The 8 Best English Learning Apps For Kids in 2023

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English learning app for kids is a very useful learning tool in the modern world. After all, it is an international language that opens so many doors for you and your children in life. Whether students or business professionals, they all need to speak English fluently and actively use it in their daily lives. English learning app helps in building the correct use of language skills to make learning effective.

English learning app for children has increased in recent days due to the development of information technology and communication services. From word games to animation clips, these apps are becoming very popular among children. They also offer you a chance to be in touch with your child’s lives when you are busy at work. This is an exciting way for kids to learn English while they have fun and learn something new every day.

As a parent helping kids practicing English words and phrases, you must be aware of the features and functions available in English learning apps. You should choose an app that is easy to use and works best for your child. In this blog, we have reviewed some best English learning app for kids. From basic vocabulary to advance teaching methods, these apps will certainly help your child to learn English quickly.

Best English Learning apps for kids

Though English language learning apps are available for all age groups, it is better to start them early. The interactive English learning app for kids will help them to improve their language skills through various games. These apps are great for enhancing their speaking skills as well as writing skills. For young learners, spelling games are a great way to improve their language skills. The apps also provide many interactive stories that will keep the kids engaged for a long time. Below we have outlined the best English app that you can download from the Apple and Google play store and they are:

1. PrePly

Preply is a language learning app based on the idea of providing affordable and quality education to students. The app provides a safe place for language learners who can practice with native speakers. The students save money while the Tutors make a living out of their profession. With Preply, it is easy to find people from different cultures who have the same interests.

PrePlay price starts from $5 per hour, which is very affordable for most parents. You can download the Preply app from Apple and Google play store. This app has thousands of native speakers that help to enhance the listening skills of your child. To increase learning English lessons this app is a great choice. Your child can play enjoyable games with the Tutors, which is a great way to learn English lessons. Moreover, Preply combines the most effective approaches in teaching languages and it creates a learning system that is convenient for both students and tutors.

  • Have an excellent tutor to teach your kids
  • Highly effective to increase English skills in speaking and reading,
  • Provide popular courses like Business English, Speaking practice, Life abroad, etc.
  • Take your lesson anywhere via video call in the app or website.

2. LingApp

LingApp is a language learning app that offers language learners over 60 languages to choose from. It includes comprehensive lessons covering all language levels that are made easier to digest through fun activities, mini games, and interactive exercises. Spending just ten minutes a day learning on this app can really help children master whatever language they prefer.

If you want to cover just the basics you can probably get by with the free version, but acquiring more advanced language skills would require a pro subscription that unlocks many new lessons and content. The pro version can be accessed on a monthly or yearly basis, with one month costing $8.99 while the yearly subscription costs $6.67 per month or $79.99 per year. Alternatively, users can buy a lifetime access by providing a one-time payment of $149.99.

One of the major benefits of LingApp is that it works both offline and online, giving users a chance to learn the language in whatever setting they choose. Additionally, this app is especially good for children as it offers both beginner and advanced lessons covering all skills including speaking, writing, listening, as well as vocabulary. Language lessons on the app have been backed by research, making the process a practical way to enable children to achieve fluency in a desired language.

3. Duolingo

This is a free English learning app, which provides many language courses to students. This app also has an audio pronunciation feature, which helps students learn proper English skills. Moreover, it is one of the most popular apps that you can find on the play store right now with a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars. If you want to use Duolingo plus features then you have to buy its $6.99 per month plan for your kids.

This app enables students to learn English skills as it has a step-by-step learning system. It also provides courses on different categories like greetings, travel, etc. Duolingo will give your child a chance to apply their knowledge in real life by participating in a conversation quiz. To improve the listening skills of your kid, this app has a feature to listen to the pronunciation of words.

In addition, Duolingo also offers many games that children love to play while learning. The simple sentence patterns will help improve the English language skills of your child. Moreover, it also has a feature to track the progress of your children and you can check their scores as well.

  • Teaches the proper pronunciation of English words to students.
  • It has a free version for its users.
  • It teaches serval languages for free including Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, etc.
  • Simple and easy to use.

4. Hello English

Hello, English is a great app to learn the English language. This app has different levels for students, which include Beginner level to Advanced level. In addition, this app provides grammar rules and pronunciation as well as vocabulary lessons as well as it focuses more on the spoken skills of the children. Also, this app teaches students how to speak correctly with some help from a native English speaker. To support parents, this app has a feedback section where parents can request the improvement of particular lessons. It helps improve your child’s speaking, listening, and grammar skills by focusing on the correct pronunciation. Furthermore, this fun English language learning app has a personalized program that assists children to achieve their goals.

  • Have 475 Interactive Lessons,
  • This app is 100% free interactive lessons with conversational English, grammar topics, new vocabulary, etc.
  • All English lessons work offline as well.
  • These learning apps for kids have interactive games to teach English.

5. Udemy

Udemy language learning app is a paid app that costs between $20 and $200 for well-defined English Courses. Udemy is a website with many different courses that can help you learn new skills. Udemy is just not a language learning app, your child can also learn everything from HTML coding to photography skills. This app helps to improve your child’s critical thinking skills. Udemy has a very user-friendly interface and most importantly it is focused on grammar and business vocabulary etc. Your child can learn about the English grammar rules and helpful vocabulary by using this app.

  • Children learn English grammar easily
  • Kids learn new words in a convenient way
  • Your kids can also learn HTML coding,
  • It is simple and easy to use for every kid.

6. Rosetta Stone

This app is popular for its proven track record of teaching languages. It uses a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques to teach students English. Rosetta Stone offers courses in 20+ different languages including English language learning lessons. Rosetta’s total immersion method allows users to engage with written and spoken words simultaneously. Therefore, this app uses innovative technology to improve students’ language skills in six key areas: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and culture. Additionally, students can use the app for various levels, beginner to advanced. Rosetta English learning apps for kids are available with in-app purchases. They offer 3 or 12 months subscription plans from $35.97 to $119.88 to their users as well.

  • It has access to 24+ languages including Spanish, German, French, English, etc.
  • Have Bized-sized lessons
  • You can use Offline modes to download units,
  • This app maintains your kid’s focus with a personalized learning plan.

7. Fluentu

Fluentu is the app where your child can learn English on their own. This app helps them to develop fluency and confidence in speaking English. This app has many courses in different languages including, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. With Fluentu, your child can watch short videos that help to understand the language easily. The app also has interactive subtitles that help students to learn new words effectively. Your child can read and listen at the same time, which enhances the ability to read and write. However, with this app kids can also speak with native speakers which are great for pronunciation. So, for improving your child’s skills in language learning Fluentu is the right choice.

  • Fluentu is for everyone at every level
  • Provide 10+ languages including German, Spanish, Italian, English, etc.
  • Provide video and music to learn languages
  • You can use it any time it’s very easy to use.

8. The British Council

The British Council English learning app is a place where every English learner can develop their language skills through different types of media. It includes online learning courses, interactive activities for children, grammar exercises, and so on. In addition, the app also provides free English learning resources that help students to improve their speaking and writing skills along with vocabulary improvement. You can download this app from Apple and Google play store for free. The British Council app for kids comes up with three different sections which are Education, FutureLearn, and Kids. This provides levels to your kids and each level contains over 600 grammar activities, split into about 25 grammar topics. However, this app is great for kids up to 5 years of age and your child can learn English lessons at home.

  • British Council Learnenglish Grammar is 100% free.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • This app offers 1000s of questions to enhance grammar skills.
  • This app helps to child build confidence and is suitable for all-levels learners.

The Bottom line

Therefore, parents are always looking for the best way to help their children learn. But with so many English learning apps on the market. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for your child. The above list of apps is the best and it will help your child to enhance their skills in different areas. They can even learn something about the latest technology, science, and so on. These apps also help to increase their speaking skills, listening skills, writing skills. Most of all these apps provide an interactive interface that children love the most. If you’re looking for an app that will help your child improve their language skills, one of these apps is sure to fit the bill. We hope this helped you narrow down which app would be most beneficial for you or your children. Is there an app missing from this list? Feel free to leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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