5 Worthwhile Social Activities for People With a Disability

Disabilities should not be a reason for anyone not to live their life to the fullest. There are always activities that can help in creating a closer bond with other people, filling in the day’s time with joyful events and more.

Here are some of the best activities that can bring joy into the lives of people with disabilities.

Self Expression through Arts and Music

Disabled or not, bottling up emotions is an unhealthy habit for everyone involved. You can encourage these individuals to express themselves through creative means such as by song-writing, painting or singing.

Having a musical instrument or an art station can be extremely helpful for these individuals to learn to express themselves better. Anyone can feel like they relate well with art pieces or songs and this form of connection can be comforting.

If you are not sure where to start, an NDIS Provider such as the Samaritans can provide these kinds of experiences through their social support programs.

Visit Mother Nature

People from all walks of life can enjoy the Beauty of nature. Activities such as scavenger hunts can encourage individuals to find and identify insects, flowers, birds and other creatures in parks, forest areas and more.

Even if we are including activities that do not contain many physical activities, having a picnic outdoors can still be a pleasant thing to do. This is especially true in spring when nature is in full bloom.

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Appreciating nature can be done by activities as simple as nature retreats, summer camps and fishing as well. There are plenty of possibilities – you only have to choose activities that you prefer.

Collecting Hobby

Anyone can collect anything that sparks their interest. This hobby can encourage individuals to work independently, collecting, sorting and organising their items of interest. To start, you can ask them about what they might want to start collecting.

You can give simple ideas to start with – bottle caps, stamps, autographs, and any other collectibles that come to your mind. At the end of the week, you can ask them to show you their collection, allowing them to share their thoughts about each item that they have collected.

If you are managing multiple individuals in your group, you can even ask them to collect similar objects together to form a bigger collection!

Charity & Volunteering Work

Any skills and talents can be used for volunteering jobs or to raise funds for charity events. Anyone can learn to bake, knit or cook, and these skills can be used for charity purposes.

Taking part in charity events and volunteering can give a stronger sense of purpose to individuals with disabilities. It can also be a great experience to feel appreciated for their efforts instead of feeling helpless at other times.

Group Games

Have some fun. Gather a group of people and play classic games such as charades, name the tune, rhyming games and more.

You can vary the games being played depending on your group’s mobility. Charades are a popular game that can be played by most individuals, while games like ‘Name the Tune’ relies only on your familiarity with songs and a good sense of hearing.

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Games like this can be a great bonding opportunity for big groups of individuals, encouraging each person to learn better socialising and communication skills.