170 Best Christmas Quotes to Fill You With Cheer

Christmas quotes help to express how you feel during the holiday season. They can be used in cards to send to your family and friends, or simply act as reminders of happy times to come. There are many different types of quotes about Christmas that touch on religion, hope, charity, joy, giving, and more. Here are some of our favorite Christmas quotes that will make you feel better about your life or appreciate it more.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get in the holiday mood. Christmas is a time of year for family, friends, and happiness. This season brings with it many wonderful traditions that are cherished by all who celebrate the holiday. One of these customs is exchanging quotes about Christmas to fill you with cheer on this joyous occasion.

Best Merry Christmas Quotes

As well as celebrating the religious significance of Christmas, there are many secular quotes about Christmas that celebrate the spirit of giving. On Christmas Eve everyone designs the Christmas tree with the help of their family members. And by sharing getty images quotes they spread Christmas cheer among them. Below we have mentioned a 170 Christmas quote for your friends and family and they are:

  1. When Christmas comes, we want to share it with everybody. It’s like the feeling of love growing in your heart. Happy Christmas.
  2. We’re all born for a reason, but different religions give us different reasons. And I think that’s the great thing about why religion is so important to mankind. Merry Christmas.
  3. Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. Merry Christmas.
  4. May you be blessed with love, laughter, and the warmth of friends this holiday season. Happy Christmas.
  5. Christmas is the day that holds all time together. Happy Christmas.
  6. The whole point of getting dressed up is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you wear. We’re all equal in the eyes of Santa.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! May we not take for granted what we have and may we always love each other even if we disagree.
  8. The holidays were invented by people who needed something to do on December 25th, but had to create an entire myth about it first. Merry Christmas.
  9. Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. Happy Christmas.
  10. Christmas traditions take so much work but they are worth every effort! Truly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!
  11. Christmas is built upon a beautiful and intentional paradox; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home. Merry Christmas.
  12. Christmas is a season of peace, happiness, and goodwill to men. It is the time when friends and families gather together. Happy and cherry Christmas.
  13. Makes a Christmas tree of my heart that looks out through my eyes. Bright lights!’ Have a great Christmas day.
  14. Christmas memories gather in families around an old piano singing familiar songs. Merry and Happy Christmas.
  15. It is the time to be close with friends and family. And for this reason, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Glorious Christmas.
  16. My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Happy Christmas
  17. Christmas memories are treasures that last forever. Christmas traditions are simple ways to create memories Have a merry little Christmas.
  18. Recall Christmas past, not as the start of something, but as a pause in what you knew. Have a great Christmas Eve ever.
  19. Christmas is the time when kids tell Santa what they want, and adults pay for it. Have a great Christmas day ever.
  20. Most glorious messes, like golden ladders, lead to God. And have mess created Christmas.
  21. Christmas is a time for giving without a thought of gain, it is giving that you have nothing to give. It’s the time when every living being comes together as a family and celebrates with joy. Have a great Christmas Eve ever.
  22. Christmas is the day of Santa Claus and Santa Claus is the spirit of giving Have a great Christmas.
  23. A tangled Christmas tree lights up the eyes of a merry-hearted person. Happy Christmas.
  24. A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; It makes no noise at all, But softly gives itself away; While quite unselfish, it grows small.
  25. Christmas is a time of year when it’s better to give than receive. Have a great spirit of Christmas this year.
  26. Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.
  27. Christmas begins not in the heart of man, but the heart of a Child. Happy Christmas.
  28. If there is no joy in Christmas, then it will soon be time for Lent.
  29. The world becomes soft and beautiful during Christmas time. It’s this feeling that makes me want to be alive. Merry Christmas.
  30. Christmas is when you get together with your family and friends and make all the bad parts of the year disappear.
  31. All the snow in Christmas, all the presents, all the turkey and pudding, would be no fun at all if you didn’t have someone to share it with.
  32. A silent night, A star above, A blessed gift of hope and love. A Merry and Happy Christmas to you all.
  33. Merry Christmas Everyone! For the holiday season, my wish is for peace and goodwill for all.
  34. Christmas begins with a birthday in a stable with a mother touched by grace. Happy Christmas my all dear friends out there.
  35. May the spirit of Christmas give you hope, love, and joy! Merry Christmas to all.
  36. May your days be merry and bright, and may all who come to call share in your cheer! Happy Christmas my all dear friends.
  37. Be silent, be still. In a world full of wars and strife, Christmas will come to all if we try. Wish you a very Happy Christmas.
  38. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you have much to enjoy and much to share.
  39. Christmas is not about pressure for perfection. It’s about being true to your imperfect self.
  40. Celebrate this Christmas by unwrapping the warmth that surrounds you, the blessings that are yours, and all that you have to be thankful for. With love on Christmas.
  41. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To all of you, my best wishes to you and your family.
  42. I’d just like to wish everybody a really happy Christmas and thanks again for all your support so have a good one. By David Beckham.
  43. I like the smell of Christmas lighting trees, I love seeing all the lights on people’s houses. It’s such a happy time, and it only comes once a year. Happy Christmas to all my dear friends.
  44. Merry Christmas everyone! May peace and joy be yours today, tomorrow, always!
  45. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours loved ones!
  46. Christmas is a necessity; it’s a ritual we must do each year to keep us sane and healthy.
  47. I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I’m surrounded by angels, but I call them friends. Happy Christmas to all my dear friends.
  48. Christmas is based on loving other people and giving of yourself up to someone else which you don’t expect anything in return. Merry Christmas.
  49. Hope your Christmas is filled with loads of special moments and a wonderful New Year too. Merry Christmas.
  50. To have a close family, there is no path that is the best. All you need to do is move forward and create your own. Merry Christmas.
  51. The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a familiar quality. Merry Christmas.
  52. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud so that everyone can hear! Happy Christmas.
  53. Christmas is the celebration of the gifts of life. The ability to see, hear and touch. Merry Christmas.
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Best philosophical quotes about Christmas

Below you will find some thought provoking Christmas quotes by famous author and they are:

  1. Christmas is a time when crackers are crammed in stockings, mistletoe hung in front of mirrors, holly wrapped around horrible wreaths, and fat red-nosed men come down the chimney. Cheery Christmas.
  2. Christmas spirit is the spirit of being kind to one another, of being considerate and thoughtful, of being unselfish and generous. Let’s try to carry that spirit all year long.
  3. Like Christmas tree ornaments hanging from its branches, people who have been loved and helped by a person become a part of that person’s life. Merry and fabulous Christmas.
  4. Christmas waves, like Saturn, long, withdrawing belts of red and gold. Have a great Christmas Eve ever.
  5. Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold! All things are softer and more beautiful.
  6. Christmas is not as much about opening your presents early; it’s about giving presents early.
  7. Christmas may be the only time in all the year when a man never thinks of himself. Have a honor Christmas this year.
  8. A merry and happy Christmas to you, whether you like it or not.
  9. The best of all gifts around any Christmas trees: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
  10. Christmas spirit is a warm, sweet feeling in your heart that makes you smile and feel good all over. Have a most truly Christmas.
  11. Christmas can take us back – way, way back – to a time just after the first great awakening of our sensibilities.
  12. Christmas is the only time when you get together with family and friends and exchange presents just because it’s fun. Have a great Christmas spirit in you this year.
  13. Christmas is the time to celebrate the spirit of giving without expecting anything in return Have a great Christmas day this year.
  14. On this auspicious occasion, we should remember that our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world for one purpose-to die for us and save us. Have a lovely Christmas.
  15. If everybody wanted everybody else to be happy all the time, then would it be Christmas all the time?
  16. For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.
  17. Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home.
  18. Freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin—inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night.
  19. Snow and pine resin and frozen grass and Santa hats on the fence and mugs of hot chocolate, and carols at Christmas under the stars.
  20. Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.
  21. Christmas season is upon us, time for candy canes and presents.
  22. The first Christmas lighting trees were decorated with apples and wafers, to remind us that the Tree of Life sprang from a seed sown in a prison.
  23. The reason Santa is so jolly is that he knows where all the bad girls live. – George Carlin.
  24. “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!
  25. “Christmas Day will always be, Just as long as we have we.
  26. I like the Christmas season, it’s the one time of year when people are willing to stop arguing long enough to send out their wishes for peace and goodwill.
  27. Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.
  28. Christmas eve is like every other night; and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the coming of darkness on other nights.
  29. Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day.
  30. Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind; Teach us to be patient and always to be kind.
  31. As Christmas play is mostly copied out of some past, or present comedy; so there is nothing that more characterizes the manners of any nation than their Christmas.
  32. The spirit of Christmas, like the spirit of every season, lingers in our hearts long after the tinsel fades, long after children strew the lawn with colored paper and ‘what was it all about’ questions the street. The spirit of Christmas lives on.
  33. Christmas isn’t as much about opening the gifts, or office Christmas parties as it is about finding love and beauty in unexpected places. or cherish peace in the whole world. Have a wonderful time and Spend Christmas with your family.
  34. Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it.
  35. Christmas song lyrics have been around for a long time. Christmas carols began as seasonal work songs.
  36. Christmas is not a time nor a season but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.
  37. This is Christmas: not a time of plenty but a time of want. Not an occasion for presents but giving.
  38. I like to think that the Christmas spirit is very much alive – care, sharing, joy and all those other qualities that Santa Claus and his elves represent.
  39. My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.
  40. There is no holiday that means more to me than Christmas because it just seems like there’s so much joy and hope everywhere.
  41. Christmas is the day that holds all time together.
  42. Christmas is a necessity, there has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.
  43. “May your eyeliner be even and your holidays be bright. Have a great Christmas ahead.
  44. It’s a good thing to give on Christmas Day. It gives you more pleasure than it gives the person who gets your gift.
  45. Christmas is a time when people open their hearts, not just presents.
  46. Christmas is a time when you get homesick-even if you don’t live far away.
  47. At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year.
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Best Christmas gift quotes

Below you will find the some best gift quotes for Christmas and they are:

  1. The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
  2. The best of all gifts is a portion of myself. Happy Christmas-
  3. The gift of Christmas nights is the gift of memories. Happy Christmas.
  4. There is no better Christmas gift than the presence of friends, and there are no better friends than family.
  5. It’s the thought that counts, not the gift, according to my little brother.
  6. A simple gift is sometimes the most precious of all. Happy Christmas
  7. The best and most valuable gift we can offer anyone is our presence.
  8. The best of all gifts is a sympathetic friend who cares; the worst is a horde of indifferent acquaintances
  9. The greatest gift isn’t found under a tree but in the hearts of true friends who are always there when you need them most.
  10. The best of all gifts around the Christmas tree: your friendship.
  11. It’s always a good time to give someone a smile and it costs nothing.
  12. The magic of Christmas, and the greatest of all gifts: the presence of a happy family gathered together to enjoy one another’s company.
  13. The best present we can give anyone is our sincere appreciation for what they mean to us!
  14. The best gifts are not wrapped in store-bought silver and gold paper, but in memories.
  15. The best gift on the holiday is peace and goodwill to all.
  16. The best Christmas present my parents ever gave me was unconditional love and acceptance.
  17. Christmas spirit isn’t about buying presents, trimming trees or singing carols, it’s about helping people and caring for others.
  18. The best gift you can give is not material things, but your time.
  19. The best gift to get someone for Christmas is the one that comes from the heart and will be remembered long after the box is put away.
  20. The greatest gift you can give is a good memory.

Best before Christmas quotes:

Though there are many before Christmas quotes that you can wish your family, friend’s and loved ones and they are:

  1. May all your troubles during the year be as short-lived as our Christmas cheer. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas in advance.
  2. May this Christmas be a special one. Have a blessed year ahead. Happy Chirstmas.
  3. Merry Christmas! I wish you all the happiness in the world and may God bless you always. Happy holidays!!
  4. May this Christmas season bring all your secret wishes and dreams come true. Merry Chirstmas.
  5. May all your troubles during the year be as short-lived as our Christmas cheer. Wishing you Happy Future Holidays.
  6. May your Christmas be filled with family and friends, warm and lasting memories. May the joy of the season fill your heart, and may all your wishes come true this Christmas.
  7. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of magic moments that will last in your hearts forever.
  8. Christmas is the one day of the year when we can all be together… whatever our race, color or creed. It’s a time for forgiving and forgetting. Merry Christmas in advance.
  9. Wishing you a joyous Christmas full of happy memories that will last throughout the year.
  10. May your holiday season be merry and bright and may the New Year bring you all that your heart desires!

Best Christmas Quotes for Lovers

Wish this Christmas your love by using the below quotes, and make the Christmas celebration more special.

  1. Merry Christmas. I’m very grateful to have such a special person like you in my life. You are so loving, kind, generous, thoughtful, and fun. You mean so much to me! I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you, dear.
  2. Christmas is a time to celebrate our love. I’m so blessed to be with you and to have your love in my life. I hope that our love will continue to grow stronger and better every day.
  3. The holidays are a special time when we get to spend time with the people we love most. I thank God for sending you to me as my perfect match.
  4. I thank God every day for bringing such a wonderful person like you into my life. You brighten up all of my days, and I love that about you.
  5. You are very special to me because you always put a smile on my face. Thank you for being such an amazing person.
  6. I’m very grateful for the unfailing love and support you give me all the time. You are such a special part of my life, and I thank God every day for you.
  7. You always make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world! Thank you for being so caring and always putting my needs first.
  8. I love you so much! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.
  9. You make all of my dreams come true. I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. I love you so much, sweetheart!
  10. I love you today as much as I did the day we met. You are my everything and so much more to me.
  11. Thank you for being there by my side every step of the way – you have made this journey a lot easier. Merry Christmas!
  12. Having a good friend like you by my side is like having a gift that keeps on giving! Thank you for always keeping me company and for your good advice. Merry Christmas.
  13. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you in it! You are my favorite person to spend time with, and I hope we get to celebrate many more Christmases together.
  14. The holidays aren’t the same without you. You are so caring and loving – I don’t know what I would do without love like you!
  15. Thank you for always being there for me during this time of year – you have filled my life with so much joy and love! Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
  16. I’m so grateful for you, my love! Because of you, every day is the best day ever. I hope that our love will continue to grow and flourish even more this year. Merry Christmas.
  17. Every single day with you is like a beautiful dream come true. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and making me feel loved. Merry Christmas.
  18. I love you so much! You are my everything, and I thank God every day for you. Merry Christmas!
  19. I hope that this Christmas will be the best one yet because you will be by my side. I love you more than anything in this world, and I can’t imagine spending a day without you.
  20. You mean everything to me, and I’m so grateful that we found each other this Christmas season. May our love grow stronger and more beautiful every single day!
  21. We have been through a lot together, but no matter what life throws at us, I will always love you and be there to support you.
  22. Having a loving and supportive partner like you is like winning the jackpot. I love everything about you – your mind, body, and soul! You are my knight in shining armor, and I want to spend the rest of my days with you by my side.
  23. Thank you for always being there for me – I don’t know what I would do without you. You are my rock, my protector, and my best friend. Merry Christmas!
  24. You have been the love of my life since the day we met. I can’t imagine living without you, and I hope that we will be together forever.
  25. You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I love you more than anything in this world. I hope that our love will continue to grow even stronger this year. Merry Christmas!
  26. You brighten up my life in a way that nobody else ever has. I love spending time with you, laughing with you, and sharing my thoughts with you. I am so grateful to have you in my life!
  27. I love all of the time that we spend together – it’s very precious to me. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on, my rock, and my number one supporter. Merry, merry Christmas!
  28. I’m so grateful for you and all of the good things that we have in our life. You are my everything, and I am so lucky to be spending Christmas with you!
  29. Thank you for always being there when I need a helping hand. You mean more than the world to me, and I can’t wait to spend more time with you this Christmas.
  30. I am so happy that I get to go through this journey of life by your side! Happy Christmas, sweetheart!
  31. There are moments when I simply cannot stop myself from falling in love with you all over again. You are so precious to me, sweetheart! Have an awesome Christmas, my lovely one!
  32. Christmas is the time to celebrate love, family, and friendship. I am so blessed to have all of that in my life and especially in my life because I have you. I love you, sweetie!
  33. May this Christmas be merry and bright for you and your loved ones. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!
  34. Christmas is not just about giving and receiving gifts, it is also about spreading love and joy. I am so happy to have you in my life and I wish you all the happiness in the world this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
  35. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so grateful to have you in my life and I wish you all the happiness in the world this Christmas. Merry Christmas, sweetheart!
  36. ‘I cannot wait to spend Christmas with you! I am so excited to celebrate the holiday with you and see all of the joy that you bring to my life. Merry Christmas, my love!
  37. May this Christmas be the best thing that will ever happen to you and your loved ones. I love you so much!
  38. This is our first together and I cannot wait to celebrate it with you! You mean so much to me and I wish you all the happiness in the world this Christmas. Merry Christmas, sweetie!
  39. On this special day, I want to let you know that you are truly one of a kind! You are beautiful, smart, talented and I love everything about you! I hope that all your dreams will come true this Christmas. Merry Christmas, my dear!
  40. There is nothing in this world that I would rather do than spend time with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wish you all the happiness in the world this Christmas. Merry Christmas!
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The Conclusion!!

We hope you found this post to be a great way to celebrate the holiday season with some of our favorite Christmas quotes. Whether you’re looking for something funny, sentimental or even just plain silly, we think that these 170 best Christmas quotes will make your day brighter and bring cheer into your heart. If you have any suggestion or queries just share with us through a comment section and Merry Christmas to all our readers from us.