5 Signs It May Time to Look at Senior In-Home Care for Your Mother

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We are so accustomed to seeing our mother being the backbone of the house that, more often than not, we forget that there are some issues.

However, it is not right!

With aging comes a lot of issues and ailments, both physical and physiological!

What your mother needs is care and nurturing. Plus, it has to be 24/7.

This doesn’t mean you are having some issues.

It is common to have your own family, work, or other responsibilities. Plus, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

If you admit your mother to the right senior in-home care, then they are in the right hands.

But, how should you know whether your mother is in real need of senior in-home care or you are just running from your responsibility?

In this excerpt below, we will discuss the different reasons your mother needs 24./7 care and company.

What Is Senior In-Home Care?

In-home care will be able to provide 24/7 care to your elderly parents. They take care of the home, health, and even transportation if the elderly need to be taken to the hospital or clinic in an emergency.

These are professionals who will be able to understand the intricate problems and ailments that your mother is going through.

Plus, you have to remember that they have the experience.

Signs Your Mother Needs In-Home Care

These are some of the signs which will ensure whether your mother needs supervision and companion care, especially if your mother is staying alone.

1. They Have Serious Ailments Like Dementia & Alzheimers

These are some of the most serious ailments which affect an aged body and mind. Alzheimer’s are mostly hereditary, so if they show signs, this may be the perfect time for you to to see what kind of services local in-home Alzheimer’s care providers may offer.

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The same goes for diseases like dementia, where people lose their cognitive thinking and judgment. Keeping them alone at times like this is more than dangerous.

2. Bounced Checks & No Bill Payments

When was the last time you visited your mother?

Are you finding unopened letters, bounced cheques, and unpaid bills in the drawer or lying haphazardly on the coffee table?

It is surely making you doubt whether your mother is all right. However, if you give them the right support and care, you might be able to penetrate and understand some of those ailments.

Yes, the in-home care could hire help to provide that care.

3. Cluttering & Hoarding

Cluttering and hoarding could be a sign of dementia too. Plus, it is concerning if your mother is never known to have such a messy house.

Is it a physical problem, or are they ar mentally unfit to understand the mess around them?

This needs not only clinical attention but also requires therapeutic treatment. Just imagine if your mother suddenly starts to throw a fit, and there is no one in the house to handle them.

This is why you need in-home care so that you can prevent any accidents before it’s too late.

These clutter and messes can also lead to sudden accidents, which your mother will essentially need protection from.

4. Severe Depression

Does your mother have a history of depression?

Or, is she living in a state where there are no social gathering friends. All cooped up in a house for days on end?

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This means that they are extremely lonely and channel all that loneliness into a mental health problem.

A diagnosed clinical depression is a tell-tale sign that your mother needs 24/7 help.

5. Poor Management Of Medication

Poor management of medication is when they are either not taking medicines at all. The pills seem to never end.

Or, they are taking too much off it, which can cause prescription medicine.

Yes, it might be impossible for you to supervise them at all times, but this doesn’t mean that there is no one who can’t get the work done.

Your Mother Needs Help!

Do not get scared?

Just because your mother is dealing with some problems which naturally come with old age doesn’t mean it is the end of the world.

You just need the right credible help, which will be able to give you an extra helping hand.

Get in-home care today!