5 Important Things To Do Before Your Baby Is Born

Preparing for your baby’s arrival can be exciting and stressful at the same time, especially that you want everything to be perfect when you bring them out in this world. While you need to prepare plenty of things, the process will make you happy when you see the final look of your nursery room waiting to home a new life.

Ideally, you should prepare for your baby’s arrival when you’re already seven months pregnant as the possibility of giving birth during this period is higher. With this, you need to ensure you have enough budget to fulfill your baby’s needs, along with having an extra space in your home since you’ll need plenty of things.

Moreover, listed below are the important things to do before your baby is born:

1. Prepare For Back-Up Milk

No matter how much you try to push with breastfeeding, there are instances when mothers can’t produce enough milk for the baby, and that’s completely okay. Even if you proceed with breastfeeding, there’s nothing wrong with preparing a small can of formula milk, just in case. In this way, you won’t have to hurry at the grocery store to look for the best formula milk as you only have one lying around in your room.

You can begin by doing thorough research about which brand would work best for a newborn baby. You might want to consider going for a baby formula from S-26 or any similar brands you trust. Along with this, you should also prepare enough baby bottles appropriate for newborns and ensure you sterilize them well, especially that they’re brand new.

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2. Assemble Your Crib

While co-sleeping is an option, having a crib with you will help promote safety for your baby. With a crib, you can minimize the risk of your baby falling off the bed and unintentionally laying your hand on your baby as you sleep. Moreover, you can simply leave your baby inside the crib as you quickly do some chores inside the house, as long as you use a baby monitor to know what’s happening.

Before your baby arrives, you should set up your crib immediately. This includes adding the crib mattress, beddings, pillows, bumper, and mobile, among others. In this way, you wouldn’t have to hurry about assembling them when you come home from the hospital as you can easily lay your baby down to sleep.

3. Purchase Every Clothing

For your newborn baby, you should ensure that you purchase enough clothing for their first few weeks. You need to prepare plenty of additional onesies and pajamas as they’re more prone to the baby’s mess.

Apart from the extra clothing, ensure that you also purchase enough socks, mittens, hats, and bibs to keep your baby comfortable and cozy, especially that they can get cold quickly due to their young age and thin skin. Along with this, you can also choose to purchase a swaddle blanket, allowing you to wrap them like a burrito and making them feel secure.

4. Stock Up Household Essentials

The last thing you want to happen when your baby arrives is running out of food to eat. While the nearest grocery store is just a few blocks away, it’d be best if you could savor every moment you spend inside your home and look after your baby. Along with this, if you don’t have help, it’ll be difficult to run outside to purchase the things you need.

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You should stock a pile of toilet papers, kitchen towels, personal care items, cleaning products, cupboard foods, and other things you regularly use. Moreover, it’d also be helpful to purchase enough newborn diapers to keep yourself from heading out for a refill. Along with this, you should also buy enough cotton, baby wipes, and other disposable baby necessities.

5. Enjoy Your Time

While taking care of your baby is a fulfilling thing to do, you should cherish the time you can enjoy for yourself and your partner. As the baby arrives, there are plenty of things you might not be able to do since all of your attention is with your baby. While you may try to find time to do your hobbies, it may never be the same when the baby arrives.

Before giving birth, you should do the things you usually do during your spare time. You could choose to read your favorite book, knit a sweater, travel to different beaches, binge watch your favorite movies, go to the spa, and more.


Before your baby arrives, you should prepare everything inside your home so you wouldn’t have to worry about assembling and purchasing things you need for the day. In this way, you can focus on the joy of life you bring home and take care of them.