Eye-twitching issues? Discover why moms are more susceptible to myokymia than most

As a mom, you’re always busy looking after everyone else. There are laundry piles to wash, dry, and put away, soccer practice to take the kids to, dance recitals, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and homework to get on top of before you have a chance to even think about what you might need.

Putting others first is all part of being a loving, caring parent and most of us enjoy this aspect. But your selfless attitude could be causing you more health issues than you think. Eye twitching and myokymia is a prime example of this mindset. You’re so busy putting others first, your eyes are twitching to communicate to you that something isn’t quite right. Although under eye twitching isn’t life-threatening or dangerous, it’s incredibly irritating and it’s a tell-tale sign that other areas of your life need to come first.

Here we’ll examine why moms are more susceptible to myokymia than most, and what they can do about it.


As a parent, stress is part of your daily life. You might wake up stressed and then feel anxious about everything you have to achieve and get through in the day. Maybe it’s the school run and getting the children to the bus on time, you’re worried about your child’s school performance, perhaps your financial situation is causing you anxiety, or you’re just struggling to cope with all your responsibilities. Stress can manifest itself in several ways, including eye twitching. That pulling and flickering sensation over your eyelid could be telling you that you’re overworked and stressed to the max.
Finding a way to relieve your stress levels is the best solution. Ask for more help at home, or reach out to a friend for support.

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Fatigue is something all parents battle with, daily. When little ones won’t sleep through the night, or you’re going through the bed-sharing phase, getting enough shut-eye is impossible. Sadly fatigue and overtiredness can lead to eyelid twitching and a sense of discomfort. Your eyes are telling you that they need more rest. Remember to sleep or rest while the baby is sleeping, and don’t be a slave to your housework. As long as your children are safe, clean, and happy it doesn’t matter how messy your home is for a short period!

Excessive caffeine

For some moms, caffeine is the only way they’ll get through the day. But excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to sudden attacks of myokymia as your muscles and nerves spasm due to too much stimulation. Too much caffeine can also impact your sleeping patterns, so finding ways to cut back on your caffeine consumption will help reduce your eye twitching and other issues simultaneously.

When should you see your doctor?

As mentioned above, myokymia or eyelid twitching isn’t considered dangerous. However if you’re struggling with drooping eyelids, twitching in other areas of your face, discharge from your eyelids, a fever, or you’re struggling to open your eyes fully, speak with a doctor immediately.