Everything You Should Know About MASS GAINER

We have heard a lot about mass gainers. But is all the hype around them warranted? With the level of advertisement meted on supplements, telling between marketing and merit can be difficult.

In this article, we will try to uncover the myths and misconceptions associate with mass gainers. We shall also consider the pros and cons of these supplements. In the end, you will have a good idea of what you are getting into.

We’ll be assuming too much that everyone knows what Mass gainers are. So, we shall begin by defining what they are. Stay with us.

What is a Mass Gainer?

Mass here refers to body size. Gainer, on the other hand, mean increaser. In simple terms, mass gainers are supplements whose goals are to help you pack on pounds.

More scientifically, we can define them as a type of protein powder formulated to help you gain weight specifically. The manufacturers claim such products deliver extraordinary results promptly.

A gain in muscle means higher caloric intake. Weight gainers, as they are also referred to, help boost your calorie count. All mass gainers are promoted to contain proteins and vitamins, and carbohydrates in the right proportions.

Who Are The Targets Of Mass Gainers?

Not everyone can use muscle gainers. A common adage that everything is dangerous applies here. So take your time and see if you are among those who can benefit from such supplements.

Overly Active Individuals

Overly active people tend to use more energy than they consume. Athletes such as endurance trainers (or bodybuilders) take in a lot of energy, much more than they consume. This is because their bodies undergo anabolic processes which consume too much energy. The mass gain will not be possible without an increase in caloric intake.

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Rapid Metabolizers

Health experts categorize humans into rapid and slow metabolizers. The former, also called fast metabolizers, tend to waste more calories than they consume. Conversely, slow metabolizers conserve more calories than they lose. It makes sense then that fast metabolizers could benefit from such supplements.

Those With Weak Appetite

We define appetite as the desire to eat. Many factors can determine your level of appetite. However, if it results from disease, then you’ll need treatment first. Only those who are genetically predisposed to weak appetite should consider using mass gainers.

Do Mass Gainers Work?

You can already tell if you qualify to try the supplements. The question is whether these products can work. It is difficult to answer this question without discussing how weight gainers work.

It is important to point out that mass gainers differ widely from typical protein supplements. Such products have, in addition to protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamins.

Since our bodies are composed mainly of the nutrients mentioned above, supplementing them boosts calorie count. Mass gainers are particularly rich in carbs which are the principal source of energy in the human body. In addition, the protein content is also high in these products, which helps increase muscle mass.

If well formulated, mass gainers can deliver the promised results on time. Each brand has its own formulation. This means they can differ widely in quality, effectiveness, and safety.

Mass Gainer Ingredients

The potency or efficacy of any supplement depends on the ingredients in its formulation. While the ingredients may vary widely, we can pick out a few common ones.

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1. Proteins:

most mass gainers proteins are extracted from whey. Commonly though, blends of whey casein, milk protein isolate, and egg white are seen. Less common formulations are also available.

2. Carbs:

These energy-rich nutrients are usually extracted from maltodextrin, an active ingredient in rice, corn, wheat, and tapioca. Such carbohydrates are free from gluten.

3. Other ingredients:

Additional ingredients vary widely. The types confer the differences in quality and efficacy of the individual brands of mass gainers. Commonly added ingredients include vitamins, creatinine, fiber, and fats. Other additives include minerals.

While the supplements can help boost calorie count, they are not replacements for the usual diet. Instead, they are meant to supplement your diet to give you additional energy. Therefore, it would be erroneous for you to see weight gainers as sources of daily calories.

The Pros and Cons of Mass Gainers

Just like a coin, everything has two sides to it. In the case of mass gainers, we need to weigh the pros and cons. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then we’ll give the product a clean bill of health.

Potential Pros

  • The supplements offer a convenient way of taking a higher number of calories with rated macronutrients.
  • They provide a practical and reliable alternative for those struggling with mass gain due to various issues.
  • The potential for quicker and better results is realistic with judicious use of effective mass gainer supplements.

Potential Cons

The main disadvantage of using the weight gainers is over-dependence. Taking adverts and marketing firms at face value could land you into trouble. In addition, no single supplement can provide you with the results you are looking for.

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Keep in mind that mass gainers will pack you with calories but are non-filling. Thus you are at risk of packing excessive calories with the potential of causing serious health issues.

Besides, it is often difficult to discriminate between fat and muscle gain. No one wants to gain fat because of the serious health problems associated with excessive body fat. Furthermore, it is difficult to gain muscle mass without gaining fat.

In summary, here are the potential disadvantages:

  • Risk of gaining excessive calories
  • Overdependence on mass gaining supplements
  • It’s difficult to gain muscle without gaining fat

Wrapping It Up

We believe we have touched on the most important things you need to know about mass gainers. First, although evidence exists supporting the effectiveness of some of the supplements, do not depend too much on them.

Make sure you take actual food types that have high caloric contents. A good piece of advice is to eat a balanced diet rich in carbs, high-quality proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

If you aren’t sure about a healthy weight-gaining diet, a visit to a dietitian or nutritionist’s office can go a long way. Use mass gainer only if you have to.