Do Baby Tooth Have Roots? And How They Should Get Pulled

baby teeth are just dropped in the mouth.

If you are a parent or going to be sooner a one, you will know how hard it is to see your kids in pain, as they start giggling in front of you and recognize you but after sometimes even they start teething.

Yes, you guessed it right, with teething comes small tiny baby teeth, which adds one more thing to the checklist of your baby with proper oral health. And it’s basic fundamental that the more you know, the more you will do the right things.

In this guide, you will know about everything related to baby tooth roots and how to get them pulled out at the right time with right measures.

Although baby teeth are not permanent and even less in the count, it doesn’t mean they are not important. They are small and structured, just like permanent teeth. And also, if you don’t know, all the baby teeth are already in their oral cavity, which is just waiting below to erupt. Baby teeth are the ones which help your small ones to speak and call out your name for the first time whenever it is possible.

Is it true that baby teeth have roots?

Yes, it’s right that baby tooth too has roots just like adult tooth. The baby tooth’s roots are just under the gums and ready to burst out. Even you would start seeing it once when they are , around 6 months old. As a baby tooth erupts and develops its self, same way with time its roots cling to the jawbone just like in an adult tooth.

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When does the baby tooth fall?

Baby teeth in children fall when they are around 6-8 years old. It’s the time when their adult tooth starts pushing their roots form below and making the fall out of the baby tooth.

It starts generally falling around the age of 6, but it takes much more time and falls out late in some rare cases. But it would be best if you did not worry; every kid’s body adapts according to its nature. So in some, it may fall every early while in others, it takes a bit of time. Being a parent, you should not worry about your kid losing a tooth, and it would fall itself when it’s the right time for that.

How to know it’s time to pull your kid’s baby tooth out?

Generally, baby teeth fall out themselves without doing anything, but sometimes parents have to pull them out. But it should be pulled out at the right time, not before else, and there are chances of having some severe oral illness. So to know it’s the right time to pull out your small one’s baby tooth is first of all they should be above the age of 6 years and secondly that it should be loose and should not be completely attached to the root, and even after all this it should not be pulled out by applying a heavy external force.

Tips on how the baby tooth should be pulled out

Although you should not try to pull out your small once baby tooth too early because they help, the adult tooth in growing and structuring throughout the way.

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Below are a few quick tips on how to pull your kids tiny baby tooth:-

  • First, tell them to wiggle the loose baby tooth with their tiny tongue until it comes out.
  • It would be best to strictly tell them not to poke it with their hands as it may affect their oral health, and bacteria can catch up due to the influence of dirty hands.
  • Tell them not to worry about little blood which comes out after a baby tooth falls it’s just normal.
  • Use dampened gauze rather than dry gauze so that bleeding stops sooner. Dry gauze would also work only the thing is it would stick to the area and as you remove it would make the blood flow again.

If none of the above tips works out in the fall of baby tooths, you should try the following fun methods. Maybe this can help:-

The Doggy Treat Method:- In this process, tie one end of the thin thread to your kid’s loose baby tooth and the other end to your dog’s collar. Then throw your dog a treat little away so that he runs to get it, and BAM!! The baby tooth should be pulled out by now.

String and Knob Method:- To pull out your small baby tooth, tie one end of the thread to the doorknob and the other to your kid’s baby tooth, which is to be pulled out. And then suddenly smash the door but that too with not heavy force and now the teeth should be flying out till now I guess.

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The Fly Ball Method:- Tie one end of the thread to your kid’s loose baby tooth and the other to the ball. Now gently through the ball up in the air and hit it with the bat but not too hard, and as the bat hits the ball, the baby tooth should be pulled out by now.
So now you all can use the methods mentioned earlier to pull out the baby tooth from your little ones, and if anything concerns you, make sure to pay a visit to a dentist because the oral health of your small is very sensitive.

The last word:- So we can say that yes, the baby tooth does have roots just beneath it and rattled to the jawbone just like in adult tooth. And Parents should take extra precautions while pulling out the baby tooth and should not pull out the tooth too early and wait for the perfect time to do it. Even I have mentioned a few tips and ways on how to pull out the baby tooth, so make sure you perform it under extra precaution and if you don’t find anything right, then pay a visit to your dentist regarding it.