Can a Bunny Make a Good First Pet for a Family with Kids?

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The world’s pet bunny population amounts to a whopping 709 million, and those who have grown up alongside bunnies will tell you that they make a great family pet. Bunnies are soft, gentle, and curious, and kids and adults alike are besotted by their softness and friendliness. If you have little children, and you are wondering if a bunny would make an ideal first pet, read on to discover the ins and outs of caring for one.

The Surprising Abilities of Rabbits

It can be erroneously assumed that only dogs and cats are sentient, affectionate, sociable animals. In fact, rabbits have these qualities too. They are intelligent and reward-focused, and they are capable of learning numerous tricks—including how to complete an agility course, jump, spin, and fetch. One handy trick you should teach any pet bunny is how to sit still while you are trimming their nails. Entice them with treats such as small chunks of fruits and vegetables and dried pineapple. Serve dried fruit in small amounts only, as they have a high sugar content. However, pineapple is a good choice because it contains enzymes that are helpful in breaking down ingested fur.

What is the Cost of Having a Pet Bunny?

The cost of buying or adopting a pet bunny ranges from around 150 to 1000Rs, though some breeds can cost more. You will need to spend around 3000Rs on supplies (such as a comfortable cage if you don’t allow your bunny to run free in your home) and a similar amount to neuter your bunny. Additional costs can include bedding, treats, food, and toys. It can cost anywhere from around 20Rs per day to feed your bunny. You will also need to factor in veterinary checkups, which should be undertaken around once a year or as advised by your veterinarian. Taking out pet insurance is a good way to lower the costs of veterinary care. In India, New India Insurance offers coverage for rabbits, as well as other unique animals such as fish and chickens. This type of insurance usually reimburses a percentage of eligible vet expenses, though pre-existing health conditions are not covered.

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Investing Time in Caring for Your Bunny

Being a good bunny owner involves following sound pet rabbit advice. You will need to learn how to clean your rabbit’s feet, stop your rabbit from chewing the carpet, or keep your bunny’s nails short without trimming. There are many useful strategies that can make rabbit ownership smooth and fun. For instance, if you allow your bunny to dig in your backyard, or you give them a designated digging hole, the digging motions themselves will help “file down” your bunny’s nails. There are many tricks to be learned, so make sure to join forums, read popular blogs, and talk to other bunny owners. Bunny owners are typically an excellent source of useful information.

What Rabbit Breeds are Popular?

All bunnies are cute but some are particularly well-known for their sociability and intelligence. Many bunny owners opt for breeds like the Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Belgian Hare, and Lionhead. Before shopping, though, pay a visit to your local bunny shelter. There are so many beautiful, soft, floppy-eared bunnies looking for a forever home and yours could be it.

Bunnies make a good first family pet because they are inexpensive, easy to care for, and intelligent. They can learn tricks and love a good cuddle. There are many rabbits in shelters that would love to be a part of your family, so pay your local shelter a visit. You are guaranteed to fall in love with a bunny quickly and effortlessly.