How To Choose The Best Boys Dress Shoes

Choosing shoes for little boys can be quite difficult. There are many choices available in the market today. However, you still need to make sure you’re getting the best pair for the intended purpose.

Toddlers’ feet are more sensitive compared to adults’ feet. This is because their feet are just starting to grow. Having healthy feet are important in a child’s development. They directly affect balance and footwork.

Having the right shoes would matter in a child’s feet development. Their feet should be given the proper care. They’re essential in carrying out day-to-day activities. This is also the stage where children should engage in active play to develop their muscles and the brain.

Many factors are also needed to be considered in choosing boys dress shoes. Aside from the health benefits of choosing the right shoes, you also need to consider other factors, such as style, quality, and value for money.

Here’s how to choose the best boys dress shoes:

Make Sure It’s the Right Size

Toddlers’ feet grow faster than adults’ feet. Boys’ feet also grow faster than those of girls. Make sure to buy the right size of shoes; they shouldn’t be too small or too big.

Small shoes, of course, injure the feet. These can also hinder growth and development. A child’s skin is also more sensitive that it may rupture easily when the shoes are tight. On the one hand, big shoes don’t give enough ankle support. These may also cause the kid to lose their balance, thus, resulting in injuries.

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Design Matters

Different shoe styles and designs have different pros and cons. Don’t forget to check the design when looking for good dress shoes for boys. This is to ensure safety and comfort when wearing them.

Slip-on styles are generally less safe than styles with more grip and fastening. You should opt for shoes that have laces, straps, and buckles. They’re safer because shoes without fastening can be accidentally removed and dropped.

It’s also not recommended for young boys’ shoes to have long shoelaces. They can’t tie their own shoelaces by themselves yet, so they might trip and fall when they step on them.

The sole design is also important. You should check if the soles are slippery. Toddler’s balance and foot muscles aren’t yet fully developed. Good soles also give better support and have better traction to the ground.

Get The Right Shape

You should also check the shape of shoes. A more circular shoe is preferred. The tip of the shoes shouldn’t have a triangular or pointed shape, like adults’ shoes. The heels should also be circular, and this is because little boys’ feet have circular shapes.

Like the size, getting the right shape is also important for comfort and balance. You should check if the shoes also nicely fit the feet’s toes and contours. Kids shoes also shouldn’t need a ‘break-in’ period and they should fit perfectly upon purchase.

Check The Material

The material directly affects the shoes’ comfort level. Check the materials of the exterior and interior of the shoes—make sure they’re breathable, soft, and generally comfortable.

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Kids’ shoes that are made of leather should have extra padding inside. This is to prevent leather from rubbing onto the skin. Rubber shoes should also have extra paddings to ensure comfort.

Soles should also be made of thick rubber for ease of walking.

They should also be made of breathable materials. A toddler’s skin is still so sensitive and they might get rashes and skin problems if the shoes aren’t breathable. Ideal toddler shoes have holes to allow air to pass through.

Value For Money

Of course, you should make economical purchases, too. Buy shoes that give value for money. Make sure that the quality and craftsmanship are worth the price.

It’s not recommended to splurge on boys’ shoes. It’s also not good to buy many shoes all at once; instead, it’d be best to buy one pair at a time. This is because toddlers, especially boys, outgrow their things fast.

Finding The Best Pair

Finding the best dress shoes for boys is crucial in their development. This is because their feet should get all the balance and support they need. This is also the time wherein boys need to use their feet for physical activities.

Kids’ feet are still sensitive. So, you need to consider many things when buying dress shoes. You need to make sure you get the right size, design, shape, and materials, while also considering economic aspects, such as price and quality.