Things to Consider When Firing Dental Patients

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Being a dental expert it is your priority to respect your patients. Your practice completely relies on your patients. Without them, all your study and investments will go in vain. But it doesn’t mean that patients can behave in any manner to you. Your practices are equally important for your patients too. If patients are a lifeline of your dental practices then your practices help them live a healthy and happy life. Firing a dental patient is sometimes important for you and the patient both. According to the experts, firing dental patients is considered the best decision some time to reduce unwanted stress and bring value to your profession.

Fully integrated dental treatment platforms are available for the patient’s convenience. They have the choice to take dental subscription plans to avail of great discounts and suitable packages. The transformed and advanced solution even makes the group dental practices much more comfortable. Modern and upgraded membership hubs make communications, visits, and practices in a well-organised way. In short patients and dentistry practitioners, are both availing of advanced facilities. In such conditions, a flow of respect is required from both sides.

6 Things to Consider When Firing Dental Patients

Sometimes erratic behaviour and unusual cancellation of appointments are matters of termination. This means dentists can fire patients who don’t respect the work of dental practitioners or don’t care for their oral health. Termination is not the subject that a practising team can usually do but in some situations, they can take such actions to maintain the reputation and protocol. But if the risk factors are higher than the subject of respect, dentists must give priority to the treatment. Situations will be many and being a dental practitioner you need to be aware of when to react and how to react. Below are six things that you must consider when firing a dental patient.

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1. Not following appointments

Guide all your first-time visitors on how important it is to follow the appointed schedules. If still patients book and cancel the appointments often then you can fire them after two-three warnings. When the patient selects a timezone your appointment slot shows it is booked for other patients. But cancellation before the time of visit affects your visitors. Also when patients refuse to visit at a given schedule their problems may increase. Which is not even good for them and not for your practices. So this is the time of action. So you can fire such patients.

2. Payment issues

Make all your payment policies clear to your patients. Also, mention what insurances you cover and whatnot. In case you notice a few patients giving false excuses that they forget their wallet, chequebook, card, or more, fire them. You are giving them your valuable time and skills they need to pay the amount which was already discussed. Today payment methods are so easy and there are too many. So they can use any to complete the payment process. You don’t have to tolerate their unusual tantrums. Your services need to be the best and you deserve the exact payment on time.

3. Abusive behaviour

Every single person and profession needs respect. Abusive behaviour is not tolerable at all. It is common that a patient may face some inconvenience or pain during dental treatment. Tell your patients to raise their hands when they feel uncomfortable so that you can stop right there. But mishave and abusive language can increase the stress and hurt the self-respect of the dentist. Which may ruin your mood and reputation too. Patients may understand that cutting and drilling at tiny parts is not that easy and they must cooperate with the team. So that they can perform better. You can fire the abusive patient despite bearing his/her wrong behaviour.

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4. Irregular prescription or avoiding it

A dentist’s success is measured by the data of his satisfied patients. The success of your treatment depends on how your patients follow the prescription and other recommendations. Ignorance may lead to the failure of treatment. Such patients can blame your treatment abilities for their responsibilities. Strictly warn such patients and repetitions are eligible to get fired.

5. Late on appointments

Time is the most valuable thing in the world. Still, there are many people who don’t understand this fact. They visit the place late than their allotted time slot and prefer to get treated first. This may affect your dental clinic decorum. Ask them to follow the rules for appointment schedules. In case a patient often denies following the appointment terms and conditions you can fire him or her.

6. Cheap body movements

Dentists have to come close to a patient’s body to look into the mouth. But sometimes male patients behave cheaply to lady dentists and female patients also do the same as male dentists. It is not tolerable. You are doing your job and if someone is attracted to your personality they must discuss it separately. At the time of your checkup or treatment, it may even cause errors. Even if it is a matter of disrespect. So take strict action against such a patient and fire him or her.


Your dentistry facilities are to short out the issues of the patients. If patients are not understanding and creating trouble for your profession then you are not at all liable to bear their torture. If they are paying money then you are offering your valuable services to them. It doesn’t mean that you have the right to fire any patient. Understand the situation and emotions and take the action accordingly.

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