21 Cute And Easy Mehndi Designs For Kids To Try in 2023

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Mehndi (also known as henna) is an integral part of Indian culture and has been used for centuries as a decorative art form. It is typically applied on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and other celebrations. While traditionally, mehndi was worn by adults, in recent years, it has also become popular amongst children.

However, the mehndi designs made specifically for kids are cute, simple, and easy to apply. They usually consist of small flowers, dots, and patterns that add a touch of fun and playfulness. These designs don’t require much time or effort but still deliver stunning results, just like intricate designs. In this blog, we have shared a list of 21 cute easy mehndi designs for kids that are sure to make them stand out in any event or occasion.

Easy And Cute Mehndi Designs for Kids

Mehndi designs for kids are all about keeping it uncomplicated and fun. It can be inspired by their favorite cartoon characters, animals, or simply incorporate elements that they love. Making evergreen traditional mehndi motifs more appealing to kids is the key. For example, adding a little heart or star in between the floral pattern can make it look adorable and unique. Here are some very easy mehndi designs for kids that they will love.

1. Butterfly Trail Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Butterfly Trail is a cute mehndi design that is perfect for little girls. This design features a trail of butterflies that extend from the wrist to the fingers, creating a whimsical and delightful look. The butterflies can be drawn in various sizes and adorned with intricate details, making them even more captivating. Kids will love the playful and enchanting nature of this design. To make this exceptionally feminine floral trail:

  • Draw a small butterfly in the center of the hand.
  • Add intricate designs to the wings and antennae.
  • Add some geometric shapes and floral patterns around the butterfly.
  • Create a trail to a little finger with small leaves and dots.

2. Teddy Bear Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Teddy Bear Mehndi design for kids is all about cuteness and simplicity. This design features a cute teddy bear holding a heart, which can be easily created in just a few steps. It is perfect for any occasion, and adding some glitter or rhinestones can add more charm to the design. Kids will love this adorable and lovable Mehndi art.

  • Draw an outline of the teddy bear’s head and body.
  • Add ears, eyes, mouth, and nose to the teddy bear.
  • Draw a heart in its arms.
  • Create a pattern around the teddy bear using simple lines and dots.

3. Floral Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Floral mehndi designs are always a hit among kids, thanks to their simplicity and charm. These designs feature delicate flowers, leaves, and vines that create a minimalistic floral Mehndi design. The use of thin lines and intricate details adds a touch of elegance to the design. Kids can experiment with different flower shapes and sizes to personalize their floral mehndi design.

  • Start by drawing a big flower in the center of the hand.
  • Add small flowers and leaves around it.
  • Create a vine that extends to the fingers.
  • Use thin lines and dots to make intricate patterns on the fingers.

4. Unicorn Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Unicorn Mehndi designs for kids are a fun and playful take on traditional Mehndi art. This visually appealing design elaborate a unicorn with its mane, horn and eyes in the center of the hand. It can be further enhanced by adding stars, clouds or rainbows around the unicorn to make it look more magical. To make this super cutesy Mehndi design:

  • Draw an outline of the unicorn’s face and body in the center.
  • Add its mane, horn, and eyes with intricate detailing.
  • Create clouds or stars around the unicorn
  • Add some glitter or rhinestones for a sparkly effect.

5. Star Motif Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Star Motif is generally a backhand mehndi design that is simple yet striking. It features a trail of stars and geometric shapes that create an eye-catching pattern. Kids can opt for different sizes of stars to personalize the design according to their liking. The addition of swirls and dots adds more character to this adorable star motif mehndi design.

  • Draw a big star in the center of the hand.
  • Add small stars around it, making sure they are evenly spaced.
  • Fill in the gaps with geometric shapes and swirls.
  • Add some glitter for a more sparkly look.

6. Half Moon Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

The half-moon mehndi design is an easy and fun design that kids will love. It features a half-moon shape filled with intricate designs and patterns, making it look unique and captivating. The use of thin lines, dots, stars, and shading adds depth to the design. The half-moon mehndi design is ideal for kids who want a more intricate and artistic pattern on their hands. To elaborate half moon pattern:

  • Draw a half-moon shape in the center of the hand.
  • Add intricate designs, patterns, and shapes inside the half-moon.
  • Create small stars and dots around it.
  • Use shading techniques to add depth and dimension.

7. Dolphin Trail Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Kids who adore marine life will be thrilled with the dolphin trail mehndi design. This design features a trail of dolphins that gracefully swim across the hand, creating a playful and whimsical effect. The dolphins can be drawn in different postures and adorned with stunning petal-like motifs. Dolphin mehndi design for kids will look great on the back of their hand or even on the wrist.

  • Start by drawing a small dolphin in the center of the back of the hand.
  • Add intricate patterns and details to its body.
  • Create a trail with more dolphins, adding some leaves and dots along the way.
  • Swirl patterns can be added to the fingers to complete the look.

8. Peacock Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Peacock mehndi designs are not just for adults; kids can rock this design too! This design showcases the majestic beauty of a peacock, with its feathers spread across the hand. The peacock motif can be adorned with elaborate patterns, dots, and shading to create a mesmerizing effect. The peacock mehndi design is a timeless classic that never fails to impress. To elaborate peacock mehndi design:

  • Draw the body of the peacock in between the palm and wrist.
  • Add feathers to the body, extending towards the fingers
  • Decorate with intricately detailed circular motifs on each feather.
  • Create a trail of dots and lines on the fingers, resembling peacock feathers.

9. Elephant Motif Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Elephant motifs mehndi designs are a favorite among kids, especially for those who love animals. This design features a cute elephant with its trunk up, which symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Kids will enjoy the simplicity of this design and can add their own creativity by adding stars, hearts, or any other element they like.

  • Start by drawing an outline of an elephant’s face.
  • Add details like tusks, eyes, and ears.
  • Draw a trunk in an upward direction with intricate patterns.
  • Create a border around the design using dots or lines.

10. Sleeping Panda Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Kids love cute and cuddly animals, and what’s cuter than a sleeping panda? This mehndi design features a sleeping panda with a breathtaking tree-like pattern around it. This mehndi application process is straightforward and a perfect choice for kids. It is an incredibly fun design that kids will adore and can be drawn easily in just a few steps.

  • Start by drawing the panda’s face and ears.
  • Add eyes, nose, and mouth to the panda.
  • Create tree-like patterns around the panda using simple lines and dots.
  • Add some leaves and flowers for extra charm.

11. Double Layered Floral Motif Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Double-layered floral elaborate mehndi designs for kids are perfect for special occasions like weddings or festivals. This stunning haathphool mehndi design covers your kid’s full hand. The double-layered floral motifs are simple yet elegant, making them suitable for kids of all ages.

  • Start by drawing a large flower in the center of the hand.
  • Add small flowers and leaves around it, creating a second layer.
  • Fill your kids’ hands with henna or her mehndi design.
  • Use thin lines to add intricate details to the design.

12. Dora Floral Motifs Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Dora Floral Motifs is one of the famous mehndi designs for kids, inspired by the popular cartoon character Dora. This design features cute elements like flowers, hearts, and stars arranged in a symmetrical pattern. It is perfect for kids who are fans of Dora and love bright and colorful designs.

  • Begin by drawing a big flower in the center of the hand.
  • Add small flowers around it to create a complete floral pattern.
  • Draw sharp floral motif outlines around the design.
  • Fill in the empty spaces with hearts, stars, and other shapes.

13. Goodluck Heart Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

The Goodluck Heart mehndi design is a beautiful and meaningful choice for kids. This design features a heart shape adorned with intricate patterns and details. The heart symbolizes love and good luck, making it a perfect choice for special occasions or festivals. It’s a simple yet elegant design that is easy to create and looks stunning on little hands.

  • Draw two or more big hearts on the palm.
  • Add intricate patterns and details inside the heart.
  • Create small hearts around the bigger ones.
  • Enhance the design by adding dots, lines, and other elements around it.

14. Little Cat Mehndi Desig


Image Credit: Pinterest

Little Cat Mehndi design showcases a cute and playful cat motif drawn on the hand. The cat can be decorated with patterns, dots, and even a tiny heart-shaped nose. The Little Cat Mehndi design is a fun and whimsical choice that will bring a smile to any kid’s face. It is perfect for themed parties or just a regular day of fun with friends.

  • Draw an outline of the cat’s head, ears, and body.
  • Add details such as eyes, whiskers, and nose to the cat.
  • Create patterns using thin lines and dots on the cat’s body.
  • You can also add a little heart or star near the cat.

15. Easy Arabic Trail Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Trail Mehndi Designs are perfect for kids as they are simple yet elegant. This design involves drawing a trail of Arabic-inspired patterns that extend from the wrist to the fingertips. The use of bold lines, curves, and dots creates a striking visual effect. However, the design can be customized according to the child’s preference, making it a fun and engaging activity for kids.

  • Start by drawing a big paisley in the center of the hand.
  • Add smaller paisleys on either side of the big one.
  • Draw curved lines connecting the paisleys.
  • Use dots and small floral patterns to fill in any gaps.

16. Floral Motif Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

If you want full coverage mehndi design for your kid, this floral motif mehndi design is perfect. It features a beautiful flower in the center with intricate patterns and motifs on either side. This design covers most of the hand, making it ideal for special occasions like weddings or festivals. Also, the delightful floral trail pattern on the fingers adds a touch of charm to this design.

  • Start by drawing a big flower in the center of the hand.
  • Add intricate designs and patterns to the flower.
  • Create similar floral motifs on either side of the flower.
  • Draw a trail that extends from the flowers to the fingers.

17. Jelly Fish Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Jelly fish mehndi design is a unique and creative design that kids will love. This design features an intricate jellyfish with its tentacles extending to the fingers. The addition of shells, starfish, and other elements of the sea makes this design even more captivating. This design is perfect for beach parties or summer events. To create a simple Wrist Jellyfish design:

  • Draw a jellyfish in the center of the wrist.
  • Add swirls and dots around the jellyfish to create an ocean-like effect.
  • Extend the tentacles to the fingers, adding details and patterns.
  • Add shells, starfish, or other sea elements around the design.

18. Simple Floral Patterns Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

A simple bewitching trail mehndi design is a combination of floral patterns, dots, and leaves that create an effortless yet beautiful design. This design is perfect for little girls who want something easy and cute. The diagonal floral trail with dual flower motif bracelet design on the wrist looks charming and is easy to create too. To make this design:

  • Start with making a trail of small flowers on the hand.
  • Create a diagonal line with leaves and dots.
  • Add leaves and vines to connect the floral patterns.
  • Fill in empty spaces with tiny dots and lines for a detailed look.

19. Smiley Chakra Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

For kids, a stunning floral chakra motif with a smiley face in the center can be an exciting and unique design. With the minimal mehndi patterns around the smiley face, it can look alluring even on small hands. The bold and bright colors of Mehndi make this design stand out and add a fun element to it. However, this is one of the traditional mehndi designs for kids that will never go out of style.

  • Draw a big circle in the center of the hand.
  • Add a smiley face inside the circle.
  • Create small petals around the circle using thin lines and dots.
  • Make neat and fine strokes to create floral patterns.

20. Mandala Stunning Mehndi Design


Image Credit: Pinterest

Mandala Mehndi designs are perfect for kids who love geometric patterns and symmetry. This design features a beautiful mandala in the center of the hand, surrounded by intricate patterns. The use of bold lines and shapes makes this mehndi design stand out. Kids will enjoy creating different mandalas by experimenting with various shapes and sizes.

  • Start by drawing a big circle in the center of the hand.
  • Add intricate patterns and shapes inside the circle.
  • Draw petals or triangles around the circle to create a symmetrical design.
  • Fill in the gaps with thin lines, dots, and small flowers.


In summary, Mehndi designs for kids are all about simplicity, cuteness, and playfulness. These easy and fun designs allow children to express their creativity while also adding a touch of tradition and culture. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for fun, these mehndi designs will surely make your child stand out and shine. So, let your child’s imagination run wild and create their own unique mehndi designs, making it a fun and memorable experience for both of you!

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