5 things you should know before considering Egg Freezing 

According to the latest study nowadays an increasing number of women are freezing their eggs, The egg Freezing process is a beneficial and effective way for women who want to become pregnant in the future. As younger women can ovulate more quality eggs than the women in old age. So these women need to freeze their eggs for future use. This process is known as Egg freezing.

What is Egg Freezing?

The egg freezing process is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. It is one of the common fertility treatments. This process involves stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce multiple eggs and then IVF specialists retrieve the mature eggs from the ovaries then these eggs frozen unfertilized and stored for future/later use when the woman is ready to become pregnant. Here are five things you need to keep in mind if you’re considering freezing your eggs.

When A Woman Recommended Freezing Her Egg?

There are many reasons why the woman needs to freeze her Egg, Some of the women choose to freeze their eggs for medical reasons such as cancer treatment, and Egg freezing offers women who are suffering from cancer then chance to preserve their eggs so that they can attempt to have children in the future.
And the second reason is women who do want to get pregnant before making their career or school, and egg freezing is the right way to store your quality eggs in your younger age for later use.

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It’s not a Cheap Procedure, and How Risky?

The IVF Cost for one cycle is Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh in Indian rupees and $10,000-12,000 in the dollar, As well as this process is expensive, the It can often be emotionally and physically challenging. It is important to bear this in mind when considering freezing your eggs. But freezing your eggs may save thousands of dollars in fertility treatment which offers immediate peace of mind.

2. Eggs should be frozen at the Younger age

It is studied that the highest live birth rates by frozen eggs of the women before they are 30. But most women freezing their eggs in their late 30s and early 40s. So it to get a better chance of success at live birth in the future. It will be best to freeze your eggs before you are 36. As in this age produce sufficient quality of eggs which can be used in future use. Although freezing your eggs in your early 20s may result in a good. Egg freezing typically works best for women in their 20s and 30s and is not recommended for women over 38.

3. You Might Need To Have the Procedure Multiple Times

Research suggests that women should have to freeze around 15 eggs to have a great chance of future pregnancy. But the number of eggs produced during one cycle of stimulation and retrieval vary from woman to woman as it depends on the woman’s age. Some woman may produce 15 eggs for storage with one round of treatments where some woman may need to undergo multiple rounds of stimulation and retrieval to produce sufficient eggs which need to store.

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4. Not all IVF Centre Are Equal

When you are ready for freezing your eggs, choose an IVF Centre which has many years of experience with a high success rate in this the procedure. Ask the IVF Centre what is the success rate of the Egg Freezing. And also you need to check the reviews of the previous patient of this IVF Centre, which can help you to choose the best IVF center for your Egg freezing and retrieval process with a high success rate.

5. More Eggs need to Freeze with old age

As per recent data the woman age plays an important role in the success rate of a chance of having one live birth. 34-year-old would need to freeze 10 eggs, the woman at 37 would need to freeze 20 eggs and where a woman aged 42 would need to freeze 61 eggs to have the same chance of success.


When you aren’t ready for conceiving baby, then you can go for the Egg freezing process with the help of the best IVF Doctor which results show that women who freeze their eggs do feel more relief from societal pressures and have peace of mind.