5 Proven Ways To Increase Muscle Gain With Pre-Workout Supplements

Can every athlete naturally improve their tone, stamina, and vitality on the pitch with supplements?…

sports woman takes supplements or vitamins at gym

Can every athlete naturally improve their tone, stamina, and vitality on the pitch with supplements? We all have a dream physique that we want to achieve, but are we ready to put in the effort it requires?

And we also need to understand that diet is a more important part of the fitness journey than working out. We need to plan every meal of the day to reach that goal.

If we talk about Pre-workout supplements, they are packed with ingredients such as caffeine, beta-alanine, AstraGin, and creatine monohydrate that help improve your performance, boost energy levels, and muscle gain.

In this discussion, we explore five proven ways to increase muscle gain with pre workout supplements. Read on.

1. Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Following intense training, there are tears in the muscle fibers due to contraction and stretching. As a result, you experience micro-trauma in the muscles and feel sore.

You may find it challenging to complete simple tasks such as climbing stairs or walking. Worse still, it can snowball into inactivity for a while if the muscle delays recovery.

Taking pre-workout supplements can help accelerate your recovery so that you get back into the field soon.

Caffeine: The pre-workout supplements contain useful ingredients such as caffeine that can help your skeletal mass.

Caffeine keeps your brain alert so that you can focus more during training.

NooLVI: In addition to caffeine, the products may contain a pump-enhancing substance such as NooLVL that helps supply blood to your muscles.

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Notably, blood transported contains oxygen and nutrients, which help in muscle rebuilding after a workout.

2. Strengthens the Bond Between Your Muscles and The Brain

During playing sports, you need to stay focused to attend to cues at hand, concentrate and perform optimally to achieve success. In short, your ability to focus allows you to achieve your goals.

Your brain plays a central role in muscle movements and stamina. Your nervous system drives the muscles through signals, alerting them how long they need to endure.

It means if stronger signals come from the brain, there will be vigorous muscle engagement.

TeaCrine, Caffeine, or L-Theanine : The basket of ingredients in the supplements, such as TeaCrine, Caffeine, or L-Theanine, can help your brain focus, send more signals, and strengthen muscles.

3. It Accelerates Fat Breakdown for Lean Muscles

Most pre-workout formulas contain compounds that can accelerate fat breakdown. Substances such as Afromomum Melegueta, Yohimbine, and caffeine have thermogenic properties that enhance your body’s capacity to burn fat and calories.

Thermogenic: As the name suggests, thermogenic means the tendency to produce heat through metabolic stimulation. Typically, thermogenic-containing compounds speed up fat burning, boost metabolism, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Therefore, supplements loaded with thermogenic are a go-to if your main fitness goal is to cut some body fat. Nonetheless, the effects are typically minor and are more effective if you pair them with other diets.

They’re not a magic pill solution!

Yohimbine: Worth noting that Yohimbine is helpful for athletic performance and weight loss. Most people use it for athletic endeavors and bodybuilding to firm up the muscles through fat loss.

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As a pre-workout supplement, Yohimbine helps increase blood flow and speed up your muscles’ post-work recovery.

Aframomum Melegueta: Aframomum Melegueta, or grains of paradise, has high antioxidant qualities and has been shown to support a healthy brain, muscle endurance, and prolonged focus while playing sport.

As you already know, focus boosts your concentration and performance.

4. Optimizes Your Workout By Boosting Your Energy Levels

A combination of focus and energy boosts your concentration and lets you get the most out of your workout.

You can accelerate these gains by taking pre-workout supplements. As an athlete, adding supplements can enable you to achieve your fitness goals quickly.

A surge of energy and stamina is important to give your muscles the buzz needed to endure a strenuous session.

Your muscles store chemical energy and convert it to heat to enable growth as well as repair of tissues. Energy is essential in fueling physical activity.

Energy comes from foods such as fat, protein, and carbohydrates. However, energy demands for an athlete’s body are higher than those of a regular person, and food alone may not provide enough.

Several pre-workout supplements with carbohydrates, beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB), beetroot juice, and creatine monohydrate can improve performance.

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB) : HMB is a chemical produced by the body when an amino acid, leucine, is broken down. It helps in promoting muscle gains, which is vital in resistance training.

HMB also helps speed up muscle recovery after a high-intensity exercise. It preserves your muscle mass and is helpful for weight loss.

When combined with beta-alanine, your muscles utilize oxygen more effectively and endure longer workout sessions.

Nitric Oxide: Research reveals that nitric oxide improves blood circulation, strengthens muscle contraction, and boosts lung function. Beetroot is an excellent supply of nitric oxide to the body and can improve performance if used as a pre-workout supplement.

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The nitric oxide compound improves blood flow to tissues, speeding up muscle recovery.

Carbohydrates: Your body requires the right amount of carbs before a workout to produce enough energy to perform well. A carbohydrate formula contains ingredients that can help athletes in resistance exercises.

Enables the Muscles to Handle Endurance

Some pre-workout supplements contain adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha that help the muscles to;

  • Withstand strenuous challenges
  • Bounce back quickly
  • Build mass

Thus, you can continue crushing your fitness goals after a major sporting event.

Adaptogens: Studies reveal that adaptogens can help reduce fatigue and exhaustion and maintain physical strength, making it practical for an extreme workout.

These substances are potent for boosting your brain’s performance, increasing focus, and reducing stress.

Using pre-workout supplements can boost respiratory capacity, blood flow to the muscles, and energy.

Citrulline: For circulatory health, supplements with citrulline can aid the supply of oxygen to the muscles and improve your performance.

The compound also stimulates the production of nitric oxide, increases nutrients to the muscles, and boosts endurance.

Good enough, it also removes ammonia in the form of urea after an intense workout.


From the discussion, it’s clear that pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that help with muscle gain and recovery after strenuous exercise. When shopping, it’s essential to look at the label and pick a good choice with the right blend of ingredients. You’ll get good pumps by interrogating the compounds that will work well to suit your needs.