Vitamins for Women for all Occasions: How to Choose the Best Complex

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It is unlikely that anyone doubts that vitamins help to improve health and improve well-being. But most of them are not synthesized in our body. How to understand that vitamins are not enough and how to choose a complex that is suitable for women?

Women’s vitamins: myth or reality?

Men and women have different hormonal systems, constitution and lifestyle. The female body is more exposed to the adverse effects of external factors.

Vitamin Deficiency Signs

Hypovitaminosis, or lack of vitamins, affects the appearance, behavior and well-being, so sometimes it is enough to look in the mirror to understand what vitamins a woman needs to drink.

The risk zone includes people who have had infectious or viral diseases, adherents of low-calorie diets, smokers and drinkers, as well as those who work hard and are exposed to stress. Deficiency of nutrients occurs when, for one reason or another, the digestive process is disturbed.

Here are some striking symptoms that indicate a lack of specific substances:

  • dry skin of the elbows and feet, thinning hair, cracked lips – vitamin A;
  • lack of appetite, indigestion, chilliness – vitamin B1;
  • weakness, headaches, dry lips, decreased vision, especially at dusk – vitamin B2;
  • sleep disturbances and loss of appetite, frequent and persistent headaches, skin rash on the face – vitamin B6;
  • memory problems, early gray hair, progressive wrinkles – vitamin B9 (folic acid);
  • chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears, dizziness – vitamin B12;
  • bruises from the slightest bruises, the appearance of blood when brushing your teeth, a specific bad breath – vitamin C;
  • pain in the legs, increased sweating, translucent tooth enamel – vitamin D.

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Beauty vitamins

Taking care of beauty, women do not forget to apply creams to their skin and use hair masks. However, they rarely remember that the most effective way to saturate the skin with nutrients is from the inside. If you want so – buy Biocenticals Australia.

Few people remember that the main function of our skin is to protect the body from external influences, so it is extremely reluctant to absorb any substances from the outside. The situation is similar with hair: hair itself is a dead tissue that is unable to absorb any useful substances. The hair receives them from the follicle at the stage of formation. Therefore, it is possible to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of vitamins for hair beauty only after three months of use.

Any creams and masks can only give a temporary effect. Skin and hair should be saturated with useful substances and vitamins from the inside.

What vitamins are better for women to drink in order to maintain youthful skin, radiant eyes, thick hair and natural charm?

External beauty is directly dependent on the internal state of the body. Therefore, taking vitamin complexes containing concentrates of active natural substances has a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair.

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How to choose a good vitamin complex

The best way to fight hypovitaminosis is a varied diet. However, the concentration of vitamins in foods consumed during the day rarely reaches the recommended daily allowances. And even if it does, then their bioavailability, the degree of assimilation, as a rule, are far from the required level. This is especially true in an era of endless diets and poor lifestyle in general.

It is advisable to take vitamins in the morning, but dosed intake several times a day is also possible. It is better to “eat” vitamins during meals or immediately after it, washed down with plain water. So they immediately bind to food proteins and are better absorbed. It is not recommended to mix them with milk, carbonated water and coffee, this will prevent the full absorption of calcium.

What vitamins should a woman take

Some of this has already been discussed above. Vitamins are special substances that are not limited to one action, but have a complex effect.

For example, the already mentioned vitamin B6 not only takes care of the skin and hair, but also increases resistance to stress, reduces the severity of premenstrual syndrome, and normalizes sleep.

  • Vitamin E slows down aging. In addition, it reduces the effect of stress on the body, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and enhances the action of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C maintains skin elasticity. In addition, it is involved in immune responses and increases the body’s resistance to infections.
  • Vitamin PP regulates cholesterol levels and normalizes cardiac activity.
  • Vitamin D helps strengthen teeth and bones, reduces the symptoms of painful periods, has antidepressant properties, and even prevents excess weight gain from overeating.
  • Vitamin A is necessary for strengthening blood vessels, improving blood supply, and preventing gynecological pathologies.
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, it also slows down aging.
  • Vitamin B12 supports the functioning of the liver, prevents the accumulation of fat.

The bottom line
The introduction of vitamins into the diet is advisable for women at any period of life, since health and beauty cannot lose their relevance. The correct selection of the vitamin complex will help you maintain good health, performance and a blooming appearance.

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