How To Book A PCR Test In London

The PCR test is a simple, quick and painless way to determine whether or not you are carrying the Covid virus. The procedure takes less than a minute and results are available the same day. You can book a PCR test by phone or online. Booking a PCR test can be made by letting the testing centre know the symptoms and the reason for the appointment. The booking system will ask you to fill in your details and tell them why you want to book a PCR test, and then you can schedule a time and date for the appointment. Getting a PCR test in London can be done quickly and easily due to the number of testing providers on offer.

Booking A Test

There are many PCR testing sites in London, and usually you can just book your time and date online where you will receive a book reference. Once you have a booking reference number, you can go straight to the testing booth. Just be sure to sanitise your hands before entering the room. The staff will then guide you through the swab process, which involves sticking a sterile swab against your tonsils, partway up your nostril and into a test tube. The results will be given via an email or a text message, so you will be able to see the results of the test just a few hours after your appointment.

When Do I Need A PCR Test?

If you suspect you have Covid-19, or you are displaying any of the symptoms such as loss of taste, a heavy cough or a fever, you should book a PCR test as soon as you can. You should also book a PCR test as soon you can if you have contact with a positive person. If you don’t have any symptoms, it does not always mean that you are Covid free, and a test is usually the only way of determining your status.

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At The Test Centre

When you book a PCR test, you will be required to use hand sanitiser before entering the testing center. Once you have been allocated a testing location, you should enter wearing a facemask and get ready for your test. Your test will be conducted by a medical professional, and will take no more than 5 minutes usually. Once your test is complete, your test examiner will tell you when to expect your results and what to look out for.

Completing Your Test

Despite the fact that PCR tests are highly sensitive, many people still decide to book multiple tests as they believe this will be more conclusive. Most test centres will stress that you should avoid combining your test with any other test. Having more than one test is not beneficial and can slow down the results process if its from the same provider. However, it may be necessary if you have been in contact with a person who has the disease, in which case you can book another test a few days later.