21 Best Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. But what else can you do to make the holiday enjoyable for your kids? Check out these 21 best Thanksgiving games that will keep the little ones entertained all day long. From classic to new games there’s something for everyone. So read to know more!

The holiday season is finally here and we’re all looking for ways to celebrate. As well everyone knows that juicy, golden brown birdseed and luscious sides are the main events of Turkey Day. But the food only takes a while, and that’s when things slow down and there’s a hiatus in the festivities easier to get started. For this reason, it is a good idea to plan some activities in your back pocket. And we’ve got you covered just choose from our roundup of Thanksgiving activities for the whole family and you can be sure the festivities will run smoothly.

From timeless classic game like the telephone or flag football to more seasonally appropriate games like pumpkin tic tac toe and Thanksgiving bean bag toss, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for fun activities to do with the kids this Thanksgiving holiday. Then consider trying one or more of these 21 Best Thanksgiving games for kids that you will love playing at your next Thanksgiving celebration.

Best fun thanksgiving games for kids

Though there are so many great things about Thanksgiving. The food, the family, and of course the games. And parents who are looking for some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained during your Thanksgiving celebration. Below we have discussed some best thanksgiving game ideas and they are:

1. Turkey Bowling

This is one of the famous thanksgiving fun game turkey bowls that can be made before the big event. But they’re so simple to make that a group of fussy kids can easily put them together on Thanksgiving. In this kids turkey game, you have to use a large ball or a beach ball and have the kids try to knock down a row of plastic or foam turkeys. Though this one may not be the best idea if you have kids still learning how to throw, once they’ve mastered coordination, it can be a lot of fun. Either way, the crowd-pleasing activity promises to provide plenty of entertainment for the whole family, regardless of age, and the holiday pins are just plain game activities.

2. Thanksgiving scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get the kids up and moving around. Hide items related to Thanksgiving all around the house or yard and give the kids a list of items to find. Scavenger hunt thanksgiving version of the classic Easter egg hunt is sure to stretch them beyond their normal limits. If you play a scavenger hunt game with your kid we assure you that you can have so much fun with your kids. These games for thanksgiving day can make your day more fun.

3. Roll a turkey tail

Another beloved party game has a Turkey Day twist. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the big laughs as they blindfolded each other rumble. You can go for a DIY version of this Thanksgiving set, but you probably have enough on your plate. Instead, get the holiday season started with this play kit – you deserve a break. As well as roll a turkey tail thanksgiving game is a good way to spend the day with your family. To put the tail on the turkey all you need is a blindfold, some creativity, and lots of laughs.

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4. Metallic Pumpkin Paint Thanksgiving game

This is a painting activity that can be used in two different ways. Kids love the metallic effect and it’s super easy to do. All you need is some scrapbook paper, acrylic craft paint, and Mod Podge so you can seal it up when you are done. You can also use regular construction paper if you don’t have any scrapbook paper.

The second way this project can be used is to make a fall/Thanksgiving night light. You just need a small candle holder or something that can hold a tea light and then paint the pumpkin with the metallic craft paint again. The art activity will appeal to guests of all ages and requires very few precious things in terms of art supplies (paints and metal craft brushes) to execute. An eye-catching and somber piece of art that would look beautiful anywhere when displayed.

5. Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving Bingo is the classic game that is fairly easy for a 3-year-old to play and is fun for older children too. To play this game you need to take a printout of festive Thanksgiving-themed cards and enjoy a few rounds of bingo with the family or just get the little ones ready with games so you can focus on the party. Thanksgiving bingo is basically the same thing as traditional bingo. The only difference is that instead of numbers, you use images that are related to thanksgiving. Your kids will love the fun pictures and they’ll be occupied for at least an hour.

6. Pumpkin turkey craft

This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Start by drawing a turkey on a pumpkin with a sharpie. Then, let the kids use markers, feathers, and other decorations to turn their pumpkin into a Thanksgiving masterpiece. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, try this cute turkey handprint craft too. Halloween may be in the past, but pumpkins can still make a comeback as Thanksgiving decorations (and cake filling, of course). Just grab this crafting kit and get yourself some pumpkins, and you’ve got everything you need for a family-friendly activity that makes pumpkin peel turkey centerpieces. Unlike pumpkin carving, this craft is pretty much a disaster.

7. Thanksgiving Charades

This is a classic party game and divide the kids up into two teams and give each team a topic to act out. The other team members try to guess what they are acting out while the timer counts down. These fun games work even better when the kids have a few items belonging to them – favorite candy or toy – that they can use as a prize for the winning team. When it comes to chard, you can always improvise, but the food coma that follows the Turkey Day feast can make it difficult. Enter this game of Thanksgiving sards, complete with festive gestures, so players just have to think their best and try to digest.

8. Thanksgiving Name game

This favorite play couldn’t be easier and is a great way to break the ice (if your teen is feeling a little shy). All you need are some Post-Its and a pen. To play this game you should write the name of a famous person or character on a sticky note and give one to each player. Characters can be dead or alive, fictional or non-fictional. To make sure the player can’t see your note, have them stick it to their forehead. Now players have to walk around the room and ask “yes” or “no” questions to find out who they are and expect lots of laughs.

9. Colored candy corn mosaics

Though in candy corn colored thanksgiving game you can start dyeing your corn kernels before Turkey Day so you can dress up a younger crowd with this creative and thought-provoking craft. Kids (and crafty adults) of all ages will enjoy this project, which involves gluing brightly colored corn chunks (uncut) onto paper to make an original mosaic. This art activity will spark children’s imaginations and enhance the motor skills of the children present (and is engaging enough to keep them out of the kitchen).

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10. Thanksgiving Craft with turkey balloons

Though you don’t need to be a teacher of balloon animals to draw this turkey craft, just some helium balloons and some other basic craft supplies (googly eyes, feathers, cardstock, ribbon) and you have the makings of a craft that will suit kids. and kids. The adults will have fun. Once each baby has a rocking turkey, tune in to the Thanksgiving Day parade for some more impressive floats.

11. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

However, Halloween may be in the rearview, but pumpkins aren’t – This fall pumpkin is widely available through Thanksgiving (hence the pumpkin pie), so be sure to buy some pumpkins before the big day. Specifically, grab a few small pumpkins in both orange and white and you’ll have the X’s and O’s you need for this Christmas twist on Tic-Tac-Toe. Just draw a grid on a poster board and let the children play. These mini pumpkins thanksgiving family games are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving centerpieces.

12. Turkish trivia games

This fun game tests kids’ knowledge of all things Turkey. Find out what they know about the country by asking them turkey-themed trivia questions. You can split up your guests into two teams, and whoever gets the most answers right wins the game. Turkey’s day into a night of trivia with this merry Christmas-themed game. This activity offers ready fun for players of all ages with almost no work involved, as Questions and Answers are available to download and print are very easy. So play this game with your family and have fun.

13. Thanksgiving M&M gratitude game

This classic game is always a hit with kids. The mad libs game is a great way to keep the little ones entertained and giggling. Although the storyline may be a bit much for preschoolers, Mad Libs are great for ages 5-11. To play this game, print out the gameboard and play instructions, then just write in the words that you hear your child blurts out. This gratitude game encourages color matching skills, which require more than one expression of gratitude. Get the kids started on the round table celebrations with a printable appetizer you know, so they don’t work at the dinner table.

14. Thanksgiving Potato Sack Race

Toss a potato sack or pillowcase for each team member. Ask each player to stand behind a starting line, 10 feet away, with the potato at his feet. On ‘Go!’ players race to gather up the sack and return to their team’s starting point before the next person goes. Get everyone on their feet with this tried and true classic, one that is sure to burn off some of that pumpkin pie. This family game requires considerable skill and is guaranteed to provide belly-catching exhilaration as adults and kids try to reach the finish line. So get the kids on their feet and have a fun thanksgiving game with your family.

15. Thanksgiving Flag football game

Why watch the game on screen when you can get in on the action yourself? Enjoy the fresh autumn air and work up an appetite with a game of flag football for the whole family. This no-tackle outdoor sport is really fun and great for groups; just be sure to schedule this activity before the feast lest a dietary tryptophan eats derail you from your game. This is the famous thanksgiving game for kids and we are sure that when your child plays this game he or she will have so much fun for sure.

16. Washi Tape Pinecone Turkey Thanksgiving game

Therefore, set up a crafting station at your Thanksgiving party and make this washi tape pineapple project the main event. The adult will need to be on duty at all times, as this craft requires a hot glue gun and the X-Acto knife step can be done ahead of time, but other than that it’s pretty easy to pull off. Plus, kids will love watching their scavenger hunt treasure turn into a googly-eyed Thanksgiving turkey.

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17. Thanksgiving Matte coloration of placemat

However, you’ve just drizzled your plate with sauce and you’re about to eat, and that’s when the children’s table makes a unanimous decision that dinner is over. Avoid this all-too-common scenario by providing a coloring placemat for those under the age of ten. You may not have comfort food, but this kid-friendly activity, designed to take place at the table, should, at the very least, give older guests a chance to clean their plates.

18. Thanksgiving word game

Write down a bunch of words related to Thanksgiving, like Pilgrim, Turkey, Day, etc. Place them in a hat or bowl and have everyone choose one at random. They then have to say the word without singing it or saying another word that rhymes with it. However, they can use any part of the word they want, like “I give thanks for this amazing food.”

19. Pin The Feather On Turkey

This one is always a hit with the kids and it’s super easy to set up. To play this game, print out a picture of a turkey (you can find free ones online) and then cut out a few feathers. Blindfold each player and have them take turns trying to pin the feathers on the turkey. Therefore, whoever goes closest to the center of the turkey without going over wins. If you want a quicker version, draw or print out pictures of turkeys on card stock and then use washi tape to attach them to popsicle sticks.

20. Thanksgiving Mad-libs

This thanksgiving game is always a hit with kids. Have each person write down a list of Thanksgiving-themed words, then have everyone take turns reading the story that results from the mad-libs. Though there may be some bloopers, the final story will definitely be interesting and fun to read together. As well as being a great game, this can also be used as a fun activity to help kids learn about Thanksgiving.

21. Thanksgiving Bean Bag Launch

Therefore, hang this bean bag toss banner at your Thanksgiving party (or several feet away and preferably outside) to keep kids of all ages entertained. The height can be adjusted to suit pint-sized players, but we have good rights that even adults will be very interested in this hand-eye coordination game. This Thanksgiving-themed version game for your kids is one of the classic games you can have with them. There are also free printable cards available online. So do a game play party plan with your kids this holidays season as well.

The Bottom line

Thanksgiving is about celebrating the things that are important to you. Whether it’s your great-grandmother’s famous pie recipe, hilarious family stories, or just spending time with those who would do anything for you. There will always be something special and meaningful at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

We hope you’ve found some Thanksgiving games to entertain your family with. Now it’s time for the big day and make sure to include these fun activities in your holiday celebration and make this year a memorable one. So whether you’re looking to keep your little ones entertained during dessert or need something different than Monopoly on game night, these are sure to be winners at your house this season. If you want us to add something to the above list just share it with us through the comment section below.