Top 9 Tips: How Can a Working Mom Stay in The Resource?

The term “burnout” was introduced in 1974 and it referred to the economic field, explaining…

happy mom working at home using laptop while funny kid son playing.

The term “burnout” was introduced in 1974 and it referred to the economic field, explaining the decline in the strength of employees from routine work with a client flow.

The situation of an endless monotonous conveyor to maintain other people’s emotions at a high level perfectly characterizes the mother’s task. The child is the most demanding client. In order to cope with your feelings and not turn into an indifferent extra in your own family, we offer you a set of rules borrowed from the advanced science of working with people.

To stop everyday stress, add regular physical activity to proper sleep and nutrition, but not in order to lose 10 kg by Friday, but in order to relax mentally and calm down.

Rule 1

It doesn’t matter if you work full time or are at home with the kids, you can’t avoid constant communication. Arranging minutes, hours or even days of silence for yourself, which will help you hear only you, and not the people around you, is vital. If a yoga tour to India is not yet available, do not give up.

You can unload your “cup of patience” by walking after work, breathing practices, buying cafe coffee machine, and asking “not to approach mom” for 15 minutes in the evening.

Rule 2

It is helpful to make the ritual of gratitude each day a regular exercise before bed. Even if the day was not so hot, you can find some household trifles in it that made you happy.

The daughter put on tights in the kindergarten on her own, the husband changed the light bulb in the hallway, and the rain is so melodiously knocking on the window right now. Say “thank you” to every day of your life, because it will not happen again.

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Rule 3

Mom has more than enough of this kindness. Become a parent, a person in general constantly experiences fear and anxiety. Let’s listen to psychologists and separate productive anxiety from unproductive.

Rule 4

Of course, it’s in our blood to feel like a “strong woman”, only further down the text she cries at the window there. You can do everything – rock a cradle, plan a vacation for the whole family, build a dacha, take older children to clubs, cook seven different dishes and all this at the same time.

But your talents as a top manager will very soon be taken for granted. That is why remind your family that you need not only to help with everyday life, but also to indulge – send them for massages and manicures, give flowers and let them go to meet friends. And especially do not refuse help when it is offered.

Rule 5

Women, as a rule, feel the moment when emotions overflow. At such moments, it is best to “breathe” away from the family – jump on a trampoline, beat a pear or shout in an open field. Emotional discharge is not a whim, it guarantees the discharge of accumulated negativity in a safe distance from significant people.

Following the “relaxation”, it is worth filling up with positive emotions – go to a concert of your favorite band, treat yourself to shopping, or at least take a bath with salt.

Rule 6

The life of every mother is full of personalities who know better than she how to dress a child for a walk and when to go to work from maternity leave. It is sad, but true – most often such people who simply eat up an emotional resource are not random passers-by, but your own relatives.

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If relatives tend to give out unsolicited advice, do not be shy to stand up for yourself and explain that you yourself will understand most issues, and for all the rest you will ask for advice separately. It is important for both parties to understand that “family” is not about pressure on a person, but about comprehensive support.

Rule 7

It has been proven that helping other people raises our worth in our own eyes. Being engaged in charity and feeling their need, people literally flourish. However, let’s make a reservation that these activities should bring you joy and replenish your strength, and not take them away.

Therefore, choose an activity you like – help teachers decorate a kindergarten for the New Year, participate as a volunteer in museum and theater projects, or do charity knitting.

Rule 8

In a string of days when absolutely everyone needs you, it’s easiest to start ignoring your own needs. So it turns out that you buy in the store not something beautiful that your soul craves, but something non-marking, wrinkle-resistant and comfortable.

And now, in the mirror, instead of a young and beautiful woman in a flying dress, a well-equipped fighter with a backpack, a raincoat and bottle diapers stuffed into all twenty pockets of an extremely functional vest looms.

Rule 9

Yes, when you have two children, three jobs, a husband and seedlings of cucumbers on the windowsill, it is rather problematic to break into the cycle of adventure. But sometimes you need to remind yourself that life is beautiful and amazing, and miracles still happen in it, and for this, small trips-discoveries, at least in the vicinity of your city, can but do it regularly.

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A change of place, a change of scenery and new experiences – that’s what makes the heart beat in joyful anticipation, which means it makes you happier.