5 Reasons to Switch to Sustainable Toys for Kids

Childhood includes the formative years of an individual’s upbringing. Children’s activity during the period shapes…

Childhood includes the formative years of an individual’s upbringing. Children’s activity during the period shapes their cognitive and physical development. As a parent, it is important only to pick quality toys for the kids. Rather than opting for plastic alternatives, it is better to choose sustainable toys.

If you want wooden toys for your kids to help with their creative thinking, you can find specially crafted options and more here. Several reputed sites sell wooden toys. They do not use any toxic chemicals while making them. Besides being good for children’s health, those are also a healthy choice for the environment.

They Are Open Ended

When you opt for a store-bought toy that is mass-produced, it is used for only one purpose. Any battery-operated option tells the child that this is how a particular plaything is supposed to be used. Rather than forcing a conventional meaning on a child, sustainable toys are open-ended. Children can find their own meaning through creative thinking and give flight to their imagination.

Open-ended play objects are great for the children to be the decision maker during playtime. They help children be in control and help in better execution of their imagination. Depending on their mood, they could choose to use wooden blocks for a building today and for a spaceship tomorrow. It aids in developing concentration along with cognitive improvement.

They are Non-toxic

The only available material for toys apart from sustainable options is plastic. However, plastic is not a stable compound and requires additives and stabilisers to make an object. Standard levels of chemicals found in plastic are permitted in toys, but many plastic-made materials are not BPA free. So these are toxic for a baby.

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In such a case, wooden or sustainably-made playing objects should be preferred because they are naturally sourced and do not have hazardous chemicals. Babies often have a habit of putting things in their mouths. Thus, eco-friendly and non-toxic playthings will be the best options for them.

Good for the Environment

Being environmentally conscious is one of the primary reasons why many parents shift towards sustainable playable items. Wooden and fabric-based options are preferable because they are biodegradable and easily recyclable. If they break, they will not cause any long-term waste retention problems. In contrast, plastics end up in landfill and cause disposal problems.

Allow for Minimalism

Not everyone has the space to acquire multiple toys. Opting for minimalism while buying new playthings for kids is a big responsibility. Luckily, sustainable options are often designed to keep the kid entertained for longer durations, so one toy can be used for days without the kid getting bored. Because it is open-ended, you will not have to clutter your home with too many products with just one use.

Can be Used for Years

Sustainability is related to using the resources available for future generations to enjoy the same benefits as the current generation has. Parents want to leave the world in a better condition for their kids. A part of that is opting for sustainable products that can be used for years. When a child starts grabbing things, they can make use of wooden toys, and so can a preteen who is always on the prowl for innovative ways to keep themselves occupied.

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The Endnote

Sustainability starts at home, so choosing toys that protect your child’s health and the environment is a win-win. One should be ready to find such innovative playable things to engage their kid’s mind.