11 Best Baby Strollers In India of 2023 According to Parents

Embark on a smoother parenting journey in 2023 with our meticulously curated list of the 11 best baby strollers in India. Based on real parent reviews, we’ve found options that blend safety, style, and convenience to simplify your baby outings.

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As a parent, navigating the world with a newborn is an exciting journey filled with new experiences and challenges. One of the most important decisions you’ll make during this time is choosing the right baby stroller.

Baby strollers are designed to be portable, comfy for your baby, and easy to maintain – making them a must-have for parents on the go. Whether you’re running errands, exploring parks, or embarking on family trips, a good stroller can be your best ally.

Babies are naturally curious and enjoy the freedom to move. The best baby strollers in India offer this flexibility, allowing your child to engage with their environment safely. Designed with safety and comfort at their core, these strollers let your child explore the world from the snug comfort of their pram.

We’ve compiled a list of the 11 best baby strollers available in India of 2023. These have been chosen based on real-life feedback from parents, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and convenience. Let’s dive in and find the perfect stroller for your family’s needs.

Pram vs. Stroller – Which one is right for me?

When it comes to choosing a stroller for your baby, the decision can be difficult. You have two main options – prams and strollers – but each one has its pros and cons that you’ll need to consider. To help make this choice easier, let’s take a look at how these two types of products compare.

Prams are generally heavier than strollers and are typically designed more for newborns. They have big wheels that can handle rough terrain, as well as a large covered area to keep your baby safe from the elements. However, due to their size and weight, they can be difficult to store and transport in a car.

Strollers, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to maneuver. They often come with extra features like adjustable seats and a reclining back, making them suitable for older babies who can sit up independently. Strollers also tend to be more compact when folded down, which makes them easier to store and transport.

Generally, if it comes to deciding between a baby stroller and pram, think about your lifestyle and the environment that you’ll be using it in. If you’re looking for something to take your baby out on long walks or hikes, then a pram is the best option for you. But if you need something to pop into the shops quickly, then a stroller would be more suitable.

How to choose the best stroller for your baby?

Choosing the best stroller for your baby is important because it will be a part of everyday life with your little one. The stroller for your little one should be comfortable and safe while allowing you to get around easily. Here are some tips on how to select the best stroller for your baby:

Safety: Look for features like a restraining system, adjustable handlebars, and shock-absorbing wheels to ensure safety.

Comfort: Choose a stroller that is comfortable for your baby; look for adjustable backrests, reclining seats, and adjustable footrests.

Size: When choosing a stroller, measure the interior to make sure your baby fits comfortably.

Portability: Make sure the stroller is designed for easy folding and storage for traveling or commuting to make daily life more convenient.

Durability: Look for a sturdy frame and material that can accommodate your baby’s growing needs without compromising comfort and ease of use.

Accessories: Check if the stroller comes with additional features such as a canopy, cup holder, and storage baskets to make your life easier.

Price or baby age: While selecting a stroller, consider the age and size of your baby. Depending on their age and size, you might need to upgrade or replace the stroller once they outgrow it.

11 Best Baby Strollers To Buy In India

Baby strollers have come a long way from the traditional models to today’s stylish and multifunctional ones. As parents, we not only want to pick the best for our little ones but also want to make sure that the stroller is safe and comfortable. In the list below, we highlight some of the best baby strollers to buy in India that you can rely on to keep your baby safe while you travel. They are:

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

14,830 Reviews
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Best baby stroller for newborns

The LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller is the perfect choice for all modern parents who value safety, comfort, and convenience. With its high-grade materials and construction, this stroller sets a new standard in baby travel safety.


  • 5-point safety harness
  • Reversible handlebar
  • 3-position seat recline
  • Adjustable footrest & Wheel Suspension
  • It comes with a mosquito net
  • Washable cushioned seats


  1. Great suspension,
  2. Easily maneuverable,
  3. Easy foldability,
  4. Reasonable price.


  1. Many parents find it not suitable for infants below 6 months.
  2. Mosquito nets are thin

Why do we recommend this?

Parents should buy this stroller because its five-point safety harness ensures that your child is secure while the adjustable canopy protection keeps him/her safe from sun rays and harmful pollutants in the air. The 360° swivel wheels enable you to easily maneuver it when taking your little one for a stroll. Plus, the lightweight body and easy folding mechanism make it ideal to carry around while traveling.

2. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

7,331 Reviews
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Best lightweight stroller for baby

If you are looking for a stroller that is stylish yet safe and comfortable for your little one, the LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller is an ideal choice. This baby stroller pram not only ensures optimum safety and convenience but also looks trendy. This stroller comes equipped with features such as:


  • 5-point safety harness
  • Adjustable Leg Support with Footrest
  • It comes with a detachable food tray
  • Breathable material
  • Reversible handlebar


  1. Reasonable price,
  2. Smooth ride,
  3. Sturdy and durable construction.
  4. Comfortable padding.


  1. The seat is too short for taller babies.
  2. The basket is not big enough.

Why do we recommend this?

It is perfect for parents looking for a spacious, comfortable ride for their little ones. This stroller has heavy-duty wheels, making it ideal for terrain of all kinds. It is certified as per European Standard EN 1888 to ensure maximum safety and security. The soft cushioned seat with side padding and three-level seat recline provides great comfort and makes it the ideal spot to rest or sleep. The 360-degree front wheel rotation offers superior maneuverability to make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. This stroller also features an adjustable foldable canopy with a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your baby without blocking their view.

3. Chicco Echo Baby Stroller

Best adjustable baby stroller

The baby Chicco Echo Stroller is the perfect choice for luxury-seeking parents. For baby in-transit comfort, this stroller offers the perfect combination of style and convenience. It has a great range of features that make it an attractive buy.


  • Lightweight and agile
  • It comes with a storage basket
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Wide seat with padded backrest
  • One-hand folding mechanism


  1. Lightweight and compact
  2. Easy maneuverability
  3. Offers extra comfort
  4. Easy storage option.


  1. It’s a very expensive stroller
  2. Not appropriate for up to 3 years old

Why do we recommend this?

The Chicco Echo Baby Stroller offers a great combination of style, comfort, and safety for your little one. Its adjustable canopy ensures that your baby is well protected from the sun’s rays and harmful pollutants in the air. The 5-point safety harness allows you to keep your child secure while its lightweight body and easy folding mechanism make it ideal for travel. Also, for the baby’s comfort, it has a reclining seat and adjustable footrest. It is a great option for parents who want luxury without compromising on safety.

4. R For Rabbit Chocolate Ride Stroller

Best stroller for baby boy

This is the baby stroller that parents will love due to its superior design and features. The R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride Stroller is lightweight yet sturdy, making it perfect for everyday use. For the baby boy, this can be the perfect option as it comes with a cute and stylish design.


  • This stroller has a metal tray for baby
  • It comes with a large storage basket
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Front Wheels and Suspension
  • Adjustable footrest
  • ‎Sun protection canopy


  1. Comfortable ride for the baby,
  2. Easy to maneuver,
  3. Easy to use,
  4. Safe and secure.


  1. Not suitable for rough terrains.

Why do we recommend this?

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable stroller for your baby, then the R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride Stroller is highly recommended. With EN 1888 certification, this stroller is among the most stringent European standards for the safety of babies and toddlers. It features an adjustable backrest to provide optimal support while your child relaxes, as well as a fully reclinable footrest for their comfort. Not only that, but it also has a large canopy with UV protection to shade your child from the sun. The frame is made of strong and durable steel, which ensures easy maneuverability and durability over time. The stroller features large-sized wheels which guarantee you smooth rides even on bumpy surfaces, making it suitable for outdoor use.

5. R For Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller

Best baby stroller for toddler

This is the best baby stroller for parents who want a hassle-free and easy-to-use stroller. The R For Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller is designed to make life easier for busy parents. It has many features that make it an attractive buy.


  • Reversible handlebar
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Multiple position seat recline
  • Five-point safety harness
  • One-Hand Folding Mechanism


  1. Easy to fold, carry, and store,
  2. Compact yet spacious,
  3. Mesh-lined seat,
  4. Lightweight design.


  1. Color options are limited
  2. It may be expensive for some parents

Why do we recommend this?

This is a baby stroller that is perfect for parents who are looking for convenience and comfort. This ultra-lightweight stroller has been designed with safety in mind, boasting a 5-point safety harness system as well as adjustable footrests so that your toddler can be safe and secure at all times. Plus, there are brake locks both on the handlebar and on the back wheels for added security. And when it’s time to store away the stroller or transport it, you can easily fold it up thanks to its ‘one finger’ folding technology – simply push down the bar below with your hand or foot, and it will automatically fold itself! This stroller also features an extra-large basket beneath, which is ideal for storing all of those extra items you need for those days out with your baby.

6. Mee Mee Baby Stroller

Best baby stroller for travel

This stroller from Mee Mee is one of the most sought-after in India. For baby in-transit comfort, this stroller offers the perfect combination of design and convenience. It comes with a wide range of features that make it an attractive choice for parents.


  • Lightweight and compact,
  • It comes with a five-point Safety Harness,
  • Lockable Wheels
  • 360° Degree Rotating Wheels
  • Easy Folding Mechanism


  1. Provide comfortable ride
  2. For up to 3 years old
  3. Easy-to-use stroller pram


  1. Limited storage space
  2. no mosquito net

Why do we recommend this?

Parents must buy this stroller because it comes with 3 different seat positions – sleeping, reclining, and seating for your growing baby’s needs; the Mee Mee stroller ensures a comfortable ride every time. The adjustable 3-point safety belt offers extra security for baby, and the double protection safety lock keeps the stroller firmly closed when not in use. The reversible soft foam handle allows you to easily change the direction of the stroller so that you can have your presence by your baby when they need it most. This stroller also features a quick one-hand fold and double-cushion washable cover for convenience during travels or storage.

7. BABYHOP Baby Stroller

Best stroller for baby girl

In India, the BABYHOP Baby stroller is one of the most popular modern designs of strollers. This stroller for your baby girl is designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of your toddler. It also comes with attractive features.


  • Detachable armrest
  • 5-point safety belt
  • Reversible handlebar
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Adjustable footrest


  1. Soft foam handle
  2. Higher weight capacity
  3. Highly portable
  4. Easy assembly


  1. Less width frame
  2. No mosquito net

Why do we recommend this?

The BabyHop Baby Stroller is the perfect way to keep your baby shaded, cool, and secure on your travels. It features a fully extendable UV50+ hood to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays and has a ventilated mesh window so they can still see outside. In addition, it folds quickly thanks to its press-and-push feature, which makes it easy to store in the trunk or closet without taking up too much space. The air rubber tires with suspension offer superior ground grip and 360° flexibility so you can explore without limits; plus, it includes a 5 Point Safety Harness, Armrest Bar & T Shaped Belt for extra security! With its capability of holding children up to 20kgs, this stroller has all you need to guarantee an enjoyable journey wherever you go.

8. R for Rabbit Rock N Roll Stroller

326 Reviews
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Best friendly baby stroller

This baby stroller from R for Rabbit is the perfect companion for modern parents. The baby stroller is designed to keep your little one safe, secure, and comfortable. It has all the features that you would want in a stroller, and it has an attractive design to boot.


  • Comfortable Seat Pads
  • 360° Swivel Wheels
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Reversible Handlebar
  • Height Adjustable Push Handle


  1. Lightweight,
  2. Sturdy and strong frame,
  3. Foldable easily,
  4. Affordable price.


  1. Toddlers may find the seat to be too small.

Why do we recommend this?

This is the perfect choice for parents looking for a secure and comfortable ride for their little ones. This stroller has been safety certified, meaning it has passed crash tests, mechanical strength tests, as well as quality tests on color and parts used that ensure its durability. Its unique one-hand fold mechanism makes usability simple and smooth, while its ability to convert into a rocking stroller will help make sure your infant is always at ease. Additionally, this stroller comes with a lightweight design that is easy to carry while outdoors and can be folded with three simple steps so it can fit even in the smallest spaces.

9. StarAndDaisy Travel Elite Stroller

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Best portable baby stroller

This stroller is designed for the modern parent and offers an exceptionally smooth ride. In India, this stroller is known for its unbeatable combination of style and comfort. However, the portable design makes it ideal for parents who are always on the go.


  • Highly ventilated & comfortable seating
  • Strong construction for sturdiness
  • Lightweight & Compact design
  • Easy maneuverability with PU Wheels
  • Durable locking mechanism


  1. Spacious basket,
  2. Compact design,
  3. Easy to fold,
  4. Reclining seat.


  1. Installation can be a little difficult
  2. Not that much spacious

Why do we recommend this?

As an indispensable part of any parent’s daily routine, StarAndDaisy Travel Elite Stroller knows how important it is to make your life as easy and comfortable as possible. This convertible stroller was designed with parents in mind, providing a light design that won’t slow you down when on the go. With multiple adjustable features, including seat recline/incline, footrest height, handlebar height, and more, you can customize the stroller to fit your needs perfectly. Plus, rest assured that safety was the top priority for this stroller’s design team. Finally, breathable fabric and extra padding in all the right places will provide long-lasting comfort for the baby during your adventures together.

10. LuvLap City Baby Stroller

Best Compatible Baby Stroller

This stroller have designed to make life easier for parents while also keeping the baby comfortable and safe. For babies up to 15 kg, this LuvLap City stroller comes with features that make it suitable for everyday use. However, if you choose this one, you should keep in mind that it is not suitable for newborns.


  • 3-Position Reclining Seat
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Lockable Swivel Wheels
  • Shockproof Suspension System
  • Compact Folding Mechanism


  1. Easy to carry
  2. Perfect to balance
  3. High-quality material
  4. Ample storage space


  1. It cannot be used for infants below 6 months
  2. Some parents have issues with its quality

Why do we recommend this?

The LuvLap City Baby Stroller is the perfect choice for any parents looking for a stroller that consistently delivers on comfort and safety. Whether it’s during long walks or quick errands, your child can sit in complete comfort thanks to the adjustable seat recline and footrest, while the five-point safety harness gives you peace of mind by keeping them securely seated. Plus, the double canopy protects from both sunrays and wind while out and about. Meanwhile, rear wheels with brakes add an extra layer of security by allowing you to be in full control at all times. And when not in use, folding and storage are easy, so this stroller takes up minimal space when not needed.

11. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Best adaptable baby stroller

This stroller from Little Pumpkin is an all-in-one solution for parents looking for a safe, stylish and hassle-free ride for their baby. It is not only lightweight but has all the necessary features that make a baby stroller ideal.


  • Adjustable backrest
  • Reversible Handlebar
  • Lightweight Frame
  • One-handed Folding Mechanism
  • Rear wheel brakes


  1. Comfortable for baby,
  2. Good suspension,
  3. Easy to fold and store,
  4. Reasonable price.


  1. The seat may not recline
  2. No cup holder.

Why do we recommend this?

The Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller is the perfect companion for babies. Certified with EN 1888 standards, this stroller has designed with safety in mind and has a 2-point harness and full canopy to ensure your child is secure while you stroll. With its light weight of only 4. Kgs, you can easily maneuver it around with ease. The compact umbrella fold allows you to store the stroller away quickly when not in use, making it ideal for travel. The comfortable sitting position will provide comfort, while the full canopy will protect your baby from sunlight during any weather and at any time.

Safety Measures To Follow While Using A Baby Stroller

Below are the safety measures to follow while using a baby stroller:

  1. Ensure that your baby is securely strapped in, with no chances of slipping out of the safety harness.
  2. Pay attention to the weight limit given on each stroller, and do not overload it beyond its capacity as it may cause an accident leading to injury.
  3. Make sure that the brakes are working properly, and don’t forget to apply them when the stroller has stationary.
  4. Check for any loose parts, broken frames, or malfunctioning wheels before using a stroller.
  5. Avoid taking your baby out in a stroller during wet weather conditions, as it can lead to possible slipping or accidents due to slippery surfaces.
  6. Do not leave your baby unattended while he or she is in the stroller. Make sure to keep a close eye on them at all times.
  7. Be aware of where you are walking and what kind of surfaces you are rolling the stroller on, as it can be an uneven terrain causing it to tip over easily.
  8. Always use the appropriate safety accessories such as covers, shields, or anti-UV products to protect your baby from weather elements.
  9. Make sure you are aware of how to fold and unfold the stroller safely before using it.
  10. Always store the stroller in a safe place when not in use, away from children’s reach.
  11. Read the user manual carefully before using the stroller for accurate instructions.

These safety measures should be kept in mind at all times while using a baby stroller. Following this guide will ensure that your baby remains safe and secure when you are out and about with him or her.

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Which Type Of Baby Stroller Is Best?

When it comes to choosing the best type of baby stroller, there are several important questions to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to determine which type of baby stroller will be right for your lifestyle and needs. To help you decide, here’s a brief overview of the four primary types currently available on the market:

1) Standard Baby Strollers: These types of strollers are ideal for everyday events like going grocery shopping or taking walks around town. They’re also great if you have an older child who may need a little help keeping up with younger siblings. Standard models come with handy features like adjustable handles, footrests, swivel wheels, storage baskets, and more.

2) Lightweight Strollers: If you need something more lightweight but still have plenty of features such as large sun canopies and reclining seats, then this might be the perfect choice for you. Many lightweight models even fit into airline overhead compartments, making them perfect for long trips or vacations!

3) Jogging Strollers: If your lifestyle involves regular outdoor activities such as jogging or hiking, then this is going to be the way to go! Jogging strollers feature larger wheels that make them great at absorbing shock while providing extra flexibility in terrain selection.

4) Travel Systems: This style combines both standard and lightweight features into one model. Travel systems generally include car seat adapters so that they can attach directly to your vehicle’s base. While also fold down easily when needed making them highly useful while traveling short distances or between different locations regularly.

In conclusion, deciding which type of baby stroller is best depends entirely upon what kind of lifestyle you lead and what suits your needs best personally. Whether it’s something simple yet durable enough to handle everyday tasks.

Which Brand Of Baby Stroller Is The Best In India?

When it comes to finding the best brand of baby stroller in India, LuvLap is certainly at the top of many parents’ lists. Not only does this company produce a variety of models suitable for different lifestyles and budgets, but they also focus on making sure their products are safe and comfortable for young babies.

For starters, LuvLap’s baby strollers are designed with your little one’s safety in mind. Their frames are made from high-quality steel that has been rigorously tested for strength and durability. This helps ensure that you have peace of mind each time you use your stroller, knowing that your child will be well taken care of while out and about. Additionally, all their products come with brakes on the wheels, which ensures full control when pushing or turning around corners, as well as an adjustable handlebar so you can find a height most comfortable for you!

However, there are also some stroller brands available for your baby that also provide a variety of models that are suitable for different lifestyles and budgets, such as R for Rabbit, Chicco, Mee-mee, etc. All in all, if you’re looking for quality in terms of safety and comfort, then look no further than LuvLap’s baby strollers


In conclusion, the baby stroller market in India for 2023 offers a wide array of choices that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of parents. This carefully curated list of the top 11 strollers, rated by fellow parents, emphasizes the significance of safety, comfort, convenience, and style. With innovative features, durable designs, and a focus on user-friendliness, these strollers offer a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. As parents continue to prioritize the well-being of their little ones, these top-rated strollers stand as valuable companions in their parenting journey, ensuring both the comfort of their children and their peace of mind.


Can you walk a newborn in a stroller?

No, it is not recommended to walk a newborn in a stroller. In general, pediatricians recommend that babies should not be taken out of the house before they have reached at least 3 months old. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), newborns lack full body control and strength and, therefore, may not be able to properly support their head or neck when sitting up in the stroller for an extended period. Newborns are also susceptible to more diseases due to their fragile immune systems, so taking them outside carries extra risks, even if you’re careful about preventing them from exposure.

Does a 2-year-old still need a stroller?

The short answer is yes; a 2-year-old still needs a stroller if you want to provide them with the best possible experience. While children of this age may be able to walk for longer distances and even climb stairs, having a stroller on hand will give them more freedom and comfort while out and about.  

When should parents stop using a stroller?

The time when parents should stop using a stroller varies from child to child, but generally speaking, kids of 4 to 5 years old are ready to walk and explore on their own. At this age, they have the necessary motor skills and coordination to navigate uneven terrain and safely avoid obstacles. Plus, being out of a stroller allows them more freedom and independence in their environment. This can be a great opportunity for kids to develop problem-solving skills as they encounter new challenges or unexpected events during their exploration.

What age is best for a stroller?

The age at which it is best to start using a stroller will depend on your specific circumstances and preferences. Generally, babies can become accustomed to being in a stroller from as early as three months old. In fact, most pediatricians recommend that parents introduce their child to the stroller once they reach this age. This is mostly because, by the time they are 3 months old, their neck muscles have developed enough strength that allows them to hold up their head without difficulty when seated in the stroller.
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