How To Transform An Extra Room Into An Incredible Airbnb

Many people are turning to Airbnb to make extra money these days. All it takes is a little extra space in your home and you can do it yourself. There isn’t always a need to go out and buy a property to rent it out and take advantage of Airbnb.

The problem is that some people put their extra room up and then find their room doesn’t get rented out frequently enough to be worth it. The reality is that it takes a bit more than simply making a listing for an extra room. You have to make the extra room something special to maximize the potential to make money.

In this article, we will go over what it takes to create an Airbnb money-making machine out of your extra room.

How to furnish it

It is essential that the furnishings are very comfortable and have a style that is cohesive among all the pieces. A bed with mattress set that is comfortable, big, and also has some storage space in it is the first place to start. The style can be anything you want but it should match the rest of the furniture in the room.

In other words, you shouldn’t just put an old bed frame with a sagging mattress in there. Buy a new one and your guest will appreciate it.

In addition to the bed, you need to give them a dresser with drawers for their belongings. One thing that makes people feel at home is the ability to get settled in and feel at home. Having no option but to live out of a suitcase or backpack makes people feel unwelcome. Side tables with small lamps will also help people feel at home.

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If there is room, then add a comfortable chair for them to relax and read or use a tablet. A stylish lamp behind it will illuminate it enough and make for a cozy atmosphere. A table would also be nice for people to sit with a coffee or tea as well as a snack. To save space you can get a folding table that collapses against the wall.

Give them space

Some travelers that stay in Airbnb are doing so for the experience to meet some locals in the area they are visiting. Others like to have a space to call their own and not have too many interactions with the host. Knowing this, the extra room should be set up to be a comfortable space to stay without feeling cramped. Open up the space as much as possible and give them some storage space for their things.

Provide them with some things in the room to keep them busy if they choose to be by themselves. A TV is a good idea as well as some things like puzzles, games or books to read. Set up a nice reading nook with the chair and lamp by adding a bookshelf and entertainment center.

Provide snacks and refreshments

Either outside the room or in the room itself, have a table set up with some snacks for the weary traveler. Things like crackers, chips, and other snacks will be very much appreciated. If there is room for a small refrigerator then also give them some bottles of water and soft drinks to choose from.

A coffee nook with capsule coffee is also a very nice addition so they can make themselves a cup of coffee or tea without having to leave their room.

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Give them tourist info

A huge benefit to staying at an Airbnb over a hotel is the fact that you can interact with a local and they can give you the inside scoop on the area. Make sure to let your guests know that you will help them get the most out of their trip by giving them lots of ideas of things to do that only the locals know about.

You can either make it a printout that they can take out and about with them, or go over some things as they check-in if they are looking for recommendations.

Make sure the internet is stable

People take it for granted that they will have good internet wherever they stay. Make sure that the internet you have is fast and stable. If fiber is available in your area, then this is a good time to upgrade so you have a super-fast connection for you and your guests that rarely ever has any downtime.