11 Best Online Parenting Classes In New York, NY

When it comes to parenting, there’s always more to learn. Whether you’re a first-time parent…

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When it comes to parenting, there’s always more to learn. Whether you’re a first-time parent or have been parenting for years, online parenting classes can be a great way to improve your skills and get new ideas. As well depending on your budget, location, and time constraints you may want to consider taking parenting classes in New york either in person or online. No matter how comfortable you are with being a parent, there are always ways to learn new habits that can help guide you through this challenging process. Whether you’re an expecting mother or have children already in the home, you’re going to need a lot of support and guidance.

In addition, most states require parents to participate in free parenting classes online before they give birth or the legal process of adoption is complete. That means if you are trying to adopt a child from overseas you may have to take parenting classes as well.

If you already have children at home, you may also need to take parenting classes online or in person. The Internet has opened up a whole new world for everyone, regardless of age or location. The Internet is an excellent resource for finding good quality parenting classes in the US. Below are the 11 best online parenting classes for you to consider in New york.

Best Online Parenting classes

For parenting home’s free online courses over the internet, you can download the entire course at your own convenience. There’s a huge digital library with many helpful e-books and guides that can help you in parenting children. Parenting styles are different, so are the parenting courses. Parenting online courses are a great way to get a basic idea of how parenting works.

Parenthood is the combination of love, care, and education for any child. As per recent studies from different journals, children who were given proper care and education by their parents have been successful in building a strong foundation for their society. Different parenting courses range from experts’ personal experience and research to online degree programs and techniques. So below we have mentioned some of our favorite online parenting classes for you to help you in parenting your child.

1. Parenting Code

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Best online classes for parenting toddler

Website Link: https://www.parentingcode.com/t2t-order

With the help of this course, you will be able to learn about your children, their behavior, and how they work. One of the biggest problems every parent faces is understanding their kids’ psychology. This class shows you how you can connect with your kid’s psychology and also understand them easily. By using these techniques, parents can learn how to handle their child’s emotional behavior and manage themselves before managing the kid. Therefore, raising children will become simple and less stressful for all parents.

A Parenting code provides manageable sessions to stress management, positive parenting, and other unique methods for parents to understand their kids. This online course is free of cost and anyone can enroll at any time they want just by visiting the official website of Parenting Code. Parenting code also provides free online parenting classes but when you get a subscription to an advanced online course, you can avail of many additional benefits.

  • Available at a very low price
  • Provides free online parenting classes as well
  • Regular interaction with the instructor through various structured sessions
  • Provide Interactive parenting support programs for toddlers
  • Free parenting classes course not effective as it’s advanced courses.
  • No separate section for Kids and Parents
  • An advanced course is too costly and not affordable for everyone
  • Not suitable for people who live in remote areas or don’t have an internet connection.

2. Priceless Parenting

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Best online parenting classes for preschoolers

Website Link: https://www.pricelessparenting.com/class_ages6to12/info_6to12

Although the most popular and well-known parenting program provider on the internet is Priceless Parenting. Priceless parenting class offers several free online parenting courses for new parents, expecting parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, etc. Parents who have completed their kids’ age from birth to 3 years can enroll in this course.

These are the best parenting classes for preschoolers. This online course is based on the latest research in child development, child psychology, and parenting tactics. It helps parents to become effective instructors for their kids by teaching them how to understand the child’s mind and improve communication with them. For developing healthy family bonds, they provide world-class education. This online course is free for all parents and you can enroll yourself just by visiting the official website of these classes.

  • The free course is not as effective as the advanced courses
  • Free courses are not updated regularly and may be outdated
  • Free parenting programs provide very less information about dealing with kids
  • Classes are not suitable for parents of teenagers

3. Active Parenting

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Best online parenting classes for teenagers

Website Link: https://activeparenting.com/for-parents/for-parents-online-parenting-classes/active-parenting-of-teens/

Active online parenting classes provide a great opportunity for parents to learn about themselves and their kids. The classes are specifically designed by people who have a long experience of helping parents with various problems. The course features ten sessions with each session having an expert’s personal experience and research to share. This can help understand your child and parent them without any stress. By active online parenting courses for parenting, teenagers can be considered as one of the best online parenting class and it’s suitable for both parents and kids.

Therefore, for divorced and separated parents, this course is very helpful. If you want to get the satisfaction of parenting your child without any hassle, then this parenting class can be an ideal option for you. The parenting course they provide consists of skills that you can utilize in your personal life. The best thing about these parenting courses is that it’s not expensive and also provide free parenting classes for teens, parents, kids to understand each other better.

  • This Parenting course comes with serval sessions
  • Every session has its respective guide or e-book
  • Available at a very low price
  • Learn effective communication skills to parent your kids easily
  • Not suitable for people who live in remote areas
  • No separate section for Kids and Parents
  • No live session to interact with the instructor
  • Not suitable for people who don’t have a proper internet connection

4. Megan Leahy Parent Coach

parenting classes

Best parenting class for Child

Website Link: https://www.mlparentcoach.com/online-parenting-course/

Megan Leahy Parent Coach is an online parenting course that teaches parents how to set up effective boundaries for children. These boundaries should ensure the safety of kids while allowing them to grow and prosper. The coach also helps you understand your role in their growth process; what you accomplish together will help build self-esteem, good values, respect for others, joy, and a love of learning.

This online course is great for parents with children between the ages of 3-9 years old. The classes improve mutual trust in relationships while teaching parents how to be strong role models for their kids. Megan Leahy has been a parent coach for many years and has trained thousands of “coaches” online to teach people how to set healthy limits for themselves and their loved ones. Megan Leahy is available at a very reasonable price, just $39/month for the basic package, including all classes and materials.

  • Effective learning
  • Affordable and Suitable for all parents
  • Live interaction with the instructor
  • Improve Communication Skills between child and parent
  • Not suitable for expecting parents as it’s for kids between 3-9 years
  • Coaching services not available outside the US
  • Monthly payments required, no pay-as-you-go options
  • The free version only includes limited classes

5. LifeMatters


Best parenting online classes for single parents

Website Link: https://www.lifematters.com/parent_single.asp

LifeMatters parenting classes are specifically designed for parents to teach them the necessary skills needed to raise their kids. These parenting classes online show how you can guide your child in the early stages of life and make sure they grow up as confident people who can face any situation.

This program is based on scientific studies which deal with behavioral changes teenagers face during their growth. This program helps you to understand the importance of being a parent and how they should deal with it accordingly. LifeMatters online parenting courses are available for parents at different levels. You can choose any course according to your need, schedule, and time availability. A personalized approach is taken in this course where each student gets individual attention and guidance for better understanding.

  • LifeMatters parenting classes online is available at a very affordable rate
  • They provide free parenting courses as well on different topics and subjects
  • Build family relationships, reduce family confusion and especially for single parents.
  • Helps you with different online parenting classes for your child in a proper manner
  • It is not available worldwide, only for U.S residents
  • Some sessions are too complicated and not understandable by all parents
  • In some cases, the teachers can be rude if students do not follow the guidelines
  • The schedule and time of your classes are not as per your need.

6. Tinyhood: Baby 101

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Best online parenting for new parents

Happy interracial family is enjoying a day in the park. Little mulatto baby girl and boy. Successful adoption. Diverse family in nature with sun in the back.

Website Link: https://www.tinyhood.com/courses/baby-101?

This online parenting class teaches you about raising a child effectively and healthily so that your kid can excel in all the stages of life. This course provides parents with an opportunity to comprehend their child’s psychology by using easy methods which you can apply at home. The parenting classes include various activities such as role-playing, games, and much more. Parents will learn how to communicate and empathize with their children so that they can introduce new concepts to them in a simple way.

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Tinyhood provides online parenting programs for both parents and kids like providing weekly-audio lessons, etc. This course simplifies parenting by providing easy-to-implement strategies for a healthy, engaging, and happy childhood. Therefore, if you want to start this online program then you can go ahead with them as they offer a free trial class for first-time users who sign up on their website.

  • It’s an affordable online parenting class
  • Weekly audio lessons available for parents
  • An interactive website full of activities and learning tools
  • Free trial classes for first-time users
  • No live sessions, you need to follow the activities at your own pace
  • Less interaction with the teacher/instructor
  • No separate section for kids, only available in the English language
  • The success of this course depends on how much effort you put into it

7. American Red Cross

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Best online parenting classes for CPR

Website Link: https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/classes/child-and-baby-first-aid%2Fcpr%2Faed-online-ol/a6R3o000001vv2U.html

The American red cross is one of the oldest and most trusted organizations, it’s been helping different people from all around the world. The American Red Cross provides online parenting classes for parents to teach them about how they should take care of their children. Through these courses, you can learn various tips and techniques to raise your child well such as Basic Childbirth, Infant Care, Feeding your baby & toddler care. This organization also offers online classes for kids to learn how they should behave in their childhood and what are different techniques of parenting they should know about.

Therefore, to attend parenting classes, best to choose the American red cross because it’s one of the most popular and oldest organizations which has provided effective services for more than a hundred years. The techniques taught in these online parenting classes are very much different from others, especially when it comes to teaching children. So, is just a hot mess to attend these online classes provided by the American Red Cross.

  • Provide in-person parenting courses for CPR
  • It’s a trusted organization and provides experienced instructors
  • Specialized classes for different age groups
  • Provide parenting resources for free
  • Not available for all states and cities of America
  • Advance courses are costly and not affordable by everyone
  • Limited time slot makes the availability limited to select people only.
  • No separate section for Kids and Parents

8. Messy Motherhood


Best active parenting class for organisation

Website Link: https://messymotherhood.com/unfrazzled-mom

Messy Motherhood is one of the best online parenting classes in New York.  It aims to help moms understand their behavior and how they can interact with their kids in a better way. The online parenting programs provided by messy motherhood offer step-by-step methods and ideas for parents to implement in their lives.

Messy Motherhood is different from another online parenting class as it focuses on building a strong connection between kids and parents as well as improving the bond of family relations as a whole. This course also helps mothers understand why they react with their kids the way they do and how to control their anger. As parenting partner in-person classes are very costly, messy motherhood came up with the idea of offering parenting classes online at a low price.

Therefore, the online parenting programs from messy motherhood are a very effective way to learn how you can manage your kid’s behavior and also control yourself from time to time. The online class parenting journey from messy motherhood is suitable for parents who can’t manage their time to enroll in a parenting partner.

  • Low-cost online parent classes
  • Effective and Unique techniques to improve parenting skills
  • Improve bond between parents and children
  • Improve the mood of every family member
  • Not available for homeschooling parents
  • No separate sessions for Kids and parents
  • The fee is not affordable for everyone
  • Free parenting course is suitable only for beginners

9. Positive Parenting Solutions

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Best online parenting class for working parents

Website Link: https://www.positiveparentingsolutions.com/

Positive Parenting Solutions provides online parenting classes and support programs for parents. This course will provide you with effective techniques to understand your children and help in managing their behavior effectively. Using the methods mentioned in this course, you can easily resolve parenting problems such as lying, disrespectful behavior, etc. One of the best advantages of investing in these online courses is that they provide free parenting support programs which you can avail yourself of for a month.

Positive parenting solutions provide an online parenting class that will teach you how to manage your children without giving them punishments. They will show you various techniques which are useful in making the toddlers more confident and happy with themselves, for example, if a child is crying or screaming then this course teaches parents that they should not provide any attention towards their angry behavior rather try to understand why they are behaving like this. The best free parenting classes online will also provide you with techniques to avoid conflicts between you and your children.

  • Available only for US residents
  • Lack of some courses which are relevant to parenting
  • Free online parenting classes are not as effective as paid ones are
  • Not suitable for people who don’t have an internet connection

10. The Nurturing Fathers Program

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Best online parenting class for Fathers

Website Link: https://nurturingfathers.com/

This parenting program is useful for men who are new to fatherhood and want proper help in improving their relationships with kids. This course provides online video lessons, child psychology guides, interactive calendars, assignments, etc. which can improve your relationship with your child. By following this course daily you will be able to understand children’s behaviors better and learn how to handle them. Therefore, the live classes of this course will improve your parenting skills and teach you how to raise a healthy, caring, affectionate child.

Generally, the best online parenting class is provided by experts and instructors that you can connect with daily. But when it comes to fathers, men always face a problem in understanding their children’s psychology and emotions. The Nurturing Fathers Program provides a better way to guide men in this area and helps them understand their kids without any hassle. The course is very popular among fathers from all over the world which you can check out on their official website. If you have interest, then enroll at a low price and begin the course right now.

  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Covers all aspects of parenting
  • Has an active community with lots of support
  • Monthly webinars and coaching sessions by experienced instructors
  • The course covers only the basics of parenting and not for an advanced course
  • The certificate courses are too costly and you need to pay a lot for them
  • Online courses only provide limited parenting knowledge
  • Not available in all countries

11. Generation Mindful

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Top online parenting classes for discipline

Website Link:https://genmindful.com/products/online-positive-parenting-course?variant=35646254285

As per recent studies, nearly 60% of children and adolescents in the US face behavioral issues. These problems can be solved by professional help and special parenting tips and guidance for parents to follow at home. Generation mindful is an excellent online course that provides all the necessary information on how you can manage your kid’s own behavior during difficult times.

Therefore, many training and seminars conducted by Generation mindful to help parents in understanding the problems of their children and how they can solve them easily. Generation Mindful provides all types of parenting classes that provide online and offline awareness about kids and parents at home. This course focuses on three major points that are behavior, health, and education.

Furthermore, this parenting class provides a separate section for kids where they can play games to stay healthy both physically as well as mentally. This course is available at very low prices so even parents with less income can enroll themselves in this class. And the online birth class is available in both paid and free versions. But for advanced training, you need to get a subscription from the official website of generation mindful.

  • Cheapest online parenting classes
  • Provides a separate section for kids
  • Interactive sessions provided to parents through various online sessions
  • Along with physical health, it also focuses on mental health
  • Free courses are not enough for parents to get all the information they need
  • A bit difficult to understand some topics if you are a beginner
  • Communication is limited only to online sessions
  • No offline support is available for parents

The Bottom Line

As a parent, an online parenting class may be the perfect solution for you. These classes offer access to information and support from experts in different aspects of child development such as sleep or discipline. Whether you’re working with your children on their behaviour at home or just looking to learn more about how they develop intellectually and emotionally. Therefore, the above 11 best online parenting classes cover a variety of topics, from how to discipline your child to understand their developmental milestones.

With so many resources available, it’s easy for parents to feel overwhelmed by all of them and not know where or how to start. With the right information, we hope more parents feel empowered in raising their children successfully by teaching them life skills for success both inside and outside of the home. There is something for everyone whether you’re looking for an introductory course or more advanced information about the latest research findings in child psychology. We hope you find the right parenting class for your family. So, don’t forget to share your experience with us through the comment section below.