How Returning To School as a Parent Helps Your Children Succeed

Going back to school is a decision an increasing number of mothers are making — one in five college students are parents while two in five are single mothers, a report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research reveals. Pursuing higher education has a number of benefits like career growth, gaining knowledge, and the personal satisfaction of setting and achieving a challenging goal. Moreover, earning a college degree rewards your entire family personally and financially.

Set a good example

Research suggests parents who display achievement-oriented behaviors (including, reading, a strong work ethic, and achieving advanced degrees) show their children achievement is worthwhile and worth pursuing themselves. Parents also reinforce this belief by giving their children achievement-orientated experiences like frequent library visits and after-school programs. In turn, children are more likely to pursue higher education and fulfilling careers. Under 60% of children from no-degree families who went to college actually graduated, potentially due to a lack of educational role models, a National Journal study revealed.

Improve financial prospects

The less educated a parent is, the higher the chance of the family being low-income, the National Center for Children in Poverty finds. 86% of children with parents without high school degrees come from low-income families, while the same is true for 67% of children with parents with a high school degree and 31% of children with college-educated parents. Furthermore, when parents don’t have lucrative careers, children are more likely to be discouraged about their own education and job prospects.

Online learning opportunities

With the advent of online learning, parents have more opportunity than ever to earn a degree while juggling family responsibilities. If you want to start researching the available opportunities, sites like provide in-depth information on college majors and universities, as well as alternative routes toward obtaining a degree like accelerated degrees and credit-for-life experience. Ideal for busy moms, accelerated degrees allow adult students to earn degrees via online classes in just five, six, or eight weeks. You get to work at your own pace and therefore complete your degree as fast as possible.

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As a parent, pursuing higher education is an excellent way to set a good example for your children and provide financial stability. In turn, your children will be more likely to earn a degree and pursue fulfilling and financially-rewarding careers. Flexible and convenient, online learning can help you achieve a college degree and provide your whole family with a brighter future.