The Ultimate Guide to Belly Bottle : The New Way to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

Are you looking for a new way to stay hydrated during pregnancy? If so, you may want to consider using a pregnancy/belly bottle. pregnancy/belly bottles are designed to help pregnant women stay hydrated and can be a great alternative to traditional water bottles. Keep reading for more information on pregnancy/belly bottles and how they can benefit you during your pregnancy.

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Drinking water is essential for pregnant women, but it can be hard to stay hydrated when you’re constantly running to the bathroom. Pregnancy/belly bottles are specially designed to help pregnant women stay hydrated while also providing much-needed support for their growing bellies. Belly bottles are designed to hold a lot of water (up to 32 ounces), so you can drink throughout the day without having to worry about refilling your cup constantly. Here’s everything you need to know about pregnancy/belly bottles, from why we need them to how to choose the right one.

What does belly bottle mean?

Belly bottle is a term used to describe the practice of drinking water or fluids from a bottle or other container that is placed directly against the pregnant woman’s stomach. This allows the woman to drink larger quantities of water and fluids more quickly than if she were to drink from a cup. Some women find this method helps to reduce symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, fatigue, and heartburn.

Why do we need belly water bottles during pregnancy?

Throughout your pregnancy, your body will be toiling away to ensure that the baby has all of its necessities. Part of this process includes making extra amniotic fluid, which surrounds and cushions the baby in the womb.

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As we said above drinking plenty of fluids—especially water—during pregnancy is important for both you and your baby. Also, having a belly bottle pregnancy water bottle on hand will help you make sure that you’re getting enough water intake each day. Here are some specific reasons that clarify why you need belly water bottles during pregnancy:

Absorb essential nutrients

Water is key for taking in vital nutrients from what we eat. Carrying a water bottle with you during pregnancy will make sure that you’re getting the hydration needed to absorb these nutrients properly. When your pregnancy progress, your blood volume will increase by approximately 50%. According to the Centres for disease control and prevention, for having a healthy pregnancy (1) drinking water from bottles is essential to ensure that the increased blood volume is adequately diluted.

Good Hydration

During pregnancy, it is vital to drink plenty of water for the good health of both the mother and baby. Dehydration can cause numerous problems such as Braxton Hicks contractions (2), premature labor, low birth weight, and even stillbirth. Water helps to carry nutrients to the cells, flush out toxins, and maintain a healthy amniotic fluid level. Not only does a belly bottle provide you with information about proper hydration levels, but it also reminds you to drink water at regular intervals.

Increased water intake

Having a belly bottle with you during pregnancy will make sure that you’re getting the recommended daily intake of water, which is about 2.7 litres (11–12 cups) for pregnant women. Drinking enough water is important to prevent dehydration, especially during hot weather or when exercising. Health-conscious pregnancy women will find it easy to monitor how much water they drink per day with the help of a belly bottle

Helpful in weight loss

Pregnancy/belly water bottles are also helpful for weight loss after pregnancy. Drinking lots of water can help you shed those extra pounds by boosting your metabolism and aiding in digestion. When you drink more water, you will also urinate more often, which helps to flush out toxins and excess water weight from your body.

Reduces the risk of UTI’s

Belly bottles can also help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) (3), which are common during pregnancy. Pregnancy water bottles also have pregnancy calendar stickers that help remind the expectant mother when it’s time to drink water. For first-time moms, having a belly bottle can help ease their anxiety about staying hydrated during pregnancy.

Helpful to control pregnancy symptoms

Some pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, constipation, body swelling and bloating can be effectively managed by drinking lots of water. Water aids in digestion and prevents constipation by softening stools. It also helps to get rid of toxins from the body. By drinking from a belly bottle throughout the day, you can keep various pregnancy discomforts away.

What are the Benefits of using belly bottles?

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Pregnancy is a time when it’s especially important to pay attention to your body’s hydration needs. Furthermore, a pregnancy water bottle also known as a belly bottle provides several health benefits and they are:

No chemicals and toxins

Belly bottles do not contain any harmful chemicals that can potentially leach into your water and contaminate it. In fact, these bottles are made of high-quality, food-grade materials that are completely safe for you and your baby. However, using this pregnancy belly bottle not only helps you to avoid toxins but also helps to reduce your exposure to them.

Pregnancy calendar stickers

Most belly bottles come with pregnancy calendar stickers. This is a great way to keep track of your pregnancy week by week and see the progress you’re making. Some belly bottles for pregnancy also come with weekly milestone stickers, that can help you to document your baby’s growth. These stickers are a fun and easy way to track your baby’s development and progress.

On-the-go water bottles

Belly bottles are the ideal solution for busy moms-to-be who are always on the go. These bottles are designed to be easily portable so you can take them with you wherever you go. Whether you’re headed to the gym or running errands, you can always have access to clean, filtered water. A pregnancy water bottle not only ensures that you stay hydrated while you’re on the go, but it also saves you money since you won’t have to buy bottled water.

Dishwasher safe

Another great benefit of these bottles is that they are dishwasher safe. This means that you can easily clean them without having to worry about the safety of your baby. Generally, baby dishwasher-safe belly bottles during pregnancy are made of durable materials that can withstand high temperatures. However, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s instructions before placing them in the dishwasher.

Easy to use

Belly bottles are very easy to use. They come with a wide mouth that makes it easy for you to fill them up and a leak-proof lid that prevents spills. Additionally, these pregnancy bottles also have a built-in straw that makes it easy for you to drink from them without having to tilt your head back. This is especially convenient if you are suffering from morning sickness.

What types of belly bottle you should use?

Pregnancy belly bottle come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to choose the right type of bottle for your needs. Although there are many different types of belly bottles available on the market, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. Below are some common types of belly bottle pregnancy water bottle and they are:

BPA Free Plastic water bottle

BPA-free types of bottles are the safest choice for pregnant women. These types of bottles do not contain any harmful chemicals that can leach into the water and cause health problems for both the mother and the child. Moreover, these bottles are also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Insulated water bottle

An insulated water bottle helps keep your drinks hot or cold for hours, making it ideal for bringing on long hikes or camping trips. They typically have a double-walled construction that creates a thermal barrier between the outside environment and the contents of the water bottle. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature for the beverage over an extended period.

Stainless-steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are another safe choice for pregnant women. These bottles are made of high-quality material and they do not leach any harmful chemicals into the water. In addition, these bottles are also durable and long-lasting. However, they can be a bit more expensive than other types of water bottles.

Glass water bottle

Glass water bottles are made of tempered glass, which is a type of heat-treated glass that is designed to be more resistant to breakage than other types of glass. In addition, these bottles are often lined with a silicone sleeve to help prevent breakage if the bottle is dropped.

Collapsible water bottle

A collapsible water bottle is a type of water bottle that can be compressed to take up less space when not in use. This makes them ideal for traveling, as they can be easily stored in a carry-on bag or backpack. Many collapsible water bottles are made from silicone or plastic, and some are even foldable so that they can be squeezed into a small pouch.

How to Choose a pregnancy water bottle?

To choose a pregnancy water bottle there are a few things you will want to consider, and they are:


You will want to make sure that the water bottle you choose is made from safe materials. This means that it should be BPA-free and made from food-grade materials. Moreover, it should be durable so that it can withstand being dropped or thrown around.


Before choosing a pregnancy water bottle, you will want to consider how much water you will need to drink per day. This will help you determine the size of the water bottle you should get. Generally, it is recommended that pregnant women drink about 2 litres of water per day.


Pregnancy water bottles can vary in price, so you will want to consider your budget when choosing one. Some pregnancy water bottles are very affordable, while others can be quite expensive. You will want to choose a water bottle that is within your budget and that will meet your needs.


When it comes to the design of pregnancy water bottles, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. For instance, some water bottles come with a straw attached, while others do not. If you plan on using your water bottle while you are out and about, then you may want to choose a water bottle that has a straw attached. This way, you can easily drink your water without having to stop and remove the straw each time.


There are different-shaped pregnancy water bottles available. Some are designed to fit in your handbag, and some have a strap so you can carry them around your neck or over your shoulder. Consider how you will be carrying your water bottle with you, and choose a shape that will be comfortable for you.

The Conclusion

As well staying hydrated is essential for both you and your baby during pregnancy, but it can be difficult to get enough water throughout the day. That’s where the pregnancy belly bottle comes in! The pregnancy belly bottle is a great way to make sure you’re getting enough water, and it’s also super convenient. With a belly bottle, you can drink anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about carrying around a big water bottle or stopping what you’re doing to find a fountain. So if you’re looking for an easy way to stay hydrated during pregnancy, the belly bottle is the way to go!

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