Teaching Your Baby to Balance: How to Ride a Balance Bike

There are plenty of interesting facts about children and their learning potential. A child can learn a new word once every 2 hours.

Since their brains are powerful, you want to make sure that their physical stamina can keep up as well. This article will take a look at how to ride a balance bike for your child. Read on to learn more about these tips and watch your child slide in no time.

What Is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a bike with no pedals. Your child will push off of the ground with their feet to move forward.

There are no training wheels on balance bikes either. Balance bikes are a great way to improve your child’s coordination and balance.

Riding a Balance Bike

Your child will sit low on the saddle and hold onto the handlebars in order to move. In order for them to move forward, you’ll notice that they glide, walk, run, or stride.

Pick an open space outside for your child to practice. Make sure that the saddle height matches your child’s height. Their feet need to be flat on the ground with their legs straight.

Balance Bikes vs Normal Bikes

Balance bikes will offer your child the feeling of more security since they’re closer to the ground. This is because since normal bikes have a drivetrain, they must be higher up.

When a child is elevated on a bike, it can be intimidating, especially if they aren’t fully prepared. The best balance bikes serve as an excellent transition, helping them confidently progress to pedal bikes when the time is right.

Keep in mind that balance bikes are much different than bikes with training wheels. Bikes with training wheels can easily tip from side to side. They also can’t be used on rough or sloped areas.

The Different Stages

it’s important to understand the steps for riding a balance bike. During the first stage, they’ll learn to stand and walk, then sit and walk. After this, they’ll learn to sit, run and balance, and lastly sit, run, and glide.

During the toddler years, your child will begin on the bike frame and walk the baby balance bike. Sitting normally doesn’t occur at this stage.

As far as how long your child will stay in this stage varies. For some children, it might take months, while others will learn that day.

Give them the time and comfort that they need to feel comfortable on the balance bike. Keep in mind that the sit and walk stage doesn’t normally occur until the child is later in their toddler years. It’s important to let your child stride and become comfortable with the balance bike.


As your child becomes more comfortable on the bike, they’ll be able to glide for longer. When they can go faster than you can run, it’s time to start thinking about a bike with pedals.

Have Balance Bikes at a Young Age

Once your child is a toddler, it’s a great time to introduce them to a balance bike. Even if your child is hesitant at first, give them time to explore and become comfortable with it. When they start checking it out, let them know how awesome they’ll be on it.

Make sure that safety is a part of learning as well. Have them wear a helmet at all times. Even if your child isn’t riding comfortably now, they can surprise you and become comfortable in no time.

When they’re ready to begin, have them practice outside. Make sure that you walk beside them for support. Each time that they go out, see if they can go a bit further than the last time.

Invite Others

Consider inviting their friends over who have balance bikes. It’s a great way to encourage them to try them out since their friends are using balance bikes.

Stopping the Bike

While your child can use their feet to stop, try to avoid them from having their feet behind them. That’s a good way for them to destroy their shoes fast.

Encourage them to have their feet flat when they stop. This will also let them stop faster as well. Always make sure that they wear sneakers when they stop in this way.

When they’re a bit older, they can have hand brakes to stop. This will also prevent their shoes from getting destroyed.

Not all balance bikes have hand brakes, so it’s a good idea to find one that does. This is also a great way for them to get used to hand brakes before they start using a bike with pedals.

Ages That Can Use a Balance Bike

Children can use balance bikes ranging from 18 months to 7 years old. Once your child can walk, then they can use a balance bike.

They’re lighter than traditional bikes since they don’t have pedals. This means that it’s easier for your child to move and steer them.

Exploring How To Ride a Balance Bike

Now that you’ve explored this guide on how to ride a balance bike, you should have a better idea of how to help your child glide. Take your time picking out the right bike for their needs, and you’ll be helping them improve their coordination and balance.

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