Quiet Drumming For Kids Without Driving the Neighbors Crazy

We all know that kids love to drum and makes noises with just about every item in the house. Many parents would love to encourage their child to play a musical instrument, but drums are often dismissed because of their very loud volume.

In this article, I’m going to talk about some great ways that your kids can practice drumming while also keeping the volume very low.

Electronic Drums

Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way. Electronic drums are often the next port of call when looking for a quiet drumming option.

There’s something very important you should know. Not all e-drum sets are that quiet. I’ve used e-drum sets with Mylar heads and they’re loud.

What electronic drum sets are quiet? Ones with silicone, mesh, or even rubber heads are usually quiet.

For a budget option, the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit is a nice electronic drum set for kids. Though, if your kid is a bit younger, you might need to go for another smaller option.

Silent Acoustic Heads and Low Volume Cymbals

These are pretty new items on the market that really lower the volume of the playing. They might not be as quiet as electronic drums, but you can still actually have a conversation while playing these.

That means that they are significantly quieter than regular drums and cymbals. You can install these on any real drum kit that you might own. But keep in mind, that it takes a bit of time to swap these in and out. It could be a good idea to get a budget set and install the silent heads and low volume cymbals on these.

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Practice pads

If your kid is very diligent at practicing, then make sure to have a look at drum practice pads. These are often made from rubber and they can be super quiet to play on. They can practice their rudiments, stick tricks, and other techniques.

There is a great practice pad made by drumeo (the big drum lesson website) that has a few different playing surfaces.

Practice drum sets

Taking the practice pad concept one step further, there is also the idea of practice drum sets. These are multiple quiet rubber pads in the arrangement of a drum kit that you can use. These can be even quieter than electronic drum sets for kids and force you to work on your technique and rudiments.

Acoustic drum sets for kids

It may still be worth checking out some acoustic drum sets for kids. They’re not always as loud as you might think. If you have some space between your neighbors or if you can soundproof a room or shed, then it can still be a great option!

It’s not only about driving the neighbors crazy

When you’re talking about the volume of drums, you shouldn’t just be thinking about the neighbors. Your first priority should be the hearing health of your child. Health is the reason why when playing drums, it is highly recommended to get a proper drum throne. This prevents injuries and allow for longer playing times.

Drums are very loud and therefore ear protection is a must. You should NEVER let your child drum without wearing either over-ear isolation headphones or at least very good earplugs.

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The ears of children are a lot more sensitive than adults. Hearing damage is not good news, particularly at an early age. Make sure you take this into account when looking at any drumming option.

If your kid is using electronic drum headphones or an amplifier, make sure the volume is low. Headphones can do even more damage, so be careful!

Are these options good for my kid to learn drums?

They sure are! They might not be as good as the real thing of playing on a real drum set, but having such great, quiet drumming options means that they get much more opportunity to practice.

Rudiments, techniques, speed, power all translate very well to a real kit when they get the chance. A practice pad can force your kid to focus on what’s important, rather them spending all of their time behind the drum set pretending they are playing a mega gig at a sports stadium!


Don’t just rule out drumming for your kids. There are great options that can give them a headstart on rhythm and musicianship, while also helping them have a great time in the process! The timing and rhythm learned from drums can also really translate well towards other musical instruments.

So go ahead, let your kids drum guilt-free, without ruining your relationship with your neighbors!