How to raise a zero waste kid

Plastic pollution, climate change, and global warming have been in the media spotlight all around the world. We know that global warming will have disastrous effects on the future of our world, and that it is very likely our beloved children who will be the ones to suffer most from it.

Although the biggest changes can only be made by business and government, there are lots you can do at a household level to help protect the environment, and leave the world a better place for your children. Here are 3 easy ways you can help your kid live a zero waste lifestyle.

Cut down on single use plastics

Why send your child to school with their food wrapped in yards of single use plastic, when cute reusable items can be used to save money over time and delight them as well? Most kids love the bright colors and prints available for reusable items, and you’ll love saving money after the initial expense.

Buy used

Children grow fast. Most of them hardly have time to wear their clothes before they’re on to the next size. Buying used will both help cut costs for you and make a huge impact on the environment. As much as 70 pounds of clothing is thrown out by people around the world each year, wasting valuable resources that could have been put to other purposes.

Buy less

Children are quick to ask for toys and treats, but often these toys get played with just a few minutes and are then left abandoned to clutter the floor. Buy fewer toys, and if your children don’t play with them, donate them to a child who will gratefully play with them instead.

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Our children will face the consequences of the choices we make today. If we choose well, they will benefit from a world filled with fresh air and clean waters. These tips are a good step to keeping it that way.