Home Remedies for Itching Bely during pregnancy

As the most commonly known fact, itching can create different changes in the life of the woman one of the most important things is the growing belly. There are a lot of feels felt in the area and one of them is itching. Here is some information about treating itching and the remedies to get rid of them.

Causes of belly itching during pregnancy

  • Pemphigoid gestationis:This is one of the rare conditions where it slowly turns large blistering lesions. This starts in the belly button and later move to all other parts of the body.
  • Cholestasis:This generally causes lever issues in pregnant women and makes itching in the body completely. This can be harmful to your baby so you need to care for them immediately.
  • Prurigo in Pregnancy:This is because of the bug bites and later it may turn to small cuts. The limbs and torso will start getting itchy. This generally happens in the second trimester or at the early stage of the third semester.
  • Impetigo Herpetiformis:This is another rare condition and the itching will be in the form of psoriasis and affects both the woman and her unborn baby. This is associated with tiny pus-filled rashes. In these cases, it is required to closely monitor both the woman and the child.
  • Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques: This is the type of skin rash and looks like hive and the itching will be in the belly of the women. This is not a dangerous condition by this would be discomforting to the pregnant woman.
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Home Remedies for Itching

Moisture the itchy area

Moisture is important of the skin though you are pregnant or not it helps in keeping your skin with some elasticity and healthy. This is very important during the time of hormonal changes. Also, sufficient moisture in the skin will help in keeping yourself the comfort and to deal with back pain, morning sickness, and fatigue.

Make a proper check up to define the type of skin and chose the right moisture to keep your skin with moisture. Use the same moisturizer during the next nine months of pregnancy even if it is not itching. It is the better way to prevent itching instead of fighting against it after affected with it.

Use warm water instead of hot water

When you use hot water it may protect you by removing all the dirt and contaminations but it will make your skin dry. This is not good for your baby as well. This also increases the core temperature of your body and leads to heart issues and reduces blood flow. In the case of warm water, it is good for your skin during pregnancy. It is good to bath in water that is in the temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit that is equal to your body temperature.

With warm water, you can remove all your dirt and also it helps you to be accustomed. Also, when the temperature is reduced there will not be a chance for the stream. Since you are pregnant and need to care more for your body you can use the thermometer and hold them in water for three minutes and find the exact reading. Take bath with the right temperature of water to make yourself clean and for the health condition of your baby as well.

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Use moisturizing shower gel

Reducing the temperature of the water is a great way to get rid of the itching but you can do still some more things to get rid of itching. You may use the moisturizing shower gel to keep your skin and dehydrated. You need to choose a gentle soap that is highly suitable for your skin to bath during pregnancy.

It is also good to skip loofahs and some other exfoliating bath accessories when you are pregnant. This is the great way to get rid of dead skin but this may also lead to itching later. Do not stop anything that it is putting you in itching.

When to go to the doctor

If you feel that the home remedies and the tablets over the counter treatment do not work for you may seek help from the doctor. Other reason to move to the doctor may be

  • You may not sleep the whole night because of itching
  • When you have some other symptoms like weight loss, urinary, bowel incontinence or any other skin issues.
  • When you itching are spreading beyond the stomach

Pregnancy is the term that is associated with the lives of both the mother and the child. Even the changes and some events are common for the pregnant woman it is important to care for them highly with proper treatment. Only then the mother could be safe and the child can be healthy in his or her entire life.