14 Games You Can Play With Your Toddler While Lying Down With Your Eyes Closed

There’s no simple way to deal with the fatigue of having an Energizer Bunny in OshKosh running around your house. Smart parents find ways to relax while their toddlers are awake. How do you do this? Simple. Make it a game.

Create games that involve lying down and doing nothing. This is key to surviving long afternoons with a small kid. Give these “activities” creative names that make it clear to your child that while you are physically present, you will not be moving or making eye contact.

Games for Tired Parents:

  • Sleeping Daddy
  • Hospital Invalid
  • Tiger with a Problem
  • Disinterested friend
  • Sick Person with Eyes Closed
  • Broken Worm
  • I’m a Blanket
  • Quiet Mountain
  •  Dead Starfish
  • Play Around Me
  • Mommy Is a Rock
  • Friend with Mono
  • Pretend I’m Invisible
  • Strand of Hair

Have fun and remember to stay awake. Nobody wants a CPS file. 😉