpacks, lunches, homework, and other school supplies. This way, kids will be able to find what they need quickly and won’t have to spend time looking for their things. Mostly, the school morning routine of your child will remain calm and systematic. For a good mood in the morning, such a methodical approach is necessary. By following professional advice, many families found their morning hours went more smooth and less stressful.

6. Set a time limit for each activity

One way to make the morning routine less stressful is to set time limits for each activity. If kids know that they have to get ready in 30 minutes, they will be more likely to stay on track. This way, there won’t be any rush or last-minute preparations. Sometimes positive morning routine reinforcement with a sticker chart may work by granting privileges like staying up a little later on the weekends. If you give a special treat to your child after the tasks they complete, it gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility for the success of their morning routine.

7. Meditate by taking deep breaths

If kids can start their day by focusing on their breath, it will help them to calm down and center themselves. This is a good way to prepare for the day ahead. You can have them sit with their eyes closed and take deep breaths in and out for about 5 minutes. Moreover, kids wake-up time could be utilized for some fun family activities. At the breakfast table, parents and children can chat about their plans for the day and reflect on what went on the previous day. The child’s age between 3 to 7 years old can have a 20 minutes morning routine which will make them cheerful, full of energy, and ability to learn new tasks.

8. Prepare the night before

If you prepare the night before breakfast and lunch boxes for kids, it will help them get a head start on their day. This includes making sure they have everything they need for school including their homework and materials. It is also helpful to lay out their clothes for the next day so they don’t have to spend time deciding what to wear in the morning. It will help you to maintain your whole family morning routine if you designate specific tasks for each family member. This will take the pressure off of you and allow everyone to have a smooth start to their day. To avoid the stressful time, try preparing the night before as much as possible.

9. Remain calm and connected

When kids see that their parents are calm and have a good attitude in the morning, they will be more likely to follow their routine. If you are rushing around and stressed, it will only make your kids more agitated. Try to take some time in the morning to connect with them, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Ask them about their day, what they are looking forward to, or how their homework is going. This will help them feel loved and supported, which will carry over into the rest of their day. When you play games with them and their wrong answers will irritate you, it will hamper their productivity. So stay organized with your mornings and stay calm as your kids will mirror your attitude and approach.

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10. Make a morning routine checklist

This will help you and your child stay on track during the morning. Include things like getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, eating breakfasts, and packing school materials. When kids know what is expected of them each morning, they will be less likely to get overwhelmed or stressed. You can also post the checklist in a visible place so they can check off each item as they complete it. This will help kids keep their school materials organized and avoid losing anything. When everything has a specific place, it will be easier for kids to find what they need and put things away when they are finished using them. This morning routine for kids will help them be more efficient and organized during the day.

11. Make weekends special

A relaxed weekend morning routine can be a great way to ease into the week. On Saturdays and Sundays, let kids sleep in a little later and have a slower breakfast. This can include fun activities like reading the newspaper, watching cartoons, or playing games. It’s important to have some downtime on the weekends so kids don’t feel overwhelmed by their weekday routine. On weekends day if your child gets enough sleep, then it will be easier to wake up in the morning and do some activities that you planned. Additionally, the power struggle with children about what they want to wear or do during weekends will be solved.

12. Get yourself ready first

If you are running around trying to get yourself ready and your kids are still in their PJs, it will be chaos. Try to get yourself ready first so that you can be more patient with them. This includes taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and putting on your clothes. If you have everything ready for yourself, it will be easier for you to help your kids get ready too. As a parent, you should be the role model for your child. If you want them to be more independent and have a good morning routine, you should show them how it’s done. Additionally, if you’re stressed in the morning, it will only aggravate your kids. So, be active and positive in the morning and it will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Why do we need to make a morning routine for kids?

Furthermore, the morning routine for kids helps them to do work or to go to school in a good mood. The right track in the morning will lead to a great day. It is also very important for parents to set good examples for their children in terms of daily routines. Parents should know the importance of having a morning routine for their kids and should try to follow one themselves. There are many benefits to having a morning routine for your kids. One of the most important benefits is that it will help them stay organized and on track all day long. Below we have outlined the points that elaborate why we need a morning routine for kids to keep them productive all day long:

1. Helps your kid get on a schedule

When your child knows what is expected of them each morning, they are more likely to get themselves on a schedule. This can be extremely helpful for kids who have trouble getting up and going in the morning. A set routine will help them to better understand how their day should go and what they need to do to stay productive. Morning routine for kids also teaches them how to be responsible and self-sufficient. Moreover, it will help them to better manage their time as they get older.

2. Provides child confidence and independence

With a morning routine for kids, they learn to be more independent and confident. By completing tasks on their own, they feel empowered and more in control of their lives. This is a crucial skill that will help them as they progress through life. The morning routine for kids also allows them to get comfortable with a set schedule, which can be helpful when they have to follow one later in life. The proper amount of time for each task can also be tweaked as the child gets older and is more capable.

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3. Helps them stay focused

When kids have morning routines, they know what is coming next and can better focus on the task at hand. This is especially helpful for kids who have trouble staying on track or paying attention in school. Having a set routine will help them to better focus throughout the day. Focused kids are more likely to get better grades and stay on track.

4. Prevents last-minute rushes

Morning routines for kids help to prevent any last-minute rushes or stressful situations. This is especially helpful for families who are always running late. When everyone knows what is expected of them in the morning, there is less chance for stress and chaos. Having a morning routine for kids will help to make your mornings less hectic and more organized.

5. Keeps them organized

A morning routine for kids helps them to stay organized and on track. By completing tasks in a specific order, they can better keep track of what they need to do. This is especially helpful for kids who tend to be forgetful or lose focus easily. Having a morning routine will help them to better remember what they need to do and when they need to do it. This can be very helpful for kids who struggle with schoolwork or completing chores. To encourage cooperation, try to make the morning routine for kids fun and interactive. Make sure you use simple ideas to make your child’s morning routine that are easy to follow.

6. Sets the tone for the rest of the day

The morning routine for kids sets the tone for the rest of the day. If they start their day by completing positive tasks, such as reading or exercising, they are more likely to continue this behavior throughout the day. On the other hand, if they start their day by arguing with siblings or watching too much TV, this is likely to continue throughout the day. Parents need to be aware of this and try to set a good example for their children in the morning. By having a morning routine for kids, we can help them to have a productive and positive day.

7. Bonds the family together

A morning routine for kids can also help to strengthen the bond between parents and children. By completing tasks together in the morning, it allows for more quality time together. This can be a great opportunity for parents to ask their kids about their day or to help them with any schoolwork they may have. Doing things as a family can also help to create memories that will last a lifetime. Conversely, to develop bonding between child and family, try to keep the morning routine for kids as stress-free as possible. Do not overload them with too many tasks or make the routine too difficult to complete.

The Bottom line

Therefore, establishing a morning routine for kids can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. A morning routine for kids is an important way to start the day. It helps them get organized and sets the tone for a productive day. If you can get your child into a good routine early on, they will be more productive and better behaved all day long. In the above, tips we shared above should help you get started on creating a morning routine that works for your family. As parents, it’s important to take the time to help your children develop good habits. One of the best things about having a morning routine is that it helps children feel organized and in control of their day. When kids feel like they have some control over their lives, they are less likely to act out or throw tantrums. We hope that this article helps you get your child started on a good morning routine. If you have any suggestions or queries for us feel free to reach through a comment section below.