Carpets can enhance your home look more tidy and appealing. Carpet floors also cushion your feet, making it more comfortable for you to walk and stand on. And carpeted surfaces increase safety by preventing slips and falls. Carpets in your home require the right amount of maintenance as it observes sorts of dirt, bacteria, and allergens that can be harmful to your health. Dirty carpets not only cause your home to look, feel, and smell unclean; they also can harmful to health conditions as we all know that a clean environment is better for our health. But it is not possible for us to control the cleanliness of public spaces always. But we can maintain cleanliness at our home as possible as we can. People often put a lot of energy into making sure that the most obvious things, such as the electrics and gas, are safe, and yet they forget about their carpets.

Your carpets can contain various fungi, microbes and other irritants that may cause health issues which make your children ill. So find the list below seven ways that your dirty carpets could actually be causing your kid and you to get sick.

Respiratory Problems

Dirty carpets provide a perfect habitat for unwanted germs and organisms. Mould can thrive in dirty carpets and attract bacteria and allergens. Dust mites thrive on bacteria and fungi, which lead to respiratory issues such as coughing or difficulty breathing, says Pete Hobbs from carpet cleaners AAAClean. Poorly maintained carpets and upholstery often find themselves with a runny nose or a cough also. People with Asthma can easily be affected by the volatile compounds present in the dirty carpet. These volatile compounds are a significant cause of asthma for the people which are not affected with this disease. Dirty carpets produce mycotoxins which are harmful to air that we are breathing in. Contact with this type of air can eventually lead to breathing issues and more other severe medical conditions.

Skin Irritation and Infection Issues

Dirty carpet fibres attract common pests such as mice and cockroaches, which bring their own germs. Due to these pests can result in redness, swelling or itchiness in your skin. Athlete’s foot and eczema are seen when you walk on them barefoot on the dirty carpet because bacteria and fungi can come in contact with your feet through cuts, wounds, or openings on the skin. You can protect your skin from this types of dangerous skin Irritation and Infection by following some cleaning habits such as maintain a regular cleaning schedule, and dust mites are small enough to evade the most diligent home cleaners. The regular cleaning of carpets to protect sensitive skin.

Weaken Your Immune System

As we all know that our Immune system in our body plays a vital role to protect our body from diseases. Immune system responds to bacteria and toxic substances by kicking into overdrive to fight. No matter you are at home or at the office, your immune system is continuously fighting off germs and toxins and protect your body. In case of baby or toddler have developing immunes systems. As toddlers like to play on the carpet and are frequently in contact with floors. So there are more possible chances of getting sick with the dirty carpets. So it is advisable to frequent vacuuming and professional cleaning of your carpet if you have toddlers and children.


Dead skin, pet hair, food, dust and more will collect in your carpet, which causes you to have allergic reactions. Red eyes, runny nose, complain of cold like symptoms and itchy skin if you suffer from allergies. Cleaning your carpets regularly. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the most effective way of returning your carpets. You can make your carpet hygienically clean.

Pet Germs

Most people love to have pet animals in their house like dog, cat and rabbit etc. If you have a pet at your home, then it is very necessary to clean your carpet regularly. But these pets make messes and bring the dirty outdoors into our homes and onto our clean carpets. The pets spread their Saliva, urine/faeces, Fleas/Ticks, Dander, Dirt etc. which contains different varieties of bacteria which spread on your carpet. Pet waste can be particularly dangerous for your kids who are in frequent contact with dirty carpet. This can cause nose and lung irritation. So you should clean your pets and your carpets regularly. Extreme heat or chemical treatments are required to free your home of these unhealthy bacteria.

Stomach Infection

Bad damp carpet can contain microbes that can thrive in dirty carpets are mycotoxins. Mycotoxins mostly found in basement carpeting. Exposure to mycotoxins can weaken the immune system and cause different health problems such as stomach irritation and infection. Most of the people think that salmonella as a foodborne disease but your carpet could even be a host for salmonella. Which putting your children, at risk of Stomach Infection.

Higher Stress Levels or Weakens the Mental Health

Studies found that spending time in an unclean environment can raise your stress and anxiety levels. Too much stress can weaken your immune system that causes headaches, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. So clean carpets regularly that help you stay healthy. They’ll help you stay happy, as well. If you want your home to be a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your loved ones, make a habit of regularly cleaning your carpets and rugs. You can clean your carpets yourself, but if you want the best results, then it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.


Because carpets contain house dirt, bacteria, and other harmful particles, it is important to have it cleaned regularly. You may need to clean it more frequently without neglecting it as it makes you and your children ill. It is suggested to daily vacuuming of carpets receiving high traffic. Where medium to light traffic areas can be vacuumed once or twice weekly. But in some cases vacuuming will still not clean the deep-seated dirt within the carpet’s fibres. This is where professional carpet cleaning services come in. Some carpets need intensive cleaning every six months, while others only require it once every two years. Cleanliness of your carpet is direct leads to your health, so don’t ignore this. These habits can make your life happy and healthier.

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