Unique Baby Names To Inspire You in 2023

Finding the perfect name can be challenging, whether you’re having a boy or a girl. You want to give your kid a name that stands out from the crowd, but searching through baby name books and websites like Mommyandlove.com can be time-consuming and draining.

To assist you in narrowing the field, we have compiled lists of fantastic unusual baby names for boys, girls, and unisex names.

Tale-Inspired Naming Traditions for Babies

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of artistic, lyrical names for babies, particularly among parents naming daughters. Running upon other parents with a baby named Isla or Luna in tow is not unusual. Don’t overlook these lovely options when you sift through the latest trends to find the right one for your little darling. When they’re older, your mini-you will appreciate the whimsical nature of their name.
The muse of epic poetry bore this magnificent moniker, which means “beautiful voice” in Greek mythology.

The Caspian Sea is gaining popularity as a baby boy name, which sounds like it came from a different era.

The French female given name meaning “foreign wealth” evokes images from fairytales, and the fact that it rhymes with melody lends it a musical sense.

Another thing has taken straight from a fantastical realm! This Welsh name for females means “white ring,” and its use is increasing. Its nickname is Gwen.

This is a great name for a boy whether you spell it as the English term or like the Japanese name Hiro (meaning “large, expansive”).

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The fact that this Celtic name for a girl that means “maiden” also sounds like the word “imagine” is just icing on the cake.

I’ll bet you never even thought of this gorgeous name for a baby before! From the Latin for “pilgrim, traveler,” this name is a beauty on both ends of the gender spectrum.

This star name for boys is thought to mean “calm,” It shares a trendy ending with other popular choices like Kellan. Nevertheless, it has a more “out there” vibe, which might make it the top decision in the future year.

Unusual Biblical Names

Names taken from the Bible are timeless classics. In contrast to the traditional choices of Noah and Jacob, more “out there” biblical baby names that fulfill the dual demands of having religious significance and being unusual will be considered by parents. These unique takes on classic Biblical names are fantastic.

It’s ethereal and fleeting and gorgeous beyond words. That’s for sure; the Hebrew name for a newborn that means “ornament” is a one-of-a-kind pick.

In the Bible, it comes before Eve as a female-given name.

Get the oars while he’s hot! For a while, no one paid any attention to this biblical name for boys, but now it seems everywhere. The name “help” belongs to a biblical character who freed 1,500 Israelites from slavery. It’s important to note that Ezra is now appropriate for girls as part of our gender-neutral naming trend.

This gender-neutral name means “one who is like the Lord,” and it was given to a Bible prophet who opposed the upper classes’ tyrannical authority. It is more unusual than Michael but just as masculine and charming.

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She was the personification of the uncommon feminine given name Priscilla, which derives its meaning of “old” from Latin. She was thought to be the first female evangelist and one of the early Jewish converts to Christianity in Roman times.

This newborn boy’s name, which derives from the Hebrew word for “chief” and is therefore associated with a member of the House of Benjamin, is trendy right now because of its single syllable. Named after the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, this is a wonderful option for a Jewish baby boy or as an homage to Jewish history.

In Hebrew, the word shalom means “peace,” This lovely and unusual name for a girl is derived from that term. The name has never been popular in the United States (yet), yet it has remained in the top 400 in France since 1986. Perhaps this is the year that people in the United States finally see its appeal.

This unusual historical name for a boy meant “uncertain” in Hebrew and belonged to a grandson of Noah in the Old Testament.

Compared to the Rachels and Sarahs that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, today’s biblical baby girl names really carry a punch. This option from the Hebrew Testament, which means “shadow,” can also be spelled with an extra “h” to avoid Godzilla connotations.

Pop Culture-Inspired Baby Names

The next year will see a rise in baby names that pay homage to pop culture and their respective creators, such as films, novels, and famous people. Choosing a name that has cultural and personal importance to you and your partner is a fun and creative approach to picking a unique baby name for your little one, and pop culture names add a sense of timely relevance to your child’s name. Some of the most popular choices in recent years have been musically inspired.

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Popular culture is rife with riffs on this fantastic Gaelic name, which means “defender of men,” such as in Harry Potter (Alastor), Game of Thrones (Alliser), and our Dragon Age. It has been popular in Britain and Scotland for decades and reached the US charts in 2016. There are several possible variations of the name Alastair, including Alasdair.

In memory of David, the late, great British singer-songwriter who encouraged many young people during his lifetime to be themselves musically and personally, he passed away in 2016. In addition to being a Scottish word for “blond,” this name is also used as a given name for people of either gender.

Being the surname of one of the protagonist’s enchanted love interests in the best-selling book series, “Twilight,” “Holly” has become a popular choice for baby boys.

His surname, Hendrix, is becoming more common due to his widespread recognition as an American rock star. Its rockstar allure and noble meaning as “estate king” are indisputable.