What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis hair removal is the technique of removing unwanted hair from the body permanently using…

Electrolysis hair removal is the technique of removing unwanted hair from the body permanently using electricity. This usually performed by professional, called electrolysis who is expert in performing and handling electricity current during the procedure. In this process, the electricity is delivered to the hair follicle through a solid metal probe to destroy follicles permanently. It is a common hair removal method that has been performed widely across the globe.

What are the methods of electrolysis hair removal?

The three methods are being used in electrology, and all three methods have unique advantages and disadvantages. The success rate of electrology depends on whom you are getting treatment or the expertise of your electrologist and the type, area of hair being removed. The ultimate goal of all threshold method is to destroy hair follicles and cells of hair regrowth to make them incapable of regrowth of hair.

Galvanic Method

The galvanic method was first introduced in 1875 by Charles Michel, ophthalmologist as a method of removing in ingrown eyelashes. It is potentially the safe and best method to remove unwanted hair Today. This is done by the help of a solid metal probe, where electricity supplies around 0-3 milliamperes. This process chemically, electrolysis burn hair follicles. Nowadays it is done with automatic removers by adjusting the voltage and constant current to destroy hair cells.

Thermolysis method

It is also popular as RF, radiofrequency method. It was first introduced in 1920 by Henri Bordier. Recently, it becomes fast and effective hair removal methods by electrologists. In this process, high-frequency radiation is being used to remove and destroy hair follicles. The high-frequency current is transmitted into the skin via epilator and probe to destroy the hair follicles and stop hair regrowth. It is faster than Galvanic and usually takes 20seconds to accomplish the goal.

The blend of two methods

The blend of galvanic and thermolysis introduced by Arthur Hinkel using both RF and electric current to boost its advantages. However, it is a less used technique for hair removal.

How many sessions include electrolysis hair removal?

For each individual, electrolysis hair removal will be lengthy. For the permanent hair removal, usually, 10-30 treatment sessions can take place for best results. Each session can be around 30-60 minutes, depending on the hair quality and skin types.

If you are thinking to consider electrolysis hair removal method instead laser hair removal method, then must consult with a professional electrologist who has years of experience. When you get engaged with an expert, the risks of side effects also reduced.

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