Five Practical Tips to Get Kids to Study Online

It’s already difficult enough to get kids to study. Now that they have to study from home, their learning has almost stopped. They don’t get enough social interaction or get to listen to teachers to groom for the practical world. The schools and parents are doing their best to conduct online classes and promote distance learning.
The kids who always liked studying won’t have any problem, but the kids who already needed extra attention are now free of boundaries. Since we can’t let them destroy their futures, there is no other option but to make the best of what is available. Here is how teachers and parents can get kids to properly study in distance learning programs.

Design a Timetable

Both teachers and parents can do this for their kids. It’s a simple but crucial task that helps focus even when you lack supervision. We all are procrastinators. While adults can force themselves to perform their duties because of their responsibilities, kids can’t do it themselves. Designing a detailed timetable will restrict them from delaying things and do their homework and study on the assigned time. There have been Ted Talks where speakers shared how simply defining the time for a task helps you focus and get it done.

Create Interesting Syllabus

It’s not easy for even adults to focus on things that they don’t like. Even postgrad students are finding it difficult to study online. Children can be easily persuaded by offering something they like. You need to add fun and more practical things in the syllabus of each subject to catch the interest of students. Mathematics is an important and boring subject for many students. You can get math workbooks for distance learning and incorporate them with your existing syllabus to make it more practical.

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Give Them Regular Homework and Test

Just the class time is not enough for learning. Children must practice and prepare themselves too. This is the reason why homework has always been an essential part of school life. Furthermore, there should be regular tests to ensure that they are actually learning something. If a kid keeps failing tests, it means he is not learning anything and needs extra attention. They get to think and brainstorm when they are revising what they learned.

Keep them Engaged During Class

Don’t let classes get boring for kids. It doesn’t mean you need to perform acrobatics in the class. Just make sure that kids are kept engaged. You should keep asking questions to random students and have them complete solutions or the sentences you are studying. The second they feel they are not monitored, their minds will start to wander off.

Have them Participate in Activities

Conduct different educational activities, such as class presentations, every day. You can ask them to learn a lesson in advance and teach it to the class. Such activities get kids to not only focus during class but also on their homework. These activities are also fun and enhance their communication skills.