How To Find a Math Tutor For Your Child At Any Grade Level

Mathematics – this word still sounds foreign and unintelligible to most of us today. One glimpse at a math question is sufficient to rewind the horrors of the school days. But, when it comes to the child’s future, dealing with this subject is unavoidable.

Hey, don’t worry. We don’t mean that you would have to take it upon yourself to help your child out. It’s 2021, and the solution is simple; find a math tutor.

But, before you open the laptop and start frantically searching for the best tutoring Brisbane services (or whatever region you’re residing in), take time to consider a few things. For example, is your child gifted in math? Help them continue to excel and prepare for math tournaments with the best math summer camps.

The mathematics tutor you select for your child can make or break his future. Hence, you need to find the best possible candidate for this position.

So, how do you choose a math tutor for your child at any grade level? Continue reading to unravel the answer!

When should you consider a math tutor?

Many times, the only sign parents consider is poor test scores and marks. While this may be one of the greatest signs that your child needs help, it is not the only one.

• Your child may require a math tutor if he/she has started losing confidence, despite achieving good marks in the school tests. Decreasing self-esteem is a crystal clear indication that your child is struggling with something. It may be new abstract concepts or some minor confusion. Hiring a tutor can help your child resolve these conflicts and regain confidence.

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• Sometimes, students who go through a change in subjects/teachers and emotional imbalances experience learning difficulties. They’re unable to cope up with the pace of others, though they would have been high-achievers in the past. A math tutor can cater to these needs of your child and help score better again.

• If your child either hates school or finds it too easy, you should consider opting for third-party tutoring services. Focus and concentration issues are the most commonly faced issues behind such behavior. A tutor can help restore that focus and make mathematics fun even.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Math Tutor 

Once you’ve decided it’s time to hire a math tutor, the actual hunt will begin. There are hundreds of different tutoring services available today.

Here’s how to turn this process simpler and efficient.

Type of Tutoring

Previously,  we had only two styles of teaching; 1:1 and groups. However, since the pandemic, a new form has taken rise that is online learning.

Below, we have compared each type to select the best one for your kid.

•  1:1 learning VS Group session

One-on-one learning is when the tutor pays complete attention to your child. These individual sessions ensure that the tutor assists your child through every single issue. Meanwhile, group sessions are when the tutor teaches small groups of two to three children at once. While it doesn’t offer thorough attention to your child only, it encourages collaboration and teamwork.

•  Online VS Offline learning

Online classes are flexible, convenient, and simple. Your child can attend from anywhere without worries. Plus, the option to listen to recordings is also always available.

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However, online classes do not encourage a child to speak up about issues he may experience while solving problems. Most kids prefer to stay on mute throughout the lesson. Offline learning takes away this shyness and encourages the child to share about any incurring misunderstandings.

Interview & Investigate

When you’ve selected the type of tutoring, search for the best tutoring institutes and individuals in your region. List all the potential candidates and interview them.

Ask questions regarding their qualifications, experience in tutoring, and preferred teaching styles. You may inquire about a trial session to see whether your child is comfortable with the tutor or not.

Planning Finances

Also, discuss the time and hours the math tutor will spend on your child per week. Inquire about the charges, and do your calculations. If your budget is tight, you may consider:

• Limiting the hours per week

• Opting for online studies to conserve transport expenses

• Redoing the monthly budget and allocating a certain amount for tuition fees.

Why should you find a Math tutor for your child?

There are several amazing reasons to find a math tutor for your child. These include:

• Math tutor can help fulfill all academic needs of your child. Your child can get a better understanding of math concepts and principles. And, thus, it improves the overall performance and scores.

• The additional assistance provided by a math tutor to your child offers much-needed confidence. Your child will feel confident in resolving problems independently in class.

•  Hiring a math tutor instead of teaching the child yourself can give you some free hours. Plus, it gives the child an opportunity to express themselves freely. They won’t feel the pressure of not disappointing you when studying with a tutor.

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