6 Benefits of Sending Your Toddler to Professional Childcare

Making the decision to return to work and putting your baby into childcare after maternity leave is extremely difficult and can be fraught with emotion. However, you need to not tie yourself in knots with worry as sending your pride and joy to professional childcare has many advantages and here are just a few of them.

They are Safe

When you are searching for suitable childcare, look in your local newspaper, council website or search childcare on Toddle, a website dedicated to providing parents with the details of child care facilities in their local area. Websites such as this will only allow child care businesses who have gone through strict disclosure checks to be listed on their site. The child care business will employ suitably trained staff and will have to undergo regular inspections and assessments by professional bodies to ensure they are providing safe, nurturing care to their clients’ children.

They Will Have Fun

Professional child care centers are often more fun for your child than sending them to a family member because the centers have more resources. Your child will benefit from being cared for by different staff members, playing with many different toys, doing activities and interacting with plenty of other children.

They Will Benefit From Structure and Routine

Sending your little one to daycare can add structure and routine to their life and prepare them for their transition to school life. Most children thrive when there is structure to their day as they know what to expect and that makes them feel safe and secure.

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They Will Learn New Things Every Day

Professionally trained child carers know what to teach children of all ages. They know the milestone they should be achieving and can tailor your child’s learning around this. Watching other children play and partake in activities will help your child develop their own abilities.

They Will Make Friends

Children attending daycare will learn life skills such as sharing and empathy for others when they are in the company of other children every day. Children living at home with no siblings find it challenging to share once they start school as they have never had to do it.

If your child attends childcare from a young age, they will grow up beside a group of children, and they will all start school together, which will make this transition a whole lot smoother.


Staff looking after your child will be able to help you with any questions or issues you have regarding your little one as they will probably know more about children than you or any member of your family. They also know how difficult it is for parents to leave their children for the first time and can offer you a sympathetic ear.

Even if you aren’t going back to work, sending your child to professional care can be wonderful for both of you. Your child will benefit from the routine, being with other children, and learning new things, Whereas you will be thankful for some time to yourself – time to have a nap, catch up on housework or meet up with friends, safe in the knowledge that your little treasure is safe and well cared for.

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