4 Tips For Choosing A Memorial

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Creating a monument for a loved one can be overwhelming. During such vulnerable times, you might need to take more time to slow down as you commemorate the good memories you’ll cherish forever.

Choosing the best memorial is essential to immortalize your loved one’s well-lived life. In conceptualizing the headstone design, materials, and other details, searching for a comprehensive guide would help. And, that’s exactly what this article is all about.

That being said, here are four tips for choosing a memorial:

1. Pick The Most Durable Material

When creating lawn monuments or memorial headstones, choosing the most durable material is best. Since it’ll be exposed to changing and harsh weather conditions, selecting a weatherproof stone is essential.

Some of the commonly used stones for a memorial are the following:

2. Granite

Granite is the most durable headstone material. It doesn’t crack, fade, or erode over time due to its rigid structure. Although the initial costs may be higher, it practically lasts forever. It’s ideal for locations with extreme weather conditions since it doesn’t degrade even when exposed to acid rain.  Its longevity and flexibility in design is ideal for honoring your loved one for hundreds of years.

3. Marble

Marble is the next best option for granite. It’s more pliable than granite, so it’s ideal for carving intricate design details. Although it’s not as strong as granite, you can preserve its appearance with regular cleaning and maintenance.

4. Bronze

Bronze is an excellent material for plaques and flat grave markers. When maintained properly, it can virtually last forever. After engraving, the manufacturer should seal the plate with a clear coat to keep moisture out. This way, the details won’t fade even when exposed to changing weather. 

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Confirm Cemetery Requirements On Types Of Headstones Allowed 

Aside from the family’s preference, the type of headstone appropriate for a lawn monument would also depend on the cemetery’s rules. Some are stricter than others, and require the same style and material for every headstone. So, before selecting the headstone type, proper coordination is necessary.

Headstone types vary in intricacy and simplicity, providing options for different tastes. Some of the most common are the following:


An upright headstone is the most common lawn monument type. It consists of a concrete foundation to hold the stone up. Upright headstones are a classic choice that allow the utmost flexibility in customization.


Like an upright headstone, a slanted monument sits on a base. However, its vertical back and sloping front allow the whole structure to stand independently. It’s a timeless grave marker that looks simple and elegant. It can be made with any stone with engravings or a bronze plate.

Flat And Bevel

A flat and bevel headstone is the simplest in structure and design. It comprises a flat stone slab that can sit directly on the ground or a concrete base. Like a slant headstone, you may also attach an engraved bronze plate. Due to its simple look, adding memorial decorations, such as vases, candle holders, or lamps, is ideal. 

Visit A Headstone Gallery To See Various Designs 

Choosing a design for a memorial is crucial since it’s expected to last forever. Taking your time to visit headstone galleries can help you create a unique design that truly reflects the personality of your loved one.

To start, you may visit your local monumental stonework branch. Aside from gathering design ideas, local headstone makers can also help you with the cemetery rules and requirements in headstone types. You may also ask for their price range right away.

The next most convenient option is to browse the websites and social media pages of the nearest monumental services in your area. You may look at their catalogs for all available types, designs, and prices.

Another step is to visit a cemetery with your mason’s assistance. The headstone mason can walk you through different headstone designs and materials, and how they look after many years. This way, you’ll know what to expect depending on the stone of your choice.

After looking through your options, you can choose an existing design or customize a unique one. You may also add some decorative elements to adorn the monument. 

Take Time Writing The Epitaph 

Writing an epitaph is one of the most challenging parts of creating a memorial for your loved one. An epitaph usually contains just the information of the deceased and a quote.

One step to writing an epitaph is to brainstorm with other family members. You can talk about the most memorable moments and the words your loved one had always said. You may also look at their written letters, if there are any.

Moreover, you also need to consider the beliefs and principles your loved one upheld before they passed away. Through this, you’re genuinely honoring the truths they stood for.


Choosing a memorial for a departed loved one requires much thought and help from family and friends. cemetery.com is a dedicated resource for all funeral planning needs, including finding headstone providers and burial services. During these sensitive times, spend time cherishing good memories as you honor a beloved’s passing.

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