The First 90 Days: Products You Need to Make Life Easier as a New Parent

Getting ready for your bundle of joy to join you can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. How many diapers do I need? Do I have enough onesies? Do I need that fancy bottle warmer? Navigating the aisles of baby clothing and lotions can feel intimidating. That’s why we put together this list of must-have items that you don’t want to forget when stocking up for baby. Take a look at some of our essentials!

Nursing Pillow

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, having a nursing pillow on hand will prove to be a serious lifesaver. They make it so easy to feed your little one and keep both you and baby comfortable. It takes the weight of holding your little one off of your arms, giving you the ability to focus less on your arms cramping and more on the bonding time you get during their feedings.

Diaper Pail

No one wants to walk into the nursery and be welcomed by the smell of dirty diapers. To eliminate any possibility of unwanted odors, invest in a diaper pail! These are designed to hold between 30 and 40 newborn diapers at a time, sealing in the odor, so you can keep your baby’s room smelling fresh. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find one that matches the decor you have in the nursery.

Baby Carrier or Wrap

While many consider baby carriers or wraps for occasions when you’re getting out of the house with your baby, we highly recommend keeping one around for days when you’re staying home as well! They provide a great way to keep your little one close so that you can multitask. You may find that your baby needs you to hold them for extended periods—putting them in a carrier or wrap satisfies their need to be close to you, and it satisfies your need to fold laundry and put dishes away!

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Easy Baby Clothes

One of the biggest essentials when it comes to those first few months with your baby is having the right clothes on hand. While there are plenty of absolutely adorable options out there to choose from, we invite you to look for baby clothes that provide simplicity and ease of use. This zip romper features a zipper designed to make diaper changes easier. Having a handful of these rompers on hand will prove to be serious lifesavers!

Swaddle Wraps

We’ve all seen those adorable muslin swaddles – they’re available in just about every baby boutique and online store. While these certainly have their place, it’s easier to go with swaddle wraps. They’re designed with the same purpose in mind as muslin swaddles, to keep your little one cozy and comfortable during nap time, but they’re so much easier to use. Many feature zippers or velcro, making it incredibly simple to get them ready for bedtime.

Go-To Baby Ointment

In those first few months, your baby will encounter bumps, bruises, small cuts, and rashes. It’s nothing to worry about, but it’s reason enough to keep a tub of baby ointment on hand. Look for something that can mend several things. While having cream on hand for specific things has its place, finding a good, all-over ointment will save you space and money.

So as you get stocked up with everything that you need to get ready for baby, be sure to take some of our favorite products and must-haves into account!