How Choosing the Best Mattress Can Help Your Little Ones Sleep Better

Young kids always need a good night’s rest compared to any other age group. This is because they’re constantly grow physically and mentally. Bedtime is when a child’s brain draws together everything it learned during the day. It is at this time that the whole body including hormones, bones, and physical makeup of the brain grows more rapidly.

Picking the best hybrid mattress to get your kids the best sleep ever is the best choice you can make for their development. So in this article, we’ll share all you need to know about choosing the best mattress for your little ones.

The right mattress for your kid mostly depends on their needs, if for instance your child tends to fidget during the night or has allergies then the best mattress for them will vary.

Children with Allergies

If your bundle of joy suffers from allergies, then choosing the correct mattress can help remove their symptoms and give them a far more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

In that case, the mattress needs to be hypoallergenic which means it can stop the spread of dust mites. This prevents your child from having an allergic reaction. For example, memory foam is hypoallergenic naturally which makes it an excellent mattress solution for any child suffering from allergies during the night.

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Children who Fidget

Fidgeting during the night can affect the quality of sleep your child gets quite deeply, so finding a mattress that helps in this regard is important. Foam mattresses for instance are fantastic for children who fidget or move around a lot during the night as they give enough support in helping your child keep steady and comfortable and fidget less.

For Growing Kids

Regardless of how old your child is, it’s important to get them a good night’s rest for them to develop and function well during their day-to-day lives. As children become older they may find that a firmer mattress is better, it’s especially more suitable as they enter their teenage years. Having a supportive mattress in your possession can prevent pains and aches giving them enough support to help keep their spine and bones aligned.

Best Mattress Type for Kids

Generally speaking, just like with adult mattresses, mattresses for kids come in open sprung, memory foam, pocket sprung and latex foam varieties, each offering different benefits to all sorts of sleepers.

The Most Supportive Mattress Types for Children

The most supportive options for kids are pocket-sprung, memory foam, and latex. Although each component features aspects some children will benefit more than others. Pocket-sprung mattresses often have comfy tufted covering layers. While memory foam mattresses are dense and body forming. They are able to reduce how restless children become at night. Latex foam mattresses are very free to breathe in, they are excellent for warm homes and for children who don’t like hot temperatures when bedtime comes.

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So when you’re looking for sprung mattresses, is always important to see how high the spring count and coil gauge is. Higher spring counts mean you get more support, while lower gauge numbers amounts indicate a firmer mattress and thicker coils as a result.

Measuring the firmness of a foam mattress

Memory, latex, and foam mattresses are measured by how dense they are. A quality memory foam mattress often has a density of four to five pounds. The higher the number the firmer the sleeping surface is.

Mattress Materials that are Great for Allergies

Kids who suffer from allergies will benefit most from synthetic mattresses because their fibers are designed to attract bacteria and mites less. Even though the same effects can be gained with natural latex, pure wool, silk, or cotton because they are naturally hypoallergenic. So if your bed does not have them, you must consider having them in the future.

If your Child Wets the Bed

If your child wets the bed, then it’s in your best interest to buy a mattress protector with washable bed pads. This helps protect the mattress underneath and ensures your little one can continue to use the mattress even when they’ve outgrown the phase.

The importance of the bed frame

If you buy a mattress for toddlers or babies then you will have to also buy smaller bed frames. But given how quickly they grow, it makes more sense from a cost perspective, to skip this option and rather buy a single-sized bed.

Best Mattress for a 3 Year Old?

Talking from experience, the best mattress for a 3 or 4-year-old is a memory foam mattress. Their hypoallergenic properties mean that insects and dust are not drawn to them and the foam is not fun to jump on. This means they can’t break down the mattress simply by jumping on it.

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Final Word of Advice

Purchasing a mattress for your child is not a quick decision to make but we hope this guide will help you in your process of making the best decision for your and your little ones.