Tips to Choose The Perfect Nursery School For Your Child

The perfect nursery school selection scene can consume a lot of energy and time, but it’s all worth it. We all know that the early years of a child’s learning matter. From my professional and personal experience, I’ve come to this conclusion that a preschool is more about finding the best fit for your child than about finding the “perfect” school, click here to find more info about it.

In choosing a good preschool for your child, I would recommend you necessarily consider these five aspects:

Your Child

Yes, the first and the foremost, step is to assess your child.

  • What kind of environment they can thrive in?
  • What makes them nervous, uncomfortable, excited, or at ease?
  • What will they find challenging about preschool?
  • Do they like structure environment or more freedom?

Your child’s tendencies and personality can help you recognize the fact that the school you are considering might not match up with what your child’s needs, everyone else is raving about.

The Staff

Another most important aspect is preschool staff! They need to be engaging and create a language-rich environment, where your child participates as well. You need to keep an eye or observe the staff/teachers at work. Watch to see,

  • How they interact with the kids?
  • Do they actually care about the children?
  • Do they have adequate training?
  • Observe how a teacher approaches your child

The environment

Who wants dirty and tidy school or classrooms for their children? Cleanliness and order are important. The rooms are not required to be huge, but they should be sufficiently spacious for the number of kids. Students’ writing, art, pictures, and building creations around the room should be obvious and appealing. It should feel like a place that these kids own.

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Above all, classrooms should portray one big invitation to socialize and play! It shouldn’t be silent, you should notice a busy, buzzy, and happy children interacting.
Moreover, pay your attention to the bathroom facilities also;

  • Are these bathrooms ideally within the room or at least close to the classroom?
  • Would your children be able to use the bathroom whenever they must?


Every day, driving a couple of hours to carry your child to and from the preschool is not only hectic for you but also your toddler.

In fact, reaching the school can become tiring for your child, making them reluctant to the very idea of school. Hence, considering the location is very essential before making a final choice of preschool for your child.


Isn’t this an obvious point again? The purpose of adding it here was just to remind you to get yourself a safety checklist to refer to. Most schools share a copy of the safety measures they take with parents during the time of admission. However, in my suggestion, I would want you to do your own reference check and not totally trust their words. The best tip is to reach out to parents who have their kids are already studying in the school and determine whether the school is keeping up with its promised measures in place or not. And if you get encouragement and positive feedback, go ahead with choosing it!

There is no perfect preschool that covers all the desired aspects, but there are many great preschools out there for your children, that can be picked as ‘just right’ for your child.

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