Simple Ways to Make the Airport More Enjoyable for Your Toddler

Going on a trip that involves air travel is always going to come with a bit of stress to a certain extent. There are simply so many things that can go wrong when it comes to flying that you have to really be prepared to make changes along the way. Adding a toddler into the mix can create an incredibly stressful situation all around.

The airport can be an overwhelming place for some toddlers. With so many people around and so much going on, they can find it difficult to cope with the overstimulation. Moreover, you don’t really know how your toddler is going to react to being at the airport. They might be curious about their surroundings and want to explore every single thing they see or they might completely clam up and become upset.

Thankfully, with the right planning and preparation, you can actually make the airport a much more enjoyable place to be for your little one. Here are a few simple things to try that can help you to make your time at the airport more enjoyable for your toddler.

Don’t Forget the Stroller

Some toddlers are incredibly active and will see the airport as the perfect place to run around and explore. Unfortunately, this can not only prove to be exhausting for you but dangerous for them.

You might think that bringing a stroller along will only serve to be a waste of a checked piece of luggage or a cumbersome item to have, but the stroller is something you definitely won’t want to leave home without. Not only will you be able to keep your toddler safe and right by your side, but the stroller will be the perfect place for them to relax and catch some precious sleep when they become too tired.

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Furthermore, when it comes to the question of does a stroller count as a carry on, you don’t have to worry. Most, if not all airlines will allow you to bring along a stroller in addition to your regular carry-on items and checked luggage.

Bring Plenty of Snacks

Toddlers are incredibly snacky little people at the best of times. When you factor in all the stimulation they will get from being at the airport, you can wind up with a hungry little snack monster on your hands if you aren’t careful.

Make sure to pack some tasty, portable snacks for the airport that you can bring along and access without too much fussing. Don’t feel any guilt about bringing snacks that aren’t necessarily the healthiest in the world. Your toddler will be a bit out of sorts and might not be as eager to eat their fruits and veggies while at the airport. Instead, simply bring along snacks that you know they will eat and enjoy. Although remember that sugar will make them energetic or irritable – so limit how much you give them in one go.

Most importantly, do what you can to remain calm, even if things become hectic. Your toddler will feed off of your energy, so the calmer you can be, the better.