Addressing the Employment Gap Attributed To Parenthood

Having kids is a joy and yet a very demanding thing; taking care of them is time and energy consuming. If you had no other option other than taking a break from your career to cater to your children’s needs, then such a loving and thoughtful sacrifice will have a significant gap in your CV.

If you feel the kids are now grown enough to know how to take care of themselves and you want to return to full-time work, below are some tips on how you can answer the questions you will get about your hiatus when you go for interviews. Take a look at this Australian resume guide.

1. Project Confidence

You should be confident about the decision you made to care for your family. It means that you made your family a priority just the same way you would prioritize your professional responsibilities. Make it known that you are also confident about returning to the corporate scene, and you are ready to excel in the new position.

Do not go while feeling apologetic or with a timid stance on the matter. Be bold about your reasons and take a polite and thoughtful approach when trying to make the interviewers see things from your perspective. Also, make it known that you are eager to rejoin the professional world. Your sincerity and solid stance may be an impressive attribute that the interviewers will consider.

2. Do Not Be Defensive

As you project confidence, do your best not to come across as defensive. Appreciate the reservations that the interviewers will have about your career gap. Do not take it as though they are biased against your career decisions. Be straightforward when stating your reasons but avoid over-explaining things. It will help you avoid using a self-deprecating language.

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Any signs of defensiveness will make the interviewers wonder if you are keeping certain things hidden, and this will make them doubt your abilities even if you are confident and optimistic about returning to work.

3. Brush Up On Technology

If you have been missing in action at the corporate world for 5 – 10 years, then a lot has changed since you were away. Technology has advanced, and things may seem foreign to you when you get back. That is why you should brush up on the office essentials in as far a tech is concerned. Know about Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Google Calendars, among other tools and resources that are specific to your industry.

Having technological competencies will help ensure that you are not caught off-guard during the interview. It means that you are aware of the demands of the job description you applied for and have the technical knowledge and skills needs. Use the time you have during your break from your career to acquire new skills based on research done on the industry trends so that you are updated.

4. Keep Up With Your Industry

As mentioned, you need to research your industry so that you are abreast with the changes. Keep tabs on all major developments that take place during your hiatus, and the study these new things so that you are well informed before you go for the job interview.

The objective is for you to speak knowledgeably when asked questions related to the job position and the industry. It also ensures that you keep up with the conversations during the interview. By researching the latest developments, you will be in a position to note elements that can bolster your confidence and help eliminate any perceptions that you may be out of touch with your industry.

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In line with this, you need to be ready to talk about what you did to ensure that your knowledge and skill remain current and relevant. Open touch on any volunteer work, part-time jobs, job-related classes, or skills programs you took during your career break. Such an effort will go a long way in proving your commitment and readiness to rejoining the professional world.