How to Use Less Plastic with Kids at Home?

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Plastic pollution is one of the major concerns for our green planet today. Most plastic comes from households and ends up in landfills that further pollute the air and different water sources like lakes and oceans. Due to plastic pollution in the oceans, a lot of marine animals get killed as well. Therefore, it’s important to teach your kids to use less plastic to prevent any harm to marine life and the environment from a very young age. Children follow the footsteps of their parents, therefore, you can start incorporating the basics such as using reusable silicone lids and other eco-friendly cutlery for your kids’ meals.

However, we have also jotted down a few ways in this article that can help you teach your little ones to reduce plastic at home and minimize their impact on the environment. Read on!

Teach Your Kids to Use Toys in a More Eco-Friendly Way

Toys are one of the most loved collections of little munchkins, and they also have a habit of hoarding plenty of toys while buying new ones.

In order to reduce waste and recycle toys, you can ask your children to donate their toys to an organization to help other kids in need and the environment. You can also take them to a second-hand toy store to shop for reusable toys.

In addition to this, it’s essential to keep their toys well-organized in wooden baskets, as this will allow them to keep a look at all their toys available without having to unnecessarily waste money on new ones.

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Most toys are made from PVC, which is a harmful plastic material for your child’s health and the environment. Therefore, you should purchase toys made from non-toxic and bio-degradable materials like wood.

Purchase “Greener” Bath Products

Bath products, from shampoo and bubble baths to bathtub toys, all can have an impact on the environment if you are using not the right ones. Investing in shampoo and conditioner bars instead of traditional ones can significantly reduce plastic usage as they come wrapped in recyclable paper packaging.

Moreover, rather than investing in a bubble baths bottle every single time, you should purchase refills and fill any aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly dispensers to use.

You should also make sure that all the bath toys are free of plastic and made from natural materials only to not cause any harm to your little ones and the environment too.

Switch to Non-Plastic Utensils

You can encourage your kids to use fewer plastic products (or not at all) by switching their utensils as well. You can start by using reusable, non-toxic containers for your children’s school lunch and use stainless steel straws instead of plastic ones.

Furthermore, switching to stainless steel water bottles will be your best bet. You can also invest in glass water bottles, but they are easier to break. If you pack snacks for your little ones, it’s better to use reusable storage bags that come in a wide variety of adorable designs instead of using plastic bags.

Encourage Your Kids to Use Washcloths

As long as there are paper towels in the home, you won’t really lead a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, you should stop investing in paper towels and, in return, encourage each member of the family to use washcloths.

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You can ask your children to pick the color or pattern of their choice, as this will attract them to use reusable washcloths every single time they need them. You should ask them to hang the towels in the bathroom and use them several times before tossing them in the laundry basket to save water, which is necessary for our green planet.