Parents Guide On How to Monitor Kids Text Messages On iPhone

As we all know that texting messages have become a common mean of communication nowadays. Starting from the young generation to old mostly using test messages for all conversations. Our kids are like us don’t tell their parents everything, i.e. what happens in their life. If you are wonder and want to know what is happening in your child’s life or is your child having issues at school? Or is your child hanging around with some new friends? Then as a parent you should monitor iPhone text messages and imessages which help you to protect your kids to do bad habits with their friends in their teenage age. But here arise the question that how to monitor iMessage? Here are some ways how to track Kids imessages.

Reasons Why Parents Must Track Child’s Cell Phone Activities

Every parent wants to give a cell phone to their kids to keep in touch and reach out in any kind of emergency, It is for the safety purpose, but sometimes kids start bad habits with some friends specially when kids are in their teenage. As they are not mature enough to understand what is wrong and what is right for them so it is so important for parents to track child’s cell phone activities. Monitor children’s online activity can save your kids to do any evils in future also. Nowadays technology again offers ways in which you can track on your kids imessage without them knowing. And the iCloud based parental monitoring service app can help you in various ways such as monitor Call, Text Messages, Photos with. You need not install any app on the child’s phone.

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3 Ways How to Track Kids Imessages

By using a Separate Apple Device

​If your child has an iPhone, then it will be easy to track their imessages and also there is a simple solution. You can monitor your child’s imessages by using a separate Apple device such as iPad, iPod touch and Mac computer. Also you can use your phone for tracking messages. The monitoring device needs to be connected to the Internet. Then you should know your child’s Apple ID and password. Then after connecting the monitoring device to your child’s iMessage account. And also the alert notification by Apple sent to your child’s device, so you need to clear up the alert.

Track from a MacOS Device

In your Macos Device you need to create a new user account on your MacOS device. Then Open the messages app and enter your kid’s iCloud id and password, after that go to the messages Settings, put your child’s phone number in the “You can be reached for messages at” option. And the by keeping this account running, you can collect messages from your child’s device.

Track From The Parental Control Apps

Apart from the Apple Device tool, there are many Parental Control Apps that assist parents to track iMessage texts. So choose the best parental control app to monitor kid’s iPhone text messages and imessages. These allow you to track all the iMessage conversations on your laptop direct from your child’s phone. And also there is no need to install any app on your child phone. And also the best Parental Control App has two advanced technique which help you to track both unread and deleted messages.

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There are 3 steps to use the Parental Control Apps. Sign up this app first and then set iCloud as your default backup method. So that you can then monitor your child’s activities through the online control panel. Some of the Parental Control Apps provides extra features such as Track your kid’s location, Monitor multiple devices, Call monitoring, Photo monitoring etc.


If you are worried that your kid is involved in an unhealthy communication and feel hesitate to try to check what your kids chat or text on their cell phone especially if they have been doing things above their age. So monitor kids text messages on the cell phone, or I phone by using the useful App. And stay stress free about your kids no matter anywhere be they.