7 Everyday Accessories for the New Normal

As the whole world continues to battle the SARS-CoV-2 virus, daily life as we know it will still not be the same as before. While great strides have already been attained in many places in terms of lowering cases of infection primarily through vaccination, there is no clear end in sight yet to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it pays to continuously observe the recommended health protocols of personal hygiene, disinfection, physical distancing, and avoiding large gatherings of people as much as possible.

In line with these “new normal” habits, there are vital accessories you need to keep handy at all times. Here are some of them :

Face Mask

It has always been said that wearing a face mask is not only for your own welfare but that of others as well. It acts as a barrier both to prevent infecting others if you are potentially sick—and from being infected by others who may be sick. You can certainly use the typical surgical mask, but an antibacterial face mask that is made of fabric is also a good option because reusable cloth face masks tend to be more comfortable and more environment-friendly. Such types of masks don’t only prevent the spread of respiratory droplets, but they are alo imbued with a special formulation that can kill pathogens like bacteria and viruses upon contact. Whatever type of mask you choose, wearing one is the best option to ensure that your mouth and nose, which are potential viral entry points, are well-protected.

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Mask Case and Lanyard

It’s good to carry around a container specifically for the purpose of keeping your face mask when you take it off to eat or drink. This is because it is unsanitary to just leave it lying around. Most mask cases are made of plastic, which is easy to clean and sanitize. Alternatively, you can attach your face mask to a handy lanyard so it conveniently hangs from your neck when you need to take it off momentarily. This way, you won’t leave it strapped under your chin or over your head, both of which present more risks of contamination.

Liquid Soap

Hand washing remains to be the best defense against pathogens residing on your hands and potentially ending up in your oral and nasal gateways as you touch your face or go about your daily activities. It’s a must to have a small bottle of liquid soap with you everywhere you go so you can wash your hands after going to the bathroom, eating, or just going out and touching a lot of communal surfaces and objects.

Hand Sanitizer

If you are outside the home and are not able to wash your hands immediately, a great alternative to keep your hands clean is to use a gel or liquid sanitizer. Experts recommend products with at least 60 percent alcohol content to ensure that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed. You might want to go with hand sanitizers that provide moisturizing action as your skin could get dry from constantly being cleansed with an alcohol-based product.

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Hand Protector

Keeping a barrier between your hands and everyday surfaces that you come into contact with is a great idea, too. You’ll be able to lessen your chances of coming into contact with pathogens in the first place. Surgical gloves can serve this purpose, but they tend to be hot and uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly. It’s best to leave the use of surgical gloves to medical professionals. Instead, there are ingenious products that can serve the same purpose, like antimicrobial hand protectors that are made of fabric and are fashionable to wear. You can keep them on your wrists and simply pull the fabric down your hands whenever you need to touch surfaces or grasp objects.

Touch Tool

Another way to avoid coming into contact with objects and surfaces in public is to use a handy device called a touch tool. Usually made of sturdy metal and fashioned as a keychain so that you can always carry it around, a touch tool is designed with a hole where you can insert your finger. A pointed tip on the opposite end allows you to push surfaces such as doors, light switches, ATM machine buttons, and the like without using your own finger. Some are also designed with a hook at the end so you can pull door handles.

Antibacterial Wipes

Wet wipes now come with antibacterial properties, which you can use to wipe down seats, table surfaces, and other objects such as telephones or computers. These days, you can never be too sure that public places are well sanitized, so it’s great to keep some of these antibacterial wipes handy. You can also use them to clean your hands after eating or touching public surfaces.

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You know we live in the “new normal” when there are noticeable changes in our everyday routines, and making sure to keep these items in your bag or purse is just one of them. However, just bear in mind that such inconveniences are a small price to pay compared to the hardships of getting infected and enduring a dreaded disease such as COVID-19. Observing prescribed health protocols is still the best thing you can do in keeping up the fight against the virus.