Clear Signs That You Need a New Mattress

Mattresses have different lifespans depending on their use, material and manufacturers. You can choose to…

Mattresses have different lifespans depending on their use, material and manufacturers. You can choose to sleep longer than your mattress’ lifespan, but this can have huge negative consequences on your overall health and quality of sleep. Never rely only on the warranty to know when you need to replace your mattress.

Here are clear signs that you need to replace your mattress

Your body leaves an impression

This applies to memory foam type mattresses. It can be a bit hard to tell the difference because memory foam mattresses are designed to remember your body frame while you sleep, keeping you comfortable. However, when you get out of bed, the foam should return into its original position. If your body leaves a permanent print this means the cellular structure of the memory foam has broken down and the mattress has lost its ability to bounce back to normal.

There are a few lamps on the mattress

Lumpy mattress is a clear sign that you need to replace your mattress. Mattresses, especially low-quality mattresses start to develops lamp when the padding starts to move over time. This may cause issues like discomfort and poor support from your mattress and this can lead to low quality sleep, stiffness or pain when you wake up.

You get allergies every time you sleep

Old mattresses are known to accumulate dust, dust mites, mold and mildew over time. if you have allergies, these things may trigger some allergic reactions. How will you know? You will notice some sneezing, itchy eyes or runny nose every time you go to bed or when you wake up. This is a clear sign that you need to replace your mattress.

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You have been using the mattress for quiet some time

Do you remember when you bought your current mattress? According to mattress manufactures and specialists, good quality mattresses will serve you for an average of 8 years. Depending on the manufacturer, yours might even extend to a good 10 years. After using your mattress for this period of time, you should consider replacing it. If your mattress came with a 15- or 20-year warranty, you should have the springs and overall workmanship of the mattress checked out.

Your mattress is sagging

Sagging mattress is a clear indication that the mattress has been in use for a long time and needs to be replaced immediately. Sagging occurs when the mattress has been used for a long time and the materials start to break down. For fibers like memory foam and latex, they begin to compress and leave indents when you sleep. Mattresses made of spring will loosen or break down and cause sagging.

You do not feel rested when you wake up – or you wake up feeling tired

A good night’s sleep should leave you feeling refreshed and well rested. If you wake up feeling tired, restless and drowsy then your bed is not giving you the much-required rest. It means that your body is finding it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position and this may leave you tossing and turning during the night.

The seat feels more comfortable than your bed

If you feel more comfortable sleeping on other beds or even prefer sleeping on the couch, it is time to replace your mattress. This could also apply if you find hotel beds much more comfortable than your own. A good mattress should be supportive and comfortable to be able to give you the much-needed rest while you sleep. Discomfort can cause many uses including struggling to sleep which will reduce your quantity and quality of sleep.

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Your mattress squeaks or creaks

Screeching metal sounds or squeaking sounds mean your mattress should be replaced. This applied to mattresses that are designed with coils. You can choose to fic the issue by getting the bolts tightened but it would be ideal to get a new mattress and get rid of the whole problem entirely. 

Final word

Have you notice a change in your sleeping patterns lately? Check your mattress to see if some of the mentioned signs apply. If they do, then you should consider purchasing a new mattress. Today, mattresses come in a variety of materials and designs. You can get gel, innerspring, memory foam, latex and many more. Casper has high-quality picketed coil hybrid mattresses and foam mattresses that will improve your quality and quantity of sleep.