What Do I Need to Know About My Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that seeks to give a patient a flat abdomen by removing excess abdominal fat and skin. The procedure also involves tightening abdominal muscles to create a firmer and smoother abdominal profile.

Tummy tuck surgery is popular among people who have carried a pregnancy or those working hard to lose weight, but their abdominal fat has refused to respond to exercise and diet.

Who Can Get Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery, like other cosmetic surgical procedures, is a highly personalized procedure, and you should never have it to fulfill the desires of anyone else or to look like someone else. As such, a good candidate accepts that their results will be unique. A good candidate for a tummy tuck should also understand what the procedure entails and what results can realistically be achieved through the procedure. Last but not least, an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery must be in good physical and mental health and be willing to avoid smoking to optimize the healing process.

What Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Involve?

Tummy tuck surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The incision will be made horizontally between the belly button and pubic hairline. The size of the incision will depend on the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. Your surgeon will then remove the excess fat, tighten the abdominal muscle, and close the incision with sutures, skin adhesives, and tapes.

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How Long Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery?

During the recovery, the incision will remain bandaged. You may be wrapped with a compression garment to minimize swelling. Your surgeon will guide you on how you are supposed to take care of yourself to optimize the healing process. Of course, you will be required to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks, and your doctor will direct you on when you can engage in physical exercises.

What Results Can I Expect?

After tummy tuck surgery, the full benefits of the procedure might be obscured by swelling, discomfort, and the inability to stand upright until the surgical site is fully healed. However, with time, pain and swelling will subside, and after a couple of weeks, you will be happy with a flatter and firmer abdominal profile.

As long as you remain active, lead a healthy lifestyle, and maintain a stable weight, the results of a tummy tuck should last a lifetime.

Are There Any Risks?

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure that is ideal for anyone looking for a toned midsection; however, it is not without risks. Some of the risks associated with the procedure include persistent pain, infection, fluid accumulation, bleeding, skin loss, poor wound healing, and scarring, among others. Your surgeon will explain all the possible risks during your initial appointment for you to fully understand the benefits and know what could go wrong in order to make an informed decision.

In a nutshell, if you are considering having a tummy tuck, you need to do your research and talk to a professional plastic surgeon to understand what the procedure entails and what you can expect from it.

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