7 Interesting Ways to Encourage Your Toddler to Talk

It is a whole new goose bumping experience when our child starts to talk or call us mom and dad. The joy is overwhelmed and it is our responsibility to encourage our toddler to talk.

In the first few years of child life, it is essential to travel along with them in the development of speech, language, sound, identification, and cognitive skills.

We must create an environment and opportunity that helps for their development of speech and language skills in order to increase the stimulation, positive attitude and human contacts.

When Babies Start Talking

The baby sounds mom and dad from its 6 months of birth. It is the most exhilarant moment in our life birth. The baby smiles and with chunky voice, it calls us mom and dad. This is the time the baby starts to speak out a single word without clarity.

In the age of 18 months to 2 years, the baby learned many words and start to speak in continuous words or a sentence. It is the responsibility for every parent to teach or create an opportunity for their toddler to talk.

The babies start to talk from 6 months and it’s the duty of the parent to improve and encourage them or guide them for proper language and interpersonal skills.

How to help Baby to Talk

Talk to your baby on a daily basis and help them in increasing their communication and vocabulary skill tend them to speak on their own.

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Here are the 7 Interesting Ways to Encourage Your Toddler to Talk

  1. Spend time with your child every day

As a parent, we must spend time for the toddler. Everyone is busy in their daily work schedule. Many parents leave the toddler to the caretaker. A toddler needs your care, support, and affection. No one can replace the space of mom and dad.

So spend time for your little ones daily without any distraction. This is the age you can enjoy the behavior and cuteness of the child. Spend time to teach them or encourage them in vocabulary and new words for proper communication.

A parent can only bring their child as bold, self-esteem, self-control, strong and good behavior than any other. So talk to them sent more time with them to encourage the toddler to talk freely.

  1. Talk about real meaningful things

A baby brain is so active. They can easily catch up the things. Instead of teaching the object, show the object makes them learn the shape, size, color, and name. It is easy for them to catch the meaning in an understandable way.

When you start to teach, repeatedly teach the same word in different forms and ways and also in different days so that they can recall the same.

Babies learn the best and probably care about the involvement of words like ball, red, round, touch, move, away, catch, etc.

  1. Turn off background noises & Read books and tell stories responsively

Take some storybooks with a picture and read out loud to understand the way of pronunciation, the meaning of the word and understand the flow of the story. When you teach them, make sure to turn off all background noises like TV, music system, or any distractions enter into your room.

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Distraction on the background will divert or stop the concentration especially for toddlers. Always teach the child with a calm environment and make them repeat simple and easy words.

It increases the bond of relationship between you and the child. The child also feels secure and more comfortable when you help them in easy understanding.

  1. Get down to your child’s level

When you communicate with the child, get down to their level. When you are down to their level, they pay more attention to your words and have direct contact with your eye that ensures them you always tell the truth.

Rather than yell from a standing position, it is better to bend down and get closer to your child’s eye contact. This helps to bring whole attention on you and your words. This is the best way to encourage your toddler to talk.

  1. Follow your child’s lead

All children love to learn with fun and enjoyment. It is better to encourage them in the same way for easy understanding. Get involved in activities like gaming, playing, dancing, etc.

  1. Describe everything & Comment then Question

When you describe the story, give specific meaning, reaction, stress on words and new words and help them to develop vocabulary. Communication with the toddler is the most essential part for encouraging the toddler to talk.

Once they are comfortable in your story they talk back to you by asking several questions, how lion looks like, how we ride on the horse, etc. Encourage them to ask more questions and always provide correct and relevant answers.

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If the kids are above 1.5 years, they can easily reply to you; at those time you can ask them several simple questions and understand their creativity and involvement in the learning.

  1. Encourage your toddler to talk

Each child develops their communication skill & Interpersonal skills differently. Several child talks too early and some child may take some time to expose their way of communication. Being a parent, you must have patience and encourage them accordingly.

If a child has siblings, definitely they talk too early and understand things very easily. Good & proper communication is an important parenting skill that eventually helps the toddler to talk.

Things to do for Baby to Talk

Modern kids have an advanced brain and ability to understand the things in a fast and quick manner. One-year-old kid operates the cell phone, tablet, and gadgets. Without any training, they start to capture beautiful pictures on a mobile phone camera.

When the toddler starts to talk, the parent must encourage in talking and doing proper correction in language, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

If a child is wrong with the color, make them understand the mistake in color variation and help them practically for easy remembrance.

Do spend proper time regularly with the toddler and increase their confidence level for an easy way of communication.

Don’t ever teach the child with bad behavior, unknown reasons for their questions, not relevant answers for their questions, etc. This may lead them to the wrong way of understanding.

Follow the above steps to encourage your toddler to talk and enjoy the most beautiful tiny language with a tiny voice. Happy Parenting!!