5 Top Tips for Wedding Flowers

Are you tying the knot and need some advice on the flowers at your wedding? Good, because you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share with you a couple of tips for choosing a wedding flower that will not only make your guests go “aww” but also leave them thinking “wow!”.

There’s a lot of information to process when planning your wedding, and deciding on the florist can often be a tricky decision. You want photos of flowers that are just as beautiful as those you see in the big wedding magazines. You want to dazzle your guests with beautiful centerpieces that tie your color scheme together. But most importantly, you want your flowers to coordinate perfectly with your vision for the entire day and ensure everything goes exactly how you pictured it!

Here are some excellent ideas and tips for wedding flowers how to make this choice.

1. Creating Unorganized Inspiration Boards

Assembling an inspiration board for ideas can be most helpful. But unless the images you have collected follow a single theme that is connected to your color palette and the style, your florist may be confused about what you are trying to accomplish on your big day. If your images don’t follow this singular theme, you may take some time to go over your plans personally with your florist and get their input on the best possible options for you. A florist will have many insightful ideas that can help steer your plans in the best possible direction and you will get a clearer theme to follow.

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2. Having Fixed Ideas About Certain Details

A couple that knows exactly what they want is a beautiful thing. It can still be a challenge, though, especially if they have a very fixed idea of the perfect shade of pink, or the precise openness they want their peonies to reach. As much as a florist will do all they can to accommodate the needs of their clients, nature can present a number of variants and getting the exact color scheme or openness of a flower could be harder than you imagine. While it is great to have your preferences well selected, it is always good to approach the details with a bit of flexibility.

It can help to consider the season in which you choose to be married and the specific location of the event. This will give you a more specific selection of the blossoms available, sometimes, it may not be possible, or at least very costly to select the flowers you have chosen. You may find it more expedient to have a variety of alternatives in mind.

3. Believing Everything You See Online

We all know that images can be somewhat misleading. Florists are often provided with numerous pictures of flowers that have been heavily edited and adjusted with filters. These edits can alter the hues and create certain options that don’t readily exist in nature. This can make it difficult to decide what is actually real and not. So, before you set your heart on a specific set of flowers or a unique trend you have found displayed in a magazine or other visual imagery, talk with an experienced florist. The reason you may be so attracted is that you have never seen anything like this before, which could mean that it doesn’t actually exist.

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4. Scheduling a Consultation Too Early

Naturally waiting until the very last conceivable minute is a poor idea. But it can be just as bad an idea to begin too early. There are a few key points that will be essential to consider before you can begin discussing your options. This includes the wedding date, the approximate guest count and the venue you will be holding your presentation. If these three details have not been hammered out the conversation will be unproductive. Remember that trends may also be subject to change. We have seen many couples with a specific plan trying to get a jumpstart on their flower arrangements by beginning early. But later, once the trends have changed, they are suddenly fascinated by a whole new set of ideas and want to change their color palette. This can mean beginning from scratch again.

If you will be working with a very popular florist, you may need to book their services as much as 9 months in advance. Most florists would appreciate booking at least 5 to 7 months in advance.

5. Overlooking the Florist’s Design Aesthetic

Florists will generally try to accommodate the design specifications of the designer as much as they possibly can. Still, it is a good idea to choose a florist whose aesthetic capacity matches the look and styles you will be going for. Take a look at wedding flowers by Supernova Glasgow. This can be done by looking into the type of work the florist regularly does and getting a better idea of their capacity. Remember that your ideas and vision are simply an inspiration. Your florist will be the one to convert the idea into reality.

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