Top 7 Exciting Activities for Toddlers

Are you looking for exciting activities to engage and entertain your toddler? It can be overwhelming when they only want to watch TV or play on their tablet. Don’t worry! There are numerous activities to keep your toddlers up and moving, exploring their environment and tapping into their creativity.

If you’re still having a hard time keeping them busy, don’t worry because you can try many simple projects and games. At the same time, they are enough to catch their attention. Plus, the games or toys you incorporate can develop their emotional, social, and physical skills.

With toddlers being a complex age group to adjust to due to their short attention spans, ensuring you have an arsenal of activities to try is a must. With that said, check out the list of unique things to do that are ideal for you to discover with your toddler.

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Sensory activities are an excellent option for toddlers who want to expand their five senses. And with rainbow colors added into the mix, it excites your toddler as they scoop, pour, or dig through the rice bin.

To make it even more fun, you can add surprise toys for them to look for. It will give them something to keep them extra busy. But be careful because they might think of putting the rice in their mouths.

You must also be ready to do a little bit of sweeping afterward. Children may want to throw it around while playing!

Magical Magnetism

If you have toddlers that don’t put things in their mouths as much, then this is an excellent option for you to try. You can start by giving them some household items to hold. Some should have metallic parts with magnetic properties, while some don’t.

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Ensure that there are no small pieces that can become a choking hazard. You must be close and watch the activities they are doing. Once you’re sure the items are safe, put these things inside an empty box and let your child sort through the items using a magnet.

It will amaze them how the magnets can attract simple household objects. Rest assured, they’ll entertain themselves for hours with the strong magnets. But you can also use a simple refrigerator magnet.

Pom Pom Drop

Another fun activity for your toddler is the pom pom drop. You will need some empty tissue boxes, cardboard tubes from paper towels, and pom poms here. With these materials, you will teach your toddler all about gravity. 

Tape the tissue boxes and cardboard tubes on the wall, and the pom poms will act as a ball that you’ll send down the chutes. They will have fun wondering which path the pom poms will take as they go down.

It’s an enticing activity that should also be used in schools, as it visually demonstrates the concepts in physics.

Throw Magnetic Objects

Using really large car magnets on a wall, you can have fun throwing objects around with your toddlers. Just guarantee the space is safe and that they’re far from the car magnets before they start throwing them around.

They’ll surely be amazed once the metallic objects stick to the magnets. It’s a fun and simple game with enough safe items with magnetic properties. It also helps them learn more about magnetism, an outstanding introduction to science as they grow.

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Sink or Swim 

Sink or swim experiments are very simple and straightforward. It helps toddlers understand the difference between light and heavy items. Choose different objects, some as light as a foam ball or heavy as a toy truck.

Fill a tub with water, add coloring, and let the different items fall inside. Let the children guess which of the objects will sink or swim. It can get splashy, but it’s worth a try since toddlers are very hands-on and like to explore. By doing this activity, you are teaching your toddlers about the buoyancy and weight of items.

The Floor is Lava

Sparking your toddler’s imagination is a game called The Floor is Lava. You need some flat items to spread on the floor. But guarantee it isn’t slippery to avoid accidents or falls that can harm the child.

You can also use square cardboard paper taped on the floor. Once you shout, “the floor is lava!” The children must save themselves by standing on the cardboard. It’s a great exercise that you can enjoy indoors.

Busy Boards

Busy boards are the fad among children, especially those who like to tinker around. So if your kids habitually take things apart, you can create a busy board filled with different objects and materials.

Make sure that it has knobs, flaps, locks, and buckles. It’s easy, as long as you have the creativity to put them on the board. In most cases, you’ll need a sturdy wooden panel to which the materials will be attached.

Your toddlers will love fiddling with these boards. And it’s safer since they won’t have to fiddle with other objects that might be dangerous to them.

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How to Do Activities with Toddlers

Dealing with small children can be challenging, but it will be as soon as you find the right play style. Plus, these will help you prepare before starting the games or activities. Below are some tips to start with:

  • Let them explore the objects you give them
  • Expect them to be interested or leave it and then come back to it later
  • Always anticipate that they’ll put it in their mouths, which helps their oral sensory skill

Introduce Fun & Excitement to Your Toddlers with the Activities Above

Keep toddlers occupied by mixing your activities around. But don’t force them! Let them become curious and choose different activities every day. You should have them go at it alone since they’ll become interested in their own time. Remember, every new experience is already magical for them, even though it might sound boring to you.